Political Roundtable II: Trump, Nevada and more

Welcome to our Second Political Roundtable. Note: Questions went out Friday, Pre-Nevada.

1. Should women have to register for Selective Service?soldiers

John: I am not in favor of anyone needing to register for Selective Service. But if registration exists despite my protest, then everyone (including women) should register — and serve if needed.

Jim: You can’t cry about equal pay, equal treatment, equal opportunity and then not accept that equality is an all or nothing proposition. We’re either equal or we’re not. So absolutely, women should register.

Joe: As long as there is a requirement for registration for Selective Service then the answer is yes. The words “… all male U.S. citizens and male immigrants residing in the United States who are ages 18 through 25…” needs to be changed to “… all citizens and immigrants residing in the United States who are ages 18 through 25…”

David: I still have a bit of a problem with women in combat arms. In the Navy or Airforce? No issues, but again, thats just me. I don’t think if bad comes to worse, we are going to be drafting pilots, we are going to need infantry. So no, I don’t think they should register.

Dan: If females can serve in the military and they require people to sign up for Selective Service, then yes. I believe that if women fight so hard to be treated equally, why do they still not get treated fairly? Honestly, I think they should remove selective service sign-up requirements, but that’s my personal opinion and for another discussion. But if women can serve, are supposed to be equal to men, then yes, they should have to register as well as men.

Archie: Should women have to register for Selective Service? One of two things should occur here and I really don’t care which. Either do away with the registration OR EVERYONE has to register. Under the current regulations Males turning 18 have to register to maintain eligibility for certain Federal Student loans and other benefits and Women do not. Since the push for equality and we can now have Women in combat roles within the Military then why should there still be separate rules concerning the registration for Selective Service? And not only women but IF we retain the registration process ANYONE that resides here in the States and accepts assistance, they should have to register as well.

2. Is Trump just lashing out or does he actually have a plan?Trump-2

John: Darnold Trump has a plan. It is to mess up the political process as much as possible and to get himself elected if he can. The specific methods to accomplish this change as the political environment changes. His support is based almost entirely on anger and fear. There are those who have compared him to Hitler, but I think a better comparison is to Sen. Joseph McCarthy of the 1950s witch hunts who also used the weapons of anger and fear against those he characterized as pariahs (in his case: Communists).

Jim: Trump has no plan. But Trump doesn’t need a plan. He simply needs to hire people with a plan. Reagan had no plan either, but he surrounded himself with experts, and is thought of as one of our greatest presidents. Think of it this way….Donald Trump has never actually built a building. He has, though, hired great designers and builders. By being smart enough to understand that simple concept, he became a billionaire.

Joe: Simple and only answer is, “Nope. He has no plan.”

David: I’m torn on Trump. On one side you would think he’s trying to win, on the other hand, he steps in it so often you would think he’s screwing up on purpose. Let’s be honest here. The man is not stupid. He took about 4 Million and made a Billion. That’s not easy to do, ask Kanye. I honestly wonder if he’s bored and that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing. Lets also be frank. The media loves this guy. He’s a Republican punching bag that hits back.

Dan: I think that Trump is gaining popularity due to his knee-jerk reactions and his agreeable statements with Republicans. They had radical opinions already with certain topics such as the middle east, war, etc and Trump is just jumping on all of those points and taking advantages of the fears of Republicans. While I think he does have an actual plan, I think he’s also lashing out. Lashing out with a plan is my final answer.

Archie: Is Trump just lashing out or does he actually have a plan? I personally think Trump ALWAYS has a plan. We may not know exactly what that plan is because he only gives us little bits at a time. I do feel like if/when he wins the Republican Nomination then he will reveal more of his plans during the debates and campaign trail for the general election.

3. Should Super Delegates have a place this early in the race?superdelegates

John: My initial reaction is to say “no,” but I am also sensitive to historic party participants having input to their nominee. Perhaps rather than designating people as Super Delegates, it would work better if the number of “delegate votes” were limited to a small percentage of the state’s total delegates. That way, ten or twenty pols might be able to cast five “super delegate” votes.

Jim: Super Delegates have no place in politics, period. They were invented to override the vote of the people.

Joe: The words “Super Delegates” needs to be stricken from the American vocabulary. They need to be discarded and obliterated out of any political party’s method for choosing their candidates. They are just dumb and undemocratic in my opinion.

David: Super Delegates should only come into play after the first ballot at the Convention, but again, its a way for the Machine to make sure who they want to win will. Kinda like a two-headed coin in Iowa.

Dan: Yes, Super Delegates always should have a place in every state with a caucus.

Archie: Should Super Delagates have a place this early in the race? I am not convinced they have a place in the primaries at all. This is just another way the members of the Democratic party try to manipulate the election process voted on by the people to get the person the party wants into the final election.  Given the fact that only about 15% of registered voters turn out for the State primaries it’s pretty evident that the majority of the party is willing to just sit back and let their “leadership” decide for them who is going to run in the general Presidential Election.

4. Nevada Predictions

Bernie @ Liberty UniversityJohn: The polls are (usually) pretty close and I get the feeling that they are in this case. It looks like a tie or “win by a nose” outcome (if the Super Delegates are ignored). If there is a decisive victor from the voting, however, it will be the Bern.

Jim: Sanders and Trump.

Joe: Too Late but I would have picked Bernie

David: Nevada is a Union State. So Hillary should do well, since that’s where her money is coming from in that state.

Dan: From what I’ve seen on sites, Hillary Clinton is the leading favorite for the Democrats & Donald Trump is the leading favorite for Republicans. I think Trump wins Republicans and I want to say that Bernie Sanders takes another W in Nevada.

Archie: Nevada Predictions. Well, by the time I got this Clinton has already won in Nevada. I predict Trump will win Nevada as well on the GOP side.

5. How should the SCOTUS controversy shake out?

Supreme Scalia
Supreme Scalia

John: How it “should” shake out and how it will shake out are two quite different issues. I don’t feel that the country will do well waiting a year (perhaps two given the lengthy “advise and consent” phase) for a fully functional court. Thus the current President should nominate a “moderate” who should then be given a timely vote by the Senate.

This is probably not how it will work, however. Neither major party views historical precedent the way the other one does. The result will thus be a dysfunctional Court for the foreseeable future.

Jim: Obama should nominate and that nominee should be seated in October. Sorry conservatives, you lost the election. Suck it up and elect a Republican in November, and you can replace Ginsberg with a conservative.

Joe: Obama nominates a candidate and the Senate discusses him/her and brings it to vote as early as possible. If, the elephants want to not allow Obama’s choice to fill the vacancy, then they can explain their stance to the American public. Case closed.

David: Same as any other. I could care less if Obama has 4 years left or 4 hours left. He makes the nomination, and the Senate meets to discuss it. He has to find someone the Republicans can deal with, just like a Republican President had to find someone the Democrats can put up with. If it takes 10 candidates, then it takes 10 votes. Its called THEIR JOB.

Dan: My personal opinion is that Barack Obama should nominate and select somebody to fill in Scalia’s seat in the Supreme Court

Archie: Like always. Scalia’s replacement will come at the expense of much ado about nothing. This debate will be overwhelmingly lathered with political posturing on both sides and in the end a moderate liberal (at least in this case) will be appointed to succeed.

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  1. Good conversation. John is absolutely wrong on why I support Trump though. I’m neither afraid nor angry. And to compare him to McCarthy shows a basic lack of understanding about McCarthy. Other than that though, good talk.

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