Movie Review: The Divergent Series Insurgent

We get a QUICK recap from Kate Winslet on an iPhone 16 screen, and it hurts a bit, as she calls out all the factions by the name, instead of what they do- Anyone know what the difference in Candor and Erudite are again? She says she had nothing to do with the attack on Abnegation and blames it on the Divergents.

Flip over to the Fantastic Four running through the woods, and Katniss is still looking good, She has got some HUGE eyes here, and they are in the middle of being thrown out of Amity’s protection, but that . . . was a dream senario? Tris wakes up and walks outside, and we play kissy-face with Four.


We come back over to Kate Winslet, and that box we saw for a tenth of a second in the rubble of Abnegation is on display, its a 5-sided box that holds the All-Spark, but only a Divergent can open it, and she orders her soldiers to go out and find every last one of the Divergents. Shouldn’t you just need one? The Soldiers are all pissed cause their life of Dew-Fueled Parkour is cancelled by a real job.

The next morning, Peter is being a prick, and Tris vows to kill Kate Winslet, and Peter picks a fight with her. This gets them thrown out, but  Tris calls out the Amity’s leader for being a wuss- duh. Thankfully, the Army shows up as the Amity leader is giving a speech.

The Brainiacs made the Army special scanner that is able to test for Midichlorians in people, and all the Amity people (Amitites?) are herded into the huts for testing. As the Foursome agree to split up, Peter says every man for themselves, and calls out their position. The Threesome take off together, as Peter just stands there and is taken in. We get a chase scene through the woods, and a train shows up to carry our heroes away. This train is infected with Factionless, and a fight ensues, and even Caleb busts out a pipe to kills someone, but freezes when his sister is almost thrown off the train. After getting the snot slapped out the them, and several killed, THEN the factionless pull out a knife as another 2 dozen show up for round 2. Four says his name, and for some reason the Factionless care, and they are taken to the Southern Oracle, er I mean the leader of the Factionless- Holy Mess That’s Naomi Watts! She is looking GOOD.

Insurgent trisOk, So how is part 2 of this series?

Well, The Faction system is blown off, as it should be since it makes zero sense, and Four’s relationship with his mother is just plain stupid. I was told that the old Dauntless people become factionless when they can no longer Parkour correctly, and that’s just stupid, since thats going from being a cop that runs everything to homeless because you . . turn 30? But now people that can’t hang with their “chosen faction” merge with a whole bunch of ex-cops and thats a strong faction? Now Four’s mom big plan is to merge with the remnants of Dauntless (Hiding with Candor) to take on the powers that be? Uh, Dauntless are going after you. I don’t think you have a power structure there.

For some reason Tris is now a Jedi. Seriously. I’m expecting in Part 3 she’s going to have some kind of Divergent slayer that changes colors when someone’s faction is near. Four is also Divergent, but why doesn’t he have the Super Powers she does? This is a better movie than the first one, simply because instead of a shoddily-built world, we just don’t care and just move onto a rebellion story. We do get some fun with Candor, though. I’ll go a 5 on this one, the previous movie drags it down, but this one I can actually care about whats going on.

Spoilers Shead

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