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Let’s start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


I do have some bad news this week as it does appear that the namesake of this segment on #ask7pound; Wade Barrett has as far as we can tell made his intentions clear to leave at the end of his contract which appears this upcoming summer. This is disappointing news as Barrett has been a great talent for WWE though he has had an injury plagued career which may prevented his ascension to WWE heavyweight gold. If the rumors we do wish Bad News Barrett the best in whatever he wants to do in the future.


He’s back and causing some mass destruction and chaos around the house. Trevor is here to “answer” your questions as well, and throws a little twist on to things. If you have a question for Trevor you can use the #asktrevor, or send him a Tweet as well through my Twitter or email.


Did you know?

Did you know that Jerry The King Lawler has two relatives that competed in the WWE? His son Brian Christopher, and his cousin the Honky Tonk Man.


Here are the questions this week.


Javier from San Antonio TX chimes in about some records at Wrestlemania. 

I have a couple records I would like to know about from Wrestlemania. What was the shortest match? Longest match? Who has the most wins and losses at Wrestlemania?

bret vs shawn

The shortest match that is in the record books is Kane vs Chavo Guerrero Jr, when Kane won the ECW championship at Wrestlemania 24. The match lasted a whopping 11 seconds. Second was Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania 28 at 18 seconds. Interesting fact, that the match between King Kong Bundy and SD Jones at Wrestlemania 1 was announced at 9 seconds, but the match actually lasted 24 seconds and is #6 on the list.

The longest match was pretty easy. That was Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart in the 60 minute Iron Man match at Wrestlemania 12. The match lasted 61 minutes and 53 seconds. Coming in a distant second is the Fatal Four way match at Wrestlemania 16 between Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, and Big Show, lasting 36 minutes and 28 seconds.

The man with the most wins is obvious. That would be the Undertaker with 22 wins and only 1 lone defeat at Wrestlemania XXX to Brock Lesnar

The guy with the most losses may surprise you with a record of 6-11 at Wrestlemania. It is suprising because he has been dubbed Mr. Wrestlemania. That’s right, the man with the most losses is none other than Shawn Michaels. Triple H and Big Show both have 10, so both of them could potentially tie HBK this year at Wrestlemania with a loss.


Allen from Parts Unknown

You like to do research, so can you tell me how many title changes have happened in total at Wrestlemania, and has there ever been a Mania without a title change?


Here is the list

WM 1 – World Tag Team Title: Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff beat Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
WM 1 – Wendi Richter beat Lelani Kai
WM 2 – World Tag Team Title: The British Bulldogs beat Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake
WM 3 – I-C Title: Ricky Steamboat beat Randy Savage
WM 4 – World Tag Team Title: Demolition beat Strike Force
WM 4 – WWF Title: Randy Savage won a tournament to win the vacant title
WM 5 – I-C Title: Rick Rude beat The Ultimate Warrior
WM 5 – WWF Title: Hulk Hogan beat Randy Savage
WM 6 – World Tag Team Title: Demolition beat Andre the Giant & Haku
WM 6 – WWF Title: The Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan
WM 7 – World Tag Team Title: The Nasty Boys beat The Hart Foundation
WM 7 – WWF Title: Hulk Hogan beat Sgt. Slaughter
WM 8 – I-C Title: Bret Hart beat Roddy Piper
WM 8 – WWF Title: Randy Savage beat Ric Flair
WM 9 – WWF Title: Yokozuna beat Bret Hart
WM 9 – WWF Title: Hulk Hogan beat Yokozuna
WM 10 – WWF Title: Bret Hart beat Yokozuna
WM 11 – World Tag Team Title: Owen Hart & Yokozuna beat The Smokin’ Guns
WM 12 – WWF Title: Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart in an Iron Man Match
WM 13 – WWF Title: The Undertaker beat Sid
WM 14 – World Tag Team Title: Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie beat The New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match
WM 14 – WWF Title: Steve Austin beat Shawn Michaels
WM 15 – Hardcore Title: Bob Holly beat Champ Billy Gunn & Al Snow
WM 15 – WWF Title: Steve Austin beat The Rock
WM 16 – Hardcore Title: Hardcore Holly won the hardcore battle royal
WM 16 – World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian beat Champs The Dudley Boyz & The Hardy Boys in a ladder match
WM 16 – I-C Title: Chris Benoit beat Champ Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho
WM 16 – European Title: Chris Jericho beat Champ Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
WM 17 – Hardcore Title: Kane beat Champ Raven & The Big Show
WM 17 – European Title: Eddie Guerrero beat Test
WM 17 – Women’s Title: Chyna beat Ivory
WM 17 – World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian beat Champs The Dudley Boyz & The Hardy Boys in a TLC match
WM 17 – WWF Title: Steve Austin beat The Rock
WM 18 – I-C Title: Rob Van Dam beat William Regal
WM 18 – Hardcore Title: Champion Maven fought Goldust.

