The Blog About Nothing 2/19 Edition

Welcome to yet another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The NBA All-Star break has come and gone, as has the NBA trade deadline. Since I could not go to Toronto, I’m sitting here listening to a Toronto artist named K. Forest. His mixtape Forest Fire, isn’t bad. The mixtape has a vibe similar to two other natives of the Greater Toronto Area, PartyNextDoor, and The Weeknd. Anyway, as I sit here in New York City, looking out on a sunny February day thinking of what I want to put in the blogosphere. We’ll figure it out, together. Let’s do this.

I’m not a mixed martial arts guy. I’m aware of MMA, but I prefer the sweet science of boxing. I grew up watching fights, and I still look forward to big main events. With that said, I do know who Ronda Rousey is and admittedly I took a little joy in her losing to Holly Holm last year. I acknowledge that Rousey is a tour de force, but honestly, I hate her attitude. To build up a persona solely on being a winner, and not being a “do nothing bitch”, to me comes off as grating and a bit disingenuous. Personally, I’m not a fan of cocky, show boating types. So, that would definitely shade my perception of Rousey. Granted.ronda-rousey

So, yes I smirked when she lost to Holm. Rousey not tapping the gloves of Holm, might have been a heat of the moment thing, but I hate poor showmanship so I liked the fact that she got taken through the wringer by social media for getting beat. I enjoyed it. With that said, every comment she has made since that loss makes me wonder, about her, and people like her who get their world shaken over what I view as something that isn’t a big deal.

As I’ve said before, you are going to lose in life. It happens. It’s how you rebound from it that is important. We have all had moments where we get thrown into an identity crisis. Speaking for myself, my mother’s health issues this past year has definitely thrown me for a loop, and had me questioning who I am and what I