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Been a strange few days in a strange week, so, I’m just gonna dedicate this week’s WTF to some random serious thoughts…

Mickey Rat almost buys it!

joe1According to police sources a postal cop in Harlem (NY) was checking out an alarm that had gone off at the Manhattanville post office and was doing a search of the building with his gun drawn and out popped Mickey Rat from a pile of garbage… and… boom…

Cops says no one… including the dangerous and nefarious Mickey Rat… was harmed.

Now… I understand cops could get a tad apprehensive at times… hell… it’s kind of a human reaction but aren’t they supposedly trained for this kind of shit happening? No?  If, they really think a situation is that damn dangerous, then shouldn’t they call for backup?  And, I’m a just asking this… because I’ve heard (and I’ll tell you where I heard it in a tad or two) that them there weapons the cops carry are damn hard to fire off  by accident. I mean… I heard ya’ll really need to apply some pressure with your finger directly on the trigger before it can “accidentally” go off.police-rat

Sooo…  what if that had just been some stupid ass kids fucking around? Yeah, I know, they shouldn’t have been in there in the first place… but… still, what if’n it were a kid or two fucking around…

We got possible child blood covering the floor?

And… yep… I know there been some cops shot in the city as of late and that adds to the apprehension…

Still… these peeps are supposed to be trained in this shit possibly occurring. Soooo… either the cops aren’t being trained correctly… or… the type of peeps being accepted by the police academy are lacking in certain skills and/or a certain psychological makeup needed to be a good cop. A big one… pyscholgoical skill… being really fucking cool under pressure… or… it’s a combination of the two.

And… NYPD weapons are designed to fire with 12 pounds of trigger pull… that’s more than double the amount normally required to fire a standard police issued weapon. So its not like you can just tap the trigger and the weapon goes off.

Also, Besides being a practice taught in safety courses on how to draw a holstered weapon, it is police academy procedure to teach all officers that they should not put their finger on the trigger unless they are ready to shoot and kill.  It is also a fact that NYPD weapons have no safety to be engaged or disengaged. Another damn good reason for not having a finger on the trigger while conducting a search.

So, it is highly unlikely… hell… it is near impossible if not impossible for the gun to go off unless the cop’s finger was already on the trigger when he had the weapon drawn and he pulled the trigger.

So… this cop was violating established police procedure when he fired his weapon at Mickey Rat…

Think someone needs a serious time out, with no pay, for a bit?

I fucking do.

NYPD cop convicted…

vertical patrolNow… where did I hear about how damn dangerous them weapons cops carry are, and, why they are hard to fire by accident UNLESS their finger is on the trigger?

A cop, by the name of Peter Liang, was recently convicted in NYC of acting recklessly and killing an unarmed man in an apartment building stairwell during a vertical patrol of that stairwell.

Prosecutors say that Liang acted in a reckless manner when he had his weapon drawn… which by the by ain’t against NYPD procedure, so, technically, ain’t the reckless part… and his finger on the trigger… that’s the first biggie in the reckless part of the equation… AND… that once his weapon went off and found his its way into Akai Gurley’s chest and caused his ultimate demise he… or his partner… did not immediately call for an ambulance or administer CPR… and that’s the second biggie, and maybe the more serious, of the reckless part of the charges against Laing.Liang

Liang insisted in his testimony that his finger was not on the trigger, but, that he was startled by a “quick sound” coming from the stairwell and that the gun “… just went off after I tensed up.”

Prosecutors rebutted that testimony by saying, “He was trained not to put his finger on the trigger unless he was ready to shoot and kill… He had no reason to shoot Akai Gurley. He had an obligation to protect the people of the city of New York, the Pink Houses and Akai Gurley. He violated his sworn oath when he killed Akai Gurley. Hold Peter Liang responsible and accountable.”

That’s prosecutor speak for I want this fucking dude convicted.

Translated into people speak… the cop had no reason to have his finger on the trigger because everything he was taught in the academy tells him “Nope… don’t do it.” Finger goes on the side of the weapon until you are fully ready and intending to shoot and shoot with deadly force. So, either the cop was being negligent or he was intending to shoot with the intent to harm whatever was causing the noise he heard. And, he must be held accountable.