Due to the 24/7 rule the title went from Maven to Spike Dudley to The Hurricane, Molly, Christian and back to Maven by the end of the night

WM 18 – WWF Title: Triple H beat Chris Jericho
WM 19 – Women’s Title: Trish Stratus beat Victoria
WM 19 – WWE Title: Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle
WM 20 – US Title: John Cena beat The Big Show
WM 20 – World Heavyweight Title: Chris Benoit beat Champ Triple H & Shawn Michaels
WM 21 – WWE Title: John Cena beat JBL
WM 21 – World Heavyweight Title: Batista beat Triple H
WM 22 – Women’s Title: Trish Startus beat Mickie James
WM 22 – U.S. Title: JBL beat Chris Benoit
WM 23 – World Heavyweight Title: The Undertaker beat Batista
WM 24 – ECW Title: Kane beat Chavo Guerrero
WM 24 – World Heavyweight Title: The Undertaker beat Edge
WM 25 – I-C Title: Rey Mysterio beat JBL
WM 25 – World Heavyweight Title: John Cena beat Champion Edge & Big Show
WM 26 – WWE Title: John Cena beat Batista
WM 27 – This is the first time a title didn’t change hands at this event
WM 28 – World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan
WM 28 – I-C Title: Big Show beat Cody Rhodes
WM 29 – WWE Championship: John Cena beat The Rock
WM 30 – WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan beat Champion Randy Orton and Batista
WM 31 – I-C Title: Daniel Bryan beat Champion Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust in a Ladder Match
WM 31 – US Title: John Cena beat Rusev
WM 31 – WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins beat Champion Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns

So it total there have been 62 title changes at Wrestlemania. And Wrestlemania 27 was the only show that did not include a title change.


Stan Hansen, a wrestling legend chimes in this week about Wrestlemania.

Always wondered this, what was the smallest Wrestlemania crowd? I have watched every single one of them, and will guess that it was one at Madison Square Garden where I have competed which holds about 18 thousand people. Was that the smallest crowd for a Wrestlemania?

mania 7

Thanks for your question. I remember watching you as a kid kicking the crap out of Vader in Japan. You are a true legend. Now as far as your question goes. I was shocked, because I thought it was going to be one of them in Chicago. But the smallest attendance was actually Wrestlemania VII, that featured the main event being Hulk Hogan vs Sgt.Slaughter for the WWF title. This is interesting because, this event was supposed to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Colleseum. It was moved indoors to the Los Angeles Memorial Arena for two reasons. First, because they had planned on selling over 100 thousand tickets, and they were not selling very fast. Second, they had some death threats against Slaughter who was the Iraqi heel at the time of the Gulf War, and for safety purposes they moved it inside. The attendance for this event was 16,158, easily the smallest crowd by a little more than 2000 people.


Dan from Washington State University

I am a big Greg the Hammer Valentine fan. I always knew him to be a work horse. Was there any chance that he was going to be the World Champion? I thought he would have made a great champion. Why was he held back?


He was not so much as held back as his timing was not good for being a main event star. The Hammer was in the WWE during the mid to late 80’s and during that time, no one was going to take the title off of Hulk Hogan, certainly not Greg Valentine. No disrespect to him, he was a solid wrestler, and had a good run as the Intercontinental champion. Vince liked guys to be bulky, and ripped to be his champion. Valentine just didnt have the look to be the WWE Champion back in the 80’s, and he lacked charisma that it took to be the World Champion. He was a great mid-card wrestler, and excelled in that role. He did a great job putting over other guys as well because he could work with just about anyone and put on a good match. Take Ronnie Garvin, who if I can quote Frosh, had as much charisma as a South American Sloth. Garvin was at the tail end of his career, but still he had great matches with Valentine and kept things entertaining. Valentine was a great worker, but was never World Champion material.


Jason from Normal IL takes us home

With Daniel Bryan recently retiring. Will Brie Bella be retiring soon?


I think it is only a matter of time before Brie follows in her husbands footsteps and steps away from the ring. It is no secret that Brie has been wanting to start a family and have children. Now that Daniel Bryan is officially away from the ring, I think Brie will hang it up sometime shortly after Wrestlemania. I could see the WWE giving her one more run as the Divas champion, even if it is just for a short time. However, yes she is going to retire very shortly, I will call it now.


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