Movie Review: St Vincent

I have never heard of St Vincent.

Great marketing there, I suppose, but to be honest, Bill Murray puts out so much shit/art/both lately its hard to take him serious in any role. I was at my in-laws and therefore, did not have control of the TV, so I had to watch what they wanted to watch, and my mother-in-law slapped this on, as I did some work on the PC, and to be honest, was a bit stunned to see Melissa McCarthy in the film, and not being a loudmouth lunatic. I’ll be honest I got into it.

St Vincent is a bit of a buddy movie, you have Bill Murray, a retired asshole who chain smokes, is a bit of a crook and the only relationship his has is with a pregnant Russian hooker . . that Naomi Watts! Holy moley! Still hot, by the way. Bill Murray does his best to be as off-putting as he can, but lets be honest, this is Bill Murray. You know he can turn on a dime and make you love him.

On the other side is we have Melissa McCarthy, who has just left her husband and enrolled her kid in a Catholic School and the kid is pretty scrawny and is polite to a fault. The kid gets his keys and phone taken by a bully, and gets locked out of his home, and Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray come together for the boy to stay with Murray on nights she get stuck at work, and that starts to happen daily.

So how is St Vincent? Have you seen Bad Santa? Same premise. Murray is more likeable than Billy Bob, and there is no evil elves or HOTCHICK, unless you count Melissa McCarthy or pregnant Naomi Watts. But this is a quick movie, and it moves really well through all the beats, but the beats are entertaining, and its nice to see Terrance Howard break out a cameo. The inevitable showdown with the bully and the aftermath is well done as well. I really enjoyed this movie better than I expected I would. I’m going full 7 here. I can’t think of a reason to really watch this over and over again, or any feature to make me care about the DVD, but I would encourage you to make a note to grab this on Netflix or on movie channel ASAP, and watch it when you just need a decent, well done story you can watch with the kiddos. Well Done.

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