I tend to believe Liang was being negligent… extremely negligent… and it’s a tragic accident. But, an accident that happened due to him being stupid and he unfortunately will have to suffer consequences for his dumb ass action.

And, frankly, the key part of why the jury convicted Laing… they asked if they could hold and test the trigger on the gun that Liang would have had in that stairwell… the judge said yes but with an officer standing watch over the jury members as they handled and tested pulling the trigger. They, to a member of the panel, said that they couldn’t see how the gun could go off by “accident” unless some weight had been applied to the trigger. That 12 pounds of pressure needed to fire a police issued weapon.

But, the craziest part of this entire ordeal is this… the mother of Gurley’s 2-year-old daughter, Kimberly Ballinger, has filed a 50 million dollar law suit against NYC, the New York City Housing Authority and the two cops involved… Liang and his partner Shaun Landau… for Gurley’s wrongful death.

The lawyers for the rookie ex-cops… yes sir, buddy, they were both rookies, but, I won’t go there… about how dumbass it is for the NYPD to pair two rookies together on patrol… (hmmm… reckon I just went there after all, huh?)… the lawyers contend that “the alleged incident and damages, if any, were wholly or in part caused by the culpable conduct” of the deceased… aka Mr. Gurley.image

And, nope the city and the housing authority have filed anything in court even remotely close to what the ex-cops are claiming…

Ballinger’s representation says, “It is unconscionable that after all the evidence presented in the criminal trial (about how) Akai Gurley was an innocent man when shot and killed by a New York City police officer in the scope of his employment, that the city and the defendants have not conceded liability.”

Ummm… hey Mr. Attorney… the city ain’t claiming squat… in fact, the city Law Department refused to represent the ex-cops in the lawsuit. It’s just the union… the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association… legal beagles that be making the claim that Gurley somehow contributed to his own death by being in a public stairwell.

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association lawyer Mitchell Garber said, “Under state law, if it is determined that a party contributed in any way to the harm caused, the award is reduced by the percentage of contributory negligence found. Since we are required to file an answer to the complaint prior to any discovery being conducted, without access to any investigatory reports, we would be remiss in our duty not to include such a cross claim in our answer, so that’s what we did.”

In other words… let’s throw some shit on the court room wall and see what sticks… hey, we may get lucky and in some bizarro legal mumbo jumbo world they’ll kinda sorta see things our way and reduce the penalty when we ultimately lose this case.

What’s the line from Dickens? “The law is an ass… a idiot.”

Kinda, sorta applicable here… no?

One more thing…

Sometimes it may seem I get on the cops asses a lot… but… I’m not a cop hater…

Bad cop...
Bad cop…

I’ve had bad times with cops. I’ve been the victim of police brutality… I’ve been pepper gassed… tear gassed while at demonstrations.

I got carried by the wrists by the LAPD while cuffed and kicked in my gut as they transpoted me from the patrol car to a jail cell… I got my ass kicked while in an LA interrogation room, while handcuffed… had a pistol pointed at my head… all true…

I got reasons to not like a cop… bunches of good reasons as far as I’m concerned…

But, I’ve also had times where I believe I was treated extremely fairly by a cop… given a break… they looked the other way and gave me a verbal warning when they coulda busted balls and had me busted… told me to keep the can of beer down or that joint out of sight and then walked on… they coulda put my ass in jail.

Or, times when I coulda gotten a ticket… or had my car impounded… but they didn’t…

And, I had two cops pick me up on a NYC street in Alphabet City and rush me to Bellevue after being knifed… they never questioned why I was in Alphabet City in the first place they just helped me.

So, I got reasons to appreciate the fact that cops are around…

But, what cops really need to do… they need to stop all of this bullshit every time one of them gets criticized they all scream “Them peeps is just against us!”… or that attiude of… “Next time you’re in trouble call a hippie” or any variation of that theme…

They really need to tear down the blue wall of defense they erect every time one of theirs does bad… they really need to stop thinking gun first before anything else…

Yeah… it’s dangerous out there and in this  damn world there are lots of bad guys who want to do harm to the good guys… even they cops… sometimes… especially the cops… and… sometimes deadly force is needed.

