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Let’s get started with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


Here we after having experienced another Leap Day here in the year 2016. We are firmly on the road to Wrestlemania and one of the major bouts that has already been announced is Undertaker vs Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell while this is not an expected match it is one that got the fans interested in Wrestlemania after the Roman/HHH title match. I have some bad news…In an important stage Undertaker should be used to work with a guy…say Braun Strowman… or Kevin Owens to get an upcoming guy some big match exposure on the show of show. Using him seems rushed booking to try and put 100,000 people in Cowboys Stadium in Texas. With that being said I don’t know what the storyline will lead into at Mania but it should be interesting.



Trevor is back one more time with his take on some of your questions on the world of wrestling.


Did you know?


Did you know that both Matt and Jeff Hardy competed in the WWE before they were known as the Hardy Boys? They were brought in to work with talent and known as “jobbers”

Here are the questions this week

Kurt from Washington DC asks about tag team world champions

How many major tag teams were there that both guys went on to win world titles?

edge and christian

So I am assuming we are just working with tag teams that were a regular tag team. So I will do the best I can to answer this to the best of your liking. Let me know if you need more.

The Megapowers- Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

Diesel and Shawn Michaels- I think these two would count as they teamed regularly

The Rock and Mankind- The Rock and Sock Connection

Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin- I mean they were the tag team champions

Triple H and Steve Austin- The two man power trip

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho and Big Show

Big Show and The Miz

Edge and Christian

Kane and Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

If you wanna go back in time. JBL and Ron Simmons both won World titles.

You could also make an argument for Matt and Jeff Hardy as Matt won the ECW and TNA world title.

If we are going ECW as well you can say Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, but honestly I wouldnt count ECW in the WWE as it was not really relevant.


Sting and Lex Luger

And that would be all I can think of, If you can think of anyone else, please let me know.

Sandy from Pueblo asks about the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania IV

You are a big fan of the hall of fame so here is one for you. I was watching Wrestle mania I lV with the tournament. Of all the guys in that tournament which are in the hall of fame and for those who are not, should they be?

mania 4

Well lets take a look at the rundown for the 14 participants at WrestleMania IV.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan- Duggan is in the Hall of Fame, and I think he deserves to be there. He was a solid fan favorite. With my criticism of the Hall of Fame, you might as well induct his 2×4 as well.

Ted Dibiase- Hall of Famer, and I have absolutely no problem with Dibiase being in the Hall of Fame. Just too bad his partner in Money Inc. cannot join him there.

Dino Bravo- Not a Hall of Famer, and I don’t think he did enough in the WWE or any other organization to be deemed Hall of Fame worthy.

Don Murocco- Hall of Famer, again no problem here. Murocco was a great wrestler and former Intercontinental Champion back when it mattered. Had a great feud with another Hall of Famer Tito Santana.

Ricky Steamboat- Hall of Famer, and its not even close that the Dragon is on this list.

Greg Valentine- Hall of Famer, not a problem with the Hammer being inducted, only problem I have with Hammer is that I think he stuck around a little too long.

Randy Savage- Hall of Famer, and absolutely should be there, he may be one of the top 5 names that symbolized WWE in the late 80s and early 90s. Not to mention his success in WCW.

Butch Reed- You know, this is a tough one. I would be on the fence with Reed, but ultimately I think he should be in the Hall of Fame. Had a great career before the WWE, pretty solid in the WWE, and was  a part of Doom with Ron Simmons winning the WCW Tag titles.

One Man Gang- Not a Hall of Famer, and I think I would put him in. He was a name and involved in some great storylines. Besides they tried to make him an African when they put him as Akeem. That alone should put him in the Hall of Fame.

Bam Bam Bigelow- I would say no to Bam Bam, while I liked him growing up, he just didn’t do enough for me to put him in. Plus he lost to a football player at WrestleMania 11.

Jake the Snake Roberts- Hall of Famer and he for sure deserves to be there. They also should induct Damien.

Rick Rude- Not in the Hall of Fame….WHAT? Out of all the men on this list, Rude is by far the most deserving who is not in the Hall of Fame. Former IC champion, World Champion, US Champion? C’mon Vince…where’s the love for the Ravishing one?

Andre the Giant- Hall of Famer and the easiest pick. Probably the biggest name to grace the WWE ring.

Hulk Hogan- Hall of Famer? or is he? I don’t know if he is officially in the Hall of Fame. However, he should be on this list despite my personally feelings towards him.

Lawrence chimes in with the Best in the World

Ive always wanted to know if the CM Punk incident where he did a complete shoot on the WWE was actually a work. I cant imagine anyone working for Vince wouldn’t be fired after that.


It was a complete work. Vince to this day will have you think that CM Punk just went off the deep end and started shooting from the hip. Now part of that is true, but it was all planned out by the writers. CM Punk came to them and told them how he felt, so they decided to air that dirty laundry for all to say. They gave CM Punk an open mic, and told him to say exactly what he wanted to and not to hold back. When they cut his mic off, that was part of the plan too. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no way Vince’s ego would allow Punk to remain in the WWE after that, and also go on to win the WWE Championship and hold it longer than anyone in the modern era, had he not have had a say in what Punk was doing that night. So while Punk really was airing his grievances LIVE on Raw, it was planned for this to take place.

Tony wants to know about James Storm.

Why did James Storm leave TNA, go to NXT, only to return to TNA a few months later? Was he not under contract with the WWE?

james storm

Other than complete idiocy on the part of James Storm, I don’t know why anyone would leave the WWE for TNA. Okay Im joking. Storm felt as if he was not fitting in with the NXT bunch, and asked to be released from his WWE Contract, sort of like a buyers remorse type deal. Storm never had a no compete clause with the WWE so he was able to go straight back to TNA. I can only assume that he wanted to be closer to his friends that he grew up with in the business, and the lighter travel schedule is always a benefit to have when you are on the road 300 days a year in the WWE. Storm has always maintained that he wanted to be closer to his family, and have more time with his family, and he knew by staying in the WWE, he was going to be away from them more and more. On a personal standpoint it makes perfect sense on why he left and returned to TNA.

Chad closes out with a question about Andre the Giant.

Why was Andre never given a serious run with the title?


The simple answer to this was because he didnt need the title. Andre was more over than nearly anyone including the champions at the time like Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan for that matter. Andre was the face of the company and he did not need the championship to solidify that. Plus, they had Andre being unbeatable, and kept his 15 year undefeated streak as a storyline. They were not going to give him a championship run for that length of time and never be defeated. Now, that being said and I have mentioned this before. There was some talk in 1987, that Andre was going to defeat Hulk Hogan for the WWF title at Wrestlemania III, and he would have held the title for the better part of 1987 as the undefeated champion, and the plan was to have him drop the title at Wrestlemania IV with Hogan beating Andre. The problem was, Andre was experiencing some back issues and they were concerned that he was not going to be able to carry the title and defend the title regularly throughout the year. Looking back, Hogan really didnt defend the title that much in 1987 either, so it really didnt make any difference. But realistically, in 1987, Andre never had one singles match, it was always in tag teams, or at the Survivor Series, where he just didnt look like himself. Hogan and Andre did have their rematch at Wrestlemania IV, but it was in the second round of the championship tournament that ended in a draw.


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