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Welcome back to the greatest Wrestling segment in the internet world. This is the wrestling roundtable. This week the panelists gear up for Wrestlemania which is just over a month away. This week we discuss The Wyatt Family, The Big Show, and The Undertaker. This and much much more.

Note to our readers: Starting Next week, the Wrestling Roundtable will be moved to Friday’s, and In my Damn Opinion will be moved to Thursday.


Lets start off with some words of wisdom by Frosh

Today I have 5 questions for the WWE creative team.  Without further ado, here we go!

5) Why the random turns that mean nothing? First we have Big Show that randomly turns here and there, to the point where he calls his entire Hall of Fame career a disappointment over it.  Then we get Ryback randomly turning heel out of nowhere, for seemingly no purpose.  This makes no sense.  When you have a heel/face turn, it should be impactful, and drive the character to new heights, not just be a lazy way to set up a random feud nobody wants to see.

4) Why no turns that would actually have an impact? Everyone knows where I am going here….Reigns and Cena.  Why so afraid to turn either of these guys heel?  I refuse to believe it is the merchandise, as even heels can sell a crap-ton of merch.  My feelings on the Reigns situation are well documented, and I don’t need to rehash old arguments, same on Cena…but seriously, one of the biggest, most impactful heel turns of ALL TIME was Hulk Hogan turning heel and joining the NWO.  There is no reason to believe that with decent writing (which, I realize is asking a lot), that a Reigns or Cena heel turn could be just as impactful.

3) Why the obsession with keeping every feud at about 50/50?  Seriously, keep track if wins and losses….WWE creative is OBSESSED with making sure that wrestlers stay at a 50/50 win/loss rate, with the rare exception of the monster they are trying to push…(Ryback, Rusev, Reigns, Cena)  Although, more recently, Cena has been putting over more and more talent.  With guys like Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, these guys should easily come out of multiple feuds in dominant fashion, not just barely scraping their way by.

2) Is there no other angle than the evil boss story arch? I mean, ever since Mr. McMahon of the attitude era, and Bischoff in WCW, we have had Teddy Long, Vicki Guerrero, the anonymous Raw GM, Brad Maddox, and a horde of other random bad guy bosses.  We now have the Authority which is running its course.  Is there no other story that works that would motivate someone to go after a title, or fight with each other?  Does it always have to be fighting against authority?  I could see if we had a break from the story for like 20 years and came back to it, but seriously, this has been going on CONSTANTLY since the 90’s

1) Why do you insist on ignoring the people that pay your salary? This is the biggest question.  With the internet era, there is no more mystery to wrestling, we all know who is getting heat backstage, we get spoilers to PPV’s and more.  The WWE fans are more vocal about what they want than ever before.  Yet, you keep refusing to give them what they want…or should I say, shoving down their throats something that they cannot stomach.  WWE fans do not want Roman Reigns, at least not as he is packaged now.  What WWE fans do want, are Ambrose, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and guys with huge amounts of ACTUAL TALENT to be given chances, to carry the rock and run with it.  Eventually, and really with ratings and stock prices dropping, you already are reaping what you have sewn.  Keep ignoring the people that pay your salary….Ring of Honor will eventually over-take you….or start listening to your fan base, give them what they want, and be the dominant wrestling company forever…your choice.


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Triple H- The WWE Champion broke the nose of Roman Reigns, can the Game hang on to the championship?

2.Dean Ambrose- This dude has guts, first challenges Lesnar to a street fight, then the WWE Champion to a title match? What is next for the lunatic?

3.Roman Reigns- Will Roman make it to Wrestlemania? He may be a little worse for wear.

4.Y2AJ- Two straight wins over the tag team champions. Can Jericho and Styles bring home tag team gold next week?

5.Brock Lesnar- Is the match between he and Ambrose in jeopardy? Or will Lesnar again find himself in the title picture?


This week in wrestling history.

1976– Ric Flair makes his Madison Square Garden debut against Pete Sanchez

1992- Jesse the Body Ventura makes his WCW debut at SuperBrawl II

2007- Bad News Brown passes away from a Heart Attack.


Here are the questions this week.

Wyatt Family

Twice in the past year, the Wyatt Family has had their feuds basically derailed. First with the Undertaker and Kane last Fall, and most recently against Brock Lesnar, only to have these feuds scrapped. What do you think the WWE should do with the Wyatt Family?

