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We are back Wrestling fans, and HOLY SHIT! What a week we had in the world of professional wrestling. We have a ton to discuss this week on the Roundtable. What was our take from Fastlane, but more importantly Monday Night Raw. The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent is named. What are our thoughts and opinions on that? This and much much more.


First let’s see if Frosh has anything on his mind. He felt that last week he would sabotage the RT in the questions. What does Frosh have in store for us this week?

This week, we are bringing back the Frosh 5.  Top 5 things that were wrong with Fastlane:

5) The End to Fastlane: Not only was it the wrong move, but it was the EXACT OPPOSITE of the right move.  It was blatantly obvious that the crowd was being drowned out as there was nothing but boos to Roman Reigns winning.  It was a disaster and means Wrestlemania will be super boring, and I don’t even know if I want to watch it….

4) 5 seconds before the End to Fastlane:   Seriously…worst ended PPV in a VERY long time. It was said on an earlier Roundtable, that if they are intent on pusing Reigns as a face, then Ambrose CANNOT BE INVOLVED IN THE FINISH!  Reigns needed to PIN LESNAR…but no, WWE just keeps doing things the idiotic way….Seriously, I think the mentally deficient monkeys in WWE creative have been replaced with even more mentally deficient Slugs….its terrible.

3) 10 Seconds before the end of Fastlane: Seriously, it is this bad.  the PPV, while predictable, was decent up until this point.  This is where you start to realize that Roman Reigns gives great oral to the powers that be in creative. He has no place in the main event of ‘Mania, I know it, you know it, the WWE Universe knows it, but they keep pushing Reigns anyway…and there can be only one reason for that.

2) 15 seconds before the end of Fastlane: Ambrose should have won….Ambrose vs. Triple H would have been a much more enjoyable match at ‘Mania, but other than that, IT WOULD HAVE HAD BETTER BUILD!!!! Seriously!!! It’s not just about the match at ‘Mania….It is about every Raw between now and then that we are going to have to listen to Reigns Cave-Man his way through promos…seriously, he is terrible.

1) Seriously, the end to Fastlane really sucked: I don’t think this can be any clearer.  Ambrose should have won the match.  He should have beaten Reigns, turning Reigns heel as Reigns joins the Authority.  That would have been engaging story-telling.  But what we got was lazy, predictable, and worst of all….BORING.

Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

1.Roman Reigns- Roman is the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship, can he become a three time champion at Wrestlemania?

2.Triple H- The Game and WWE Champion appears ready to fight, but is the deck now stacked against Triple H?

3.Dean Ambrose- Not even Brock Lesnar can keep this guy down. Challenging him to a street fight at Wrestlemania.

4.Brock Lesnar- The Beast faces the Lunatic in a street fight at Wrestlemania. Can he keep up with Ambrose in this kind of match?

5.Kevin Owens- While absent from Raw, The Intercontinental Champion got a victory at Fastlane against Dolph Ziggler.


This week in professional wrestling

1949- Ric Flair was born and would later become one of, if not the greatest World Champion of all time.

1953- Another legend and one of Flair’s best opponents Ricky Steamboat was born.

2003- The Rock and Hulk Hogan II happened at No Way Out. The Rock won the match making him 2-0 against Hogan



Here are the questions this week


What was your opinion on Sunday nights pay per view event, Fastlane?

Steve: It was a decent event. Not the best, but a little bit better than expected. It was a little too predictable with Reigns coming out on top in the Triple Threat match. I thought the Del Rio vs Kalisto match was okay, and glad that they gave Kalisto the win. The Edge and Christian segment was entertaining, and I was glad to see them come back. Both Divas matches were actually relatively good, at least good looking with the exception of Charlotte’s mole. It was a solid 6 out of 10 in my opinion. They could have done a lot more with the main event than what they did.

Eric: Well, considering my the stream of the ppv was shitty that night, I could barely watch the event. From what I did see, the AJ Styles and Chris Jericho was definitely match of the night. Followed by Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens in 2nd. I enjoyed the divas tag team match also. I enjoy anything Sasha Banks is in. (happy birthday to me!) The main event I knew Roman was going to win it, he’s was the most obvious choice for the win. It was a below average ppv, just another reason why WWE should just go down to 6 events a year and go back to having the Saturday night Main Event instead of a ppv every month.

Josh: The word for this PPV was PREDICTABLE.  There was no suspense, no swerve, no any reason to tune in. My stream went out during the 3rd match and didn’t come back till the end of the show, and I didn’t miss a single thing.   Nothing that said, I NEED TO GO BACK AND WATCH THAT.   There was absolutely no point in the PPV that I would consider must see, which means that the PPV as a whole is a failure.

Chad: It was an ok show not really anything I didn’t expect heading down the road to Wrestlemania. The Reigns win was predictable. Styles and Jericho was awesome and I didn’t understand throwing in Axel and Truth but I’m okay with the show as a whole.

