Book Review: Digital Fortress

For those of you who don’t know the name Dan Brown, or are trying to remember where you knew that name from, think Da Vinci Code, yup, same guy. Digital Fortress was his first book, and its a solid one.

So we start off with the NSA, the crystallographic arm of the government, Brown does an exceptional job with not having the character explaining some fairly complicated processes without using too much jargon or seeming that the character is talking down to the reader. By the time you advance far into the book, you understand the basics, so when all the people in a room are using inside lingo, you know what they are saying without having to flip back to figure it out. Its a great touch and harder than you think to pull off as a writer.

The Main Characters are Susan, a (naturally) hot female wunderkind, who is second in charge of the Crypto-silo, David, her boyfriend who gets sent on a secret mission by Strathmore, Susan’s boss and the guy in charge. There are some other characters that are quickly added in, and the story bounces back and forth adding a bit each time to each thread, before coming together at the end.

The ending does kind of fall apart, to be honest, but it does have a good twist, but by that time I didn’t care about the ending, I was just enjoying the ride. One thing I will say, Certain characters are a bit underdeveloped, especially in a book, but you get enough to leave you wanting more.

NSADigital Fortress is a high recommend from me, I enjoyed the book, and think it would be a fairly simple cable TV movie to do. But if we have to go with a major motion picture:

Lets go with

Scarlett Johansson as Susan
Mark Ruffalo as David- cause, Avengers
Jeffery Tabor as Strathmore
Hale is a hard one, I could see Jason Stathan doing it, or even Jamie Foxx.
Ed Norton as . . well, you’ll know who I mean if you read the book, would get a bonus of a Hulk on Hulk fight.

and we can even have Tom Hanks come in as the Director at the end.

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