Steve: While thinking about this question, I can only come up with one logical answer. First, they need to separate the Wyatt Family. I think having Bray Wyatt with Strowman, Rowan, and Harper, is holding him back from what he can truly accomplish in the WWE. I think Bray Wyatt could be a championship contender as he has the look, and can talk. He was successful when he was on his own, and I think he needs to do that again and get involved in the title picture.

Eric: In all honesty, I think it maybe best for the WWE to keep them off tv for a few weeks. Their past two programs have been canceled before fully taken off. If they are kept off tv, it may the give the Wyatt family more time to build momentum, then after Wrestlemania have them return and just start to dominate all of the WWE. Make them become the most dangerous and dominating group in WWE. They have all the potential to become that, now it’s just up to the WWE to build them up as the dangerous gang we all know they can be.

Josh: I would keep them together.  The WWE lacks strong factions.  The League of Nations?  Pass….The Authority…old news…The Wyatts, still intriguing.  However, they need to involve Bray into the title picture.  He should have the belt by SummerSlam.  Then he has his “family” protect the title, probably drop it at the Royal Rumble to the next big face of the company, which can then start the dissolution of the Wyatt Family.

Chad: Having big programs get scrapped is never good especially twice in the span of a few months. But, I think for the sake of all of them they need to split them up to do their own things independent of one another in order to make the whole product better

Todd: I think WWE should split them up. They have already destroyed the Wyatt Family beyond repair. I believe that they should put Harper and Rowan as a tag tam again like they had them a few years ago. They worked well together. It would be an interesting feud with the Dudley Boyz. Obviously Bray Wyatt could make it on his own as a singles wrestler. Braun Strowman can be the next Paul Heyman guy if WWE really wants to push Strowman. That way he can work on his mic skills while getting pushed at the same time.

Jim: I’ve made my feelings about the Wyatt’s known to everyone that listens.  I think they’re pitiful and bring the ratings down.  There’s zero wrestling skill on the “team”.  The reason they keep getting scrapped is because the fans don’t care.  The Wyatt “family” should be removed from the lineup.


Buy or Sell: Y2AJ, Chris Jericho and AJ Styles as legitimate Tag Team championship contenders?

Steve: I would have loved this team ten years ago. Both having similar styles in wrestling. I would have loved this team back in 2005. Now, they just appear to be two guys pushing forty years of age who are trying one last run at success. I like the idea that Jericho is teaching AJ the ropes in the WWE, and I could see big things this year for AJ. While they obviously are legit threats to the tag titles, this is a step back for AJ Styles and Im afraid it will hold him back this year to compete for singles titles.

Eric: Buy, AJ Styles is still green when it comes to working in the WWE. I know he’s no stranger to professional wrestling however though, it’s a whole new ball game in the WWE. Jericho could help AJ adapt to the WWE style. Jericho is a veteran. All though I think Jericho and The Miz would have better team name. Just imagine, Chris Jericho and The Miz, Team Jiz. Yeah, I went there, now as for AJ and Jericho. I think him teaming with Jericho will help not only the WWE fans but also the officials see what AJ can do with the WWE style. I like the idea and look for them to win the belts soon.

Josh: They are absolutely legitimate contenders.  This is also probably the best thing for AJ at this time.  He will have gold, so WWE will see what he can do with it, AND when he drops it, he doesn’t even have to take the loss.  Jericho can easily take the pin when they drop the belts.  This would cause Jericho to turn on Styles, for one last match in the feud, launching AJ into the main event.

Chad: Buy, two world class athletes going joining forces cannot wait to see them go for the gold Monday on Raw. Although truth be told I would have rather seen in 2004/2005 When Y2J was on top in WWE and AJ was being the franchise of TNA.

Todd: I think they will be good for the short term. Chris Jericho is suppose to leave shortly after Wrestlemania, so this marriage won’t last very long. I think they are legit contenders to the tag titles and will probably win them on Raw. I look for some where down the line at Wrestlemania or the Raw after when they defend the tag title Jericho will turn on AJ and that will be the end.

Jim: Although it would appear that they are a perfect pairing, they have no personality.  They’re just two guys.  Teams need a personality.  You can’t sell “Chris Jericho and AJ Styles!” like you can “The Uso’s!” or “Rock and Roll Express!”.  And if you can’t sell it, nobody will buy it.  So I “sell”.

big show

When asked on the Stone Cold Podcast about one word to describe the Big Show’s career. The Big Show responded “Disappointing.” This due in part to the many face/heel turns. What are your thoughts on the Big Show’s career?

