Movei Review: Divergent

Chicago! Its a shell of a town.
The Founding Fathers of what is left of humanity have divided the place into 5 Factions.

Abnegation (the selfless), who run the place.Divergent Factions
Amity (the peaceful),
Candor (the honest),
Dauntless (the brave), the Cops.
Erudite (the intellectual)

I guess you can’t be smart and honest. Or Peaceful and Selfless? Anyway, At the age of 16, you have to pick your faction, and you go live in that commune. Seriously. Who is selfless at 16? Anyway, if you can’t hang with your faction you picked at 16 for the rest of your life, you become Factionless, kind of like the homeless of Chicago. They do give you drugs that make you have visions so you can better pick who you belong to. Give a 16 year old LSD so they can take the SAT? Awesome.

So our Hero, Katniss, I mean Beatrice, is the daughter of one of the rulers of this world, and is pressured to join them in Abnegation, kinda selfish is you ask me, but when she takes her test, it shows she has multiple strains of Midiclorians in her blood, as she has Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless in her system. This means she might be Divergent, who can  . . .think independently and are hard to control with drugs? Oh this future sucks. Did I mention there is this huge wall around Chicago? Apparently Trump won.

At the Choosing Ceremony the sorting hat puts her brother on Erudite, and Beatrice decides to go into Dauntless- and we meet up with the backup players and go Parkour! Yup. This movie has become a Mountain Dew ad.

Team Parkour
Team Parkour

So Beatrice shortens her name to Tris, and gets hated on by the instructors, including out love interest, who seems like he’s early 20s that makes the fact she’s 16 a little creepy. The other instructor is really a prick, and comes across as a little rapey. If you fail any of the tests, you will become factionless. We get a whole lot of scoring, and every now and again, people get cut. This has to suck. For some reason the mind control serum only works on one faction, and the Divergents cannot be controlled. So now Tris has to figure out the evil plot, save her sister from the game, figure out the Scorch trails, and land the Hot guy. All while hiding her Jedi Powers.

So how is Divergent?

Ho Boy. I can get behind the Hunger Games, I can get behind the Maze Runner. But I can’t catch this one. There is no one over 30 in Dauntless- I guess they all die early. I understand this is a book, and you can only do so much World Building, but holy crap, there is a hard way to push whats going on. I just have a hard time figuring out what the point of the factions are, and they pick NOW to do anything? You would think you’d wait a bit to get all the new recruits acclimated to your culture, and weed out the Divergents before trying too much.

I do tend to care about Kris, they do a good job of putting everything on her shoulders, and she carries it well. This reminds me of Enders Game, as lesser performer and the movie falls apart. Of course, we do get to stop caring about her being 16, and that’s a positive thing. They could have gone to see the sorting hat at 20, and its the same movie. I do wonder why everyone has these high-tech screens and drugs and all that, yet half the city is abandoned. The movie does keep you entertained, just don’t ask questions. Please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t ask questions. I’ll go a 4 here, simply because its worth a watch or two.
Spoilers Shead

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