But, every time they pull some one over or try to apprehend a bad guy it seems they always think gun first in America. That’s not the way it is in many other countries, so, why is it that way here?

My experience with cops in other countries is limited to Canada, but, I got to tell you I felt a lot more comfortable every time I had to interface with a Canadian cop then I ever have with any American cop. There’s always this air of tension every time I deal with a cop in the states regardless of how the meet turns out.

The bottom line… cops need to change their attitude. They are here to protect and to serve all of us… not just the 1% and that there is the major problem.

Historically, Cops have mostly been around to serve and protect the haves against the have-nots and that image, that way of thinking, needs to stop.

Cops need to stop always thinking they need to be the aggressor… most folks ain’t out to get them… most folks just want to make it home safe each and every day… just like they do after a tour of duty.

Black is Black… except when Ben speaks

Elephant Ben Carson said the Bamster don’t grok Black Americans because he was raised white.

Specifically Bennie the Knife said, in a Politico podcast, “I mean, like most Americans, I was proud that we broke the color barrier when he was elected, but … he didn’t grow up like I grew up. Many of his formative years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experience of black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”carson

Then when asked to clarify what he meant on MSNBC he said, “The fact of the matter is, you know, he did not grow up … in black America. He grew up in white America,. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that when a claim is made that he represents the black experience, it’s just not true.”

He also added, “Remember now, I’ve been around for 64 years, you know, I’ve had a chance to see what real racism is.”

Now can we just stop right here? I mean… just how Black ya’ll gotta be to be Black?  What’s the difference between Bennie growing up Black and the Bamster’s growing up a nice quite as Black?

We talking The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, difference here? Ya, know like Uncle Phil and Carlton and the whole group versus Will the Fresh Prince Black difference? Moving on up type of Black with George and Weezy? We talking Jackie Robinson Black versus Rashida Jones Black?

And hold these thoughts there because I’m gonna come back to it… it’s important…

But… what exactly different kinda Black is the Bennie the Knife talking about any way?

So being a so-called white dude who was taken aback by Bennie’s declaration… but still and all a white dude none-the-less… who might not entirely grok the situation or the significance of Bennie’s words, I thought might go an see if I could get a Black opinion on this shit.

I wheeled my chair over to where my coworker and friend Moses sat and said “Mo… ya hear what Ben Carson said?”

He says no… so… I fills him in and I don’t even finish and he starts in saying “Ya know this is one of the problems with Black people. We keep coming up with all this shit that is divisive. Black is Black. One person might grow up different might be darker or lighter; might have different experiences, but, Black people are black people and we have all experienced racism and all that other shit that goes with it.”

That’s not an exact quote but it’s damn close.

After some more discussion… Hmmm… thinks I… then I spot on the web… the NYDN web site, in fact… a little piece by this writer dude by name of Shaun King who is biracial and to say he is liberal is missing the point by a wide margin the due to the fact is beyond liberal… he is… Well… here’s his Wiki info…

Jeffrey Shaun King (born 1979) is an American writer, entrepreneur, preacher and civil rights activist. He is noted for his use of social media to promote religious, charitable and social causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement. He is the senior justice writer for the New York Daily News. Previously, he was a contributing writer for Daily Kos.king

He is decidedly left of liberal in my book… curious how the NYDN even hired his ass considering how damn conservative and anti-Bamster they can be in their editorials.

Now… before I go on… according to Breitbart.com, there is a question of whether King is lying about his “Blackness” and is really a white dude… all I can tell ya’ll is go to Snopes.com and get the skinny…

The dude is Black a far as I am concerned, but, again, here’s that not Black enough shit coming down the pike… any way… where was I? Oh yeahhhh… so… Shaun King hears about Bennie the Knife thinking about the Bamster’s Blackness and chimes in with…

“When a biracial black man is raised by a white mother or white grandparents, that’s not some invisible forcefield from racism. Nobody raised him as white. They never told him he was white. For God’s sake, his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he had brown skin and an afro. Be real!