Steve: The Big Show is a work horse, and the reason he has lasted this long in the WWE is because of his flexibility to do anything. He is a great face, and a great heel. Plus, he is willing to put guys over in the business. If someone needs a quality feud for a couple months, they can rely on the Big Show to be that guy. He has had a great career as a multiple time World Champion, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Tag Team Champion in both WCW and WWE. I would think that is a pretty damn good career for one person. You cant count on two hands the number of people who have lasted as long as Show has in one company. 20 plus years in the business is a pretty successful career.

Eric: I think the Big Show has had a decent carrer. Sure he’s no John Cena, but he’s surely no Barry Horrowictz. Big Show is a form multiple times WWE Champion, he’s held every active title on the roster. He’s had classic matches with many legends. He’s got future Hall of famer written all of over him. Yeah, he’s had many turns during his carrer. That just proves he’s great at what he does. He can play the loveable good guy or he can play the hated bad guy. I don’t see disappointing with Big Show carrer, I would say legendary.

Josh: It can only be considered disappointing in the fact that the fans keep calling on him to retire.  I, myself am a Big Show fan.  Similar to what everyone else SHOULD be saying, he will do anything the WWE asks of him….need a heel?  He will be mean for a couple weeks.  Need a face?  Awe, he is a relatable, sad giant.  While that doesn’t lead you to be “The guy” like a Cena, Austin or Rock, it does allow you to stick around for a long time, make a lot of money, and be the person that either feuds with “the guy” or the face that propels the next heel to face “the guy”.  In the end, Show is a sure fire first ballot hall of famer, but like ALL wrestlers who get older, he needs to realize the limitations of his body and know when to throw in the towel.

Chad: I would classify the Big Show’s career as a good one he’s been in the ring for 20 years won just about every title there is for him to win in WCW and WWE. He’s had big matches against every big name in the business Rock, Austin, HHH, Hogan, Cena, Undertaker. It is a legendary career and he is a first-ballot hall of famer.

Todd: The Big Show has had a great Career. He has won Championships every where he has gone. His willingness do anything WWE has asked him to do is the reason he has lasted so long. That is why he change face/heel so much. He did whatever was needed. He was the only wrestler to hold the ECW World title, WCW World title, and WWE World title. He also held the United States title, Intercontinental title, and tag team titles. He has had a tremendous career and I am sure when he retires in two years he will probably go into the Hall of Fame.

Jim: The Big Show has had an amazing career.  He’s kept it alive with the many face/heel turns.  Without them, we’d have written him off years ago.  He’s estimated to be worth $20 million.  If that’s not success, what is?

taker vs shane

Win or Lose at Wrestlemania; Will this be the Undertaker’s last match in the WWE?

Steve: I am going to say No on this. I think as long as he is healthy enough, he will not end his career at Wrestlemania 32. He needs to go out against a guy like John Cena, or someone in his league. No disrespect to Shane McMahon, but that is not the person that someone the caliber of the Undertaker should end his career against. I think he will have one more go round before he hangs it up.

Eric: No, I still say Undertaker is saving his last match for against Sting. That will be the biggest match of his career. I really hope Taker does end his career against Shane. Nothing against Shane, I just think there is other people who would make more sense for Taker to have his final match against other than Shane O Mac.

Josh: It should be.  I am one of the longest running ‘Taker fans you will find.  So it pains me to say this, but the man cannot go anymore.  I would like to see him retire, go to the Hall of Fame, and NOT end up with a broken down body like Mick Foley….He is one of the greatest of all time.  It is literally painful to watch him wrestle as he is a shadow of his former self.   See my comments for Big Show above.

Chad: I say No, I think that Undertaker needs to have his last match with someone like a John Cena or Sting somebody like a franchise type player in the WWE to solidify that whenever his last match is you know it is his last match.

