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Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Well Stephen Curry just broke Kyle Korver record for most consecutive games with at least one 3 pointer at 128. What else is this guy gonna do? This week we will discuss weather or not Stephen curry is the clear cut favorite to win the NBA MVP, how far can Durant and Westbrook really take the thunder, and so much more here on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions for this week:


With about 2 months left in the season is Stephen Curry the clear cut favorite to win NBA MVP?

Todd: Yes! without a doubt Stephen Curry is the League’s MVP this year hands down.

Chad: Duh, without question

Steve: There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen Curry is the unanimous choice for MVP right now. He could take the rest of the year off and still be the MVP.

Durant Westbrook

How far can Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Todd: This duo will take the Thunder as far as the second round because weather they play Golden State or San Antonio they will lose to either of them teams.

Chad: Unfortunately, the Thunder are in a position where they are going to have difficult matchup in the second round and that’s where OKC’s run will end.

Steve: With a little bit of luck, and if they stay healthy, they could make it all the way to the West Finals, but it would end there when they faced off against the Warriors. Sorry, but no one is beating Golden State this year.

Dwight Howard Stray Ken Burger recently reported that Houston Rockets Star James Harden was pushing for the firing of Kevin McHale and he also was pushing GM Daryl Morey to Trade Dwight Howard. What are your thought on this situation?

Todd: I am kind of sick of hearing about the drama about the Houston Rockets. I heard a few weeks ago which I thought was kind of funny that both James Harden and Dwight Howard went to the front office trying to get each other traded. As for Kevin McHale I thought he got an unfair shot. He was fired when the team was 4-7 after taking the team to the Western Conference finals the year before. That just make no sense to me.

Chad: This is worse than a soap opera I thought the firing at the beginning of the year of Kevin McHale was stupid. I do see where Harden is trying to be the guy on the team but he has to understand what is going to happen.

Steve: The Rockets are in such dissaray right now, and when their superstar, James Harden is causing some controversy in the front office, you can already tell that this offseason for Houston is going to be up for an Oscar. Harden is right about Howard, he needs to go to get any chemistry back into the organization. McHale deserves a better fate, give him a roster without Howard and see what he can do there.


Agree or disagree. Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas were very critical of Stephen Curry on the Mike and Mike show. To sum up what these two said was that Stephen Curry was not all that. He was only shooting this well because of the way defenses played him and how poorly defenses is playing in today’s NBA.

Todd: I agree with this to a certain extent. There is no question that Stephen Curry is a one of the greatest shooters ever already. The question is could he do the same thing if players were able to play with more contact like they did back in the day. Players can’t play defense like they did back in the day because if you even tap a guy they call a foul. 30 years ago you could close line a guy and it would be a love tap. The NBA has gotten soft. You can’t hand check no more and I think that is huge on how some one is able to play defense. I think he would be good against defenses back in the day but i don’t see him doing what he is doing against today’s defenses.

Chad: To me they are bitter old men. I will agree that the defense has gotten softer to where you can’t do as much but still if a guy can shoot he’s going to shoot and it is impossible to compare eras. So I think Steph Curry is great for the here and now.

Steve: Sure the NBA these days are ruled towards offense, but it does not matter. Curry will still find ways to score on  you. When a guy can hit a 50 foot jump shot with absolute ease. You cannot defend against that. If he keeps this up for the next couple of years, we may be talking about Curry in the same conversation of Michael Jordan.

Jeff Teague, Al Horford, and Josh Smith are the Hawks "Big Three."

The Miami Heat just signed Joe Johnson for the rest of the season. Is he gonna be enough to make a run at the 3rd seed or maybe even the 2nd seed?

Todd: Joe Johnson is a huge addition to any team. I think they should be able to over take the Boston Celtics. Miami is probably to far back to catch Toronto or Cleveland. That would also be huge if they get the 3rd see because then they would have to play Toronto instead of Cleveland.

Chad: I’d say the 3 seed is more realistic for the Heat which would work out great because I would rather face a Toronto team over any team led by Lebron.

Steve: I think the Heat were in a good spot for the 3 seed without the trade. This just solidfies it. I think they will be a top 4 seed in the East, but I cant see them past the third spot as Cleveland and Toronto are playing good basketball right now.


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