Todd: I thought it was good overall. I was happy WWE went a whole PPV with no interference with the exception of the R-Truth-Curtis Axle match but I dont really count that match cause it was just to fill time. The Kalisto-Del Rio match was ok. I was happy to see Kalisto win. The first divas match was a good match. I was surprised they started out with that match. Its no knock on the divas but usually WWE starts with some kind of title match. Kevin Owens-Dolph Ziggler match was a pretty good match but i kind of expected Owens to win. What the heck is the WWE doing with the Wyatt Family? They dominate on every Raw and Smackdown and then they go to the PPVs and they lose. That makes no sense. It was nice to see Edge and Christian back but I thought that segment was pointless with the New Day and the League of Nations. They are both heel groups. It kind of maybe seemed like the New Day turned babyface with them out there gloating with Edge and Christian but that was not clear. The divas title match was good but predictable since Brie is leaving the WWE after Wrestlemania. I thought AJ Styles-Y2J match was the match that was going to steal the show. It was probably the best match but I don’t know about stealing the show. The triple threat match was a good match. I predicted the winner three weeks ago.

Jim: Probably the singularly worst pay per view in WWE history, and that’s saying a lot.  Predictable, boring, and any other word you can use to clarify how bad it was would be appropriate.  I’m SOOOOO tired of the suplex/F-5. If Lesner refuses to learn how to wrestle, why do they keep booking him?  And do I need to say a word about the Charlotte/Brie match?  They looked like they hadn’t rehearsed at all.  Then Brie twists Charlotte’s leg nearly 360 degrees, and she just lays on the mat and smiles.  Switch it around into the predictable crab/figure 4, and Brie looks like she’s dying.  The rest?  Well, New Day still holds the title of tag team/worst tag team champs of all time.  In fact, ever belt is in the same hands the night began with, and then on Monday we watch the same damn matches again!!!!!  I don’t mean similar, I mean THE SAME MATCH!  CAN YOU PLEASE LET A TITLE CHANGE HANDS WHEN WE’RE PAYING FOR THE PAY PER VIEW!?!?!?!?!?


shane mcmahon

What was your reaction to Shane McMahon returning to the WWE on Monday Night Raw, and being named the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent in Hell in a Cell?

Steve: Holy shit did you hear that reaction from the crowd when Shane O Mac came out? That may have been the biggest pop I have heard from the fans in quite some time. I like the idea that he is back, and the family feud is back on as it was in the past. However, I am not sold that they are using the Undertaker to have Shane face off against for control of the WWE. I would much rather see Shane vs Vince inside the Hell in a Cell match. Not that I am against seeing what Shane can do with Taker. I hear that Taker is in the best shape of his life in preparation for Wrestlemania. But what is Shane going to be able to do? He has been away from the ring for about seven years, and is probably not in wrestling shape. I really am looking forward to seeing this match, but I am not convinced that this is the best way for the Undertaker to quite possibly go out at Wrestlemania.

Eric: First of all, I’m not gonna lie I marked the f * ck out when I saw Shane O Mac come back. I couldn’t believe it. He’s the one person that wrestling fans have been wanting to see come back for quiet sometime that hasn’t come back. He got one of the biggest ovations I have heard in a long time. Definitely glad to see him back. I think this is going to be a very interesting match between him and Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I was not expecting him to be named Undertaker opponent at Wrestlemania, but I am very interested to see this match. I think this will be one of the Taker last matches. I am very excited for this, and I think this will be a great match.

Josh: The fu…..?  That’s kind of just thrown out of nowhere.

Chad: Holy Shit Shane o Mac and now i am excited for the road to wrestlemania to see how this match would unfold whether the rumor of a sub for this match is true.Todd: My first words. HOLY SHIT! he got one hell of a pop when his music played.  I like the idea of him coming back. I think this match is a show of desperation on the part of WWE. It shows the WWE universe that there are several superstars out with injuries and the locker room is really thin. Me myself I would prefer to see someone else be Undertaker’s last opponent. I mean it is a Hell in a Cell match and he is facing the Deadman. how good of a match can this really be. Shane McMahon has not been in the ring 6 or 7 years. Undertaker from what I have heard is in the best shape of his life. I think he would have to come back for Wrestlemania 33 to wrestle a better opponent. On top of this they scrapped the Braun Strowman match cause they were getting too much flak from the fans. This is there solution? are you kidding me? I don’t like Kevin Owens and I don’t really think he has done anything to deserve to face the Undertaker but he would have been a better option.

Jim: Shane McMahon returning is quite possibly the best news I’ve seen in the last 5 years out of this miserable company.  Shane fighting the Undertaker is about the stupidest news I’ve heard.  Poor Undertaker.  Is this what it’s come to???  The only way this can possibly be good is if they step in the ring, The Undertaker says “F***K YOU STEPHANIE AND PAUL!” and lies down, letting Shane pin him and assume control of the company.  Because Stephanie and Paul have driven it way beneath the ground.  Only Shane can fix this mess they’ve created.


brock vs dean

Is Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania the best match for Lesnar, and does Ambrose have a chance to win this match?