Todd: This is hard to say considering the caliber of the opponent he is facing at Wrestlemania. Lets face it Shane McMahon never was a full time wrestler, on top of the the thing that got him over is all the high risk moves he did from the top rope. Can he still do that stuff? Can he even give the Undertaker a good match since he has been out of the ring for so long. I would hate to see this be Undertakers last match or even his last Wrestlemania. To me this is like a slap in the face and a sign of desperation from WWE. Maybe it could be that this is gonna be the biggest Wrestlemania in history and the McMahon’s wanna make it all about them. Isn’t that why Triple H is World Champion? I guess my final answer is no.

Jim:  God I hope so.  I’m so tired of him being shoved down our throats when he’s obviously lost nearly all his skills.

triple h vs dean

Triple H and Dean Ambrose will be facing off for the WWE Championship before Wrestlemania. Given that Ambrose appears to be more over than Reigns with fans right now. Is this a mistake to have this match before Wrestlemania?

Steve: I think it is a mistake because I can predict that a match between HHH and Ambrose will be a thousand times better than a HHH vs Roman Reigns match up. Now, I could see this going a couple of ways. First, and predicting this will happen. Triple H wins, and beats down Ambrose like he did on Raw last week, this will get Triple H some more heat possibly to get Reigns more over and when he defeats Triple H at Wrestlemania, the fans will once again get behind him. However, if you think about it, Reigns was getting over with the fans when he was the WWE Champion earlier this year. Second thing that could happen is that Ambrose goes over HHH and actually wins the championship setting up Ambrose vs Reigns at Wrestlemania, they end up turning Reigns heel at Wrestlemania and joins the Authority costing Ambrose the championship. Either way you look at it, Roman Reigns is going to walk out as champion. They need to play this correctly if you don’t want the fans to really go ape shit on Reigns.

Eric: Well duh! It’s a mistake to not have Ambrose in the main event of Wrestlemania all together. Dean Ambrose is probably your most over face right now active. The WWE needs to capitalize on that and continue to build up Dean Ambrose. The game love Ambrose and would love to see go after the WWE world heavyweighttitle and win it. I get the WWE wants to build up Roman Reigns bit he just can’t get over like Ambrose is. If the WWE was smart, they would jump all over those ides of keep Ambrose at the top. Plus, I think I’d rather see Ambrose vs Reigns at Wrestlemania than Reigns vs Triple H. So, do I think it’s mistake? Absolutely but unfortunately I don’t get to make that call.

Chad: Yes, it is a mistake and I think that Ambrose needs to walk out of Roadblock as champion to setup Reigns/Ambrose at Wrestlemania possibly have Lesnar in there as well have a rematch from Fastlane on the grand stage of them all. Either Reigns/HHH at Mania just does not sell me on Wrestlemania at this point.

Josh: There are two things going on here….the first, which is what is actually happening and is really stupid, is that WWE is trying to get heel heat on triple H…so instead of IMPROVING REIGNS’ CHARACTER, they are trying to make the other guy more unlikeable.  That would be like, during the Attitude Era, instead of the Rock cutting great promos, engaging the fans and having a ton of charisma, they just had Triple H beat up a bunch of kittens to sell their match.  This is stupid and will not work.  As soon as Reigns returns, the fans will turn on him again.  The second thing that could be going on (but isn’t because WWE creative couldn’t book themselves out of a brown paper bag), and if WWE creative pulls this off, I will take back about 12% of the things I have said about them, is that they have learned from their mistakes, FINALLY, is that Ambrose beats Triple H, wins the title, and DEFENDS against Reigns at Wrestlemania.  However, the swerve is that on the Raw before ‘Mania, you have Reigns turn on Ambrose, show he has joined the Authority and turns heel.  This would be awesome, be an engaging story leading up to ‘Mania, and make sense.  So WWE creative will do the opposite.

Todd: The only possible reason I can think that WWE would have this match is to some how turn Reigns against Ambrose, Cause Reigns gets jealous for some odd reason. I guess that would kind of make Reigns turn heel. I don’t know how much since that makes but why else have a match when everyone already knows the outcome, of course WWE has been doing that a lot lately. If Reigns turns heel then it would not be a mistake cause thats what he really needs. The fans don’t like him any ways, so if he turns on Ambrose that makes all the sense in the world.

Jim:  It’s always a mistake to promote a match by the champ before the match at Wrestlemania.  Is the belt on the line with Ambrose?  Then we know he can’t win…because Triple H is the headline at Wrestlemania.  See?  It’s stupid.  If the belt isn’t on the line, nobody cares. If it is, we know the outcome.  So it’s a waste of air time.





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