President Obama is 54 years old. He spent about four years of his life living in Indonesia. In other words, he has lived on American soil for 50 years. To say he spent his “formative years” in Indonesia isn’t a little off, it’s a lie.

He went to middle school, high school, undergrad, and grad school all over this country. Those years, I’m guessing, were pretty doggone formative.

… it’s a “stretch” for a black man who has lived in the United States for 50 out of 54 years of his life to identify with the black experience? … President Obama has lived in the United States for every year of his life for the past 45 years. That isn’t long enough for him to connect with what it means to be black in America?

And your notion that because you are 10 years older than Obama that you saw “real racism” and he didn’t is absurd and insulting on a dozen different levels.

Are you claiming, Dr. Carson, that racism ended the year President Obama was born in 1961?

Are you claiming that it doesn’t exist today”

Better argument than I could ever give that’s for damn sure…


Let’s leave this for a mo and go back… way back to when I was discussing Fresh Prince et. al.

After Bennie the Knife spoke his foolishness on the Bamster’s validity as a Black man who has had experienced being Black in America, he raised another issue… simply…

“A lot of things that people classify as racism is classism, and, believe me, there’s a lot of classism in our society, and if people of a certain race happen to fall into a lower class, then they get the brunt of it.”

Even a blind squirrel can find a nut…rich man middle man poor man

Here’s the truth… when a lot of us can get over always being centered on discussing and worrying about racism… Black and white… who’s Blacker or not… when we begin to realize and understand that all of us… Black, Yellow, Brown, White… Asian, Middle Eastern, European, African… Muslim, Christian, Jew Hindi…   no matter what ethnic group; what color; what religion; what philosophy that any one of us is, the real fact is that it’s always been… from time immemorial… all a creation of the 1% and they want us to be divisive among ourselves… they want us to be racist or think about racism, worry about it.

They… the 1%… love the fact Trump has such a huge following… mostly white, if not all, white folks… who support him largely based on fear that they be losing some control that they never really had from jump street… it continues keeping us arguing and pointing fingers…

They love that cops fear Blacks and other minorities, treat poor folks differently than rich folk and that poor folks and folks of color are so fearful of the cops…

It’s all done so that we keep fighting amongst ourselves and never realize we are all in the same boat. That they have us worrying about we got and don’t got and how far up the ladder we can climb if them other kinds don’t keep us from our place in life… when really its always been stacked against us from day one and it’s been that way for each and every one of us who ain’t a 1% peep…

It’s a class struggle we should be worrying about… its time the Black man and the white man and all them other mans begin to look at each other and understand that they both been down so long it looks up. Its time they all got together and raised the pitchforks and say to them that has got… especially the 1%… shit gotta change and the time for change is now.

It’s class struggle we are in… or we should realize we should be in.

MLK2-jpgAs Martin Luther King Jr. said… “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”


“… we must honestly face the fact that the movement must address itself to the question of restructuring the whole of American society. There are forty million poor people here, and one day we must ask the question, ‘Why are there forty million poor people in America?’ And when you begin to ask that question, you are raising a question about the economic system, about a broader distribution of wealth. When you ask that question, you begin to question the capitalistic economy. And I’m simply saying that more and more, we’ve got to begin to ask questions about the whole society.”


“But one day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. It means that questions must be raised. And you see, my friends, when you deal with this you begin to ask the question, ‘Who owns the oil?’ You begin to ask the question, ‘Who owns the iron ore?’ You begin to ask the question, ‘Why is it that people have to pay water bills in a world that’s two-thirds water?’ These are words that must be said.”


“We are not coming to engage in any histrionic gesture. We are not coming to tear up Washington. We are coming to demand that the government address itself to the problem of poverty. We read one day, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.’ But if a man doesn’t have a job or an income, he has neither life nor liberty nor the possibility for the pursuit of happiness. He merely exists.”

Any questions?

That’s it…

… some random serious thoughts that been jangling around in my random sort of brain…

Have fun for the rest of your week and think about it randomly every now and then…

Another thousand words…



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