Steve: Im glad that wrestling is entertainment and not real life, because anyone who thinks they can compete in a street fight against Brock Lesnar really must be a lunatic. With Ambrose’ character, he does have a legit shot at beating Lesnar in this kind of match. While I do not think that he will, this will be a really intense match, and after seeing Roman Reigns bleed on Raw last Monday, probably bringing a smile to Jim’s face,we may very well see a blood bath in this match as well.

Eric: Yes, I think this is the best match for Lesnar. Let’s face facts, Brock Lesnar is a beast, who is probably one of the strongest and toughest wrestlers in the history of WWE. Then there is Dean Ambrose, Probably one of the craziest, most hardcore wrestlers of all time. This fight is going to be something to see. I think this was a great choice for both men. I’m very excited to see this match.

No, and yes, in fact he NEEDS to win this match, and WIN CLEAN. Being a street fight allows Dean to have equalizers.  He needs to beat Brock, if the rumors for a Shield triple threat for the title at SummerSlam are true.

Chad: Yes its the best match a street fight against a crazy person is the perfect way for Lesnar and Ambrose to have a great match at Mania and possibly have a wrestlemania moment for Dean Ambrose.

Todd: I think it is probably the best match available for Brock Lesner. I believe that is why it is a no holds barred match, is to give Ambrose a chance. In a regular match I don’t think he would have any chance. Ambrose will give Lesner a run for his money that is for sure. WWE has made him to be nuts.

Jim: No, it’s a terrible match for Lesner.  Especially the build up where Lesnar just beats the hell out of Ambrose week in and week out.  Why have the match when they’re proving every night that Ambrose isn’t capable of beating Lesner by himself?  And if Ambrose somehow wins the match at Wrestlemania, then it simply isn’t believable, because we’ve already seen 100 times that he’s not able to.


vince award

The Vincent J McMahon award was highly promoted for a week with the WWE and its shows. Some say how it was produced was a slap in the face to Vince McMahon Sr. Was this the right way to begin the feud between Vince and Shane once again?

Steve: I was really looking forward to this award and who they were going to present it to. I can honestly tell you that when Vince came out on Monday to present it, I thought he was going to present it to himself. I honestly would not have much of a problem with that as Vince really created a legacy that is the WWE. When he named Stephanie the recipient, I about choked on my own vomit, because they took a great thing to remember the legacy of where the McMahon’s came from, and what the WWE has become over the past four decades. Then they took it and make a mockery out of it. Made me sick. Should have just given it to Hulk Hogan.

Eric: I think so. It created a whole other story to tell. I think it did very well at being promoted. Unfortunately, it had to come at the price of Vince Sr. but Vince always says nothing is off limits. You gotta be will to do and say anything to entertain. That’s exactly what they did here. They entertained the crowd and got the fans attention. It was very cool to see Shane back in the WWE and I’m glad they went the way they did with this award.

Josh: It made sense.  It has long been established that nothing is sacred in WWE and that they will cross any boundary.  I think Vincent J, being a showman, would have appreciated the need to set up Shane’s return for random feud of the century, but I digress.

Chad: When I heard the promo during Fastlane I pretty much though it was going to HHH. Shane coming out saved the segment and put the memory of the award buried deep in the mind.

Todd: I was excited to see who was going to get the award, then I saw Vince McMahon was the person who was presenting the award. My first thoughts were that he was going to give the award to himself. Then by my surprise he awarded it to Stephanie, I was like Really? WWE promoted the award all week and really didn’t give it to no one. The best part was when Shane interrupted her acceptance speech.

Jim: Vince Jr didn’t like Vince Sr, so how they produced it wasn’t a shock at all.  The rest is just the soap opera.  I’m just happy Shane is back.



What should the WWE do with the Diva’s championship match at Wrestlemania?

Steve: I would love to see the title defended in some sort of Four way match, or elimination match to find out who the best Diva is. I would definitely put Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and maybe Brie Bella in the mix. Maybe even throw a ladder into the mix and make it a ladder match. That would be a first ever for the Divas. You want to give Divas a chance? Then why not put them in a match where they can really shine?

Eric: Hopefully retire that ugly belt and bring back the Women’s Championship. Seriously, I like most wrestling fans are sick of the divas title. We want an actual good title for the women. Give them back the Women’s Championship. If you want their division to start to be more respected, you need to get rid of the divas title and bring back the Women’s Championship. Now as far as a match goes, I predict we will see a triple threat match between Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch and the winner of that match will be Sasha Banks and then after the match when she is posing with the belt I will say “happy birthday to me!”

Josh: They already have one, why not a Diva’s Hell in a Cell match!?  Are you saying you wouldn’t want to see Sasha, and Charlotte bounced off of the steel of a cage?

Chad: 3 way elimination match for the belt Charlotte, Sasha, Becky involved in the match.

Todd: I would like to see a triple threat elimination match. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and the hottest diva in the WWE Sasha Banks.

Jim: The Diva’s championship should be trashed completely if they continue to let “The Woman that Estrogen Forgot” be the champion.  There’s simply no reason to have the championship if the worst female champion in wrestling history continues to wear the belt.  She’s just terrible.  No skill, no personality, no speaking style, and all she does is her daddy’s moves.  I just turn off the TV whenever she’s on.  It’s a waste of time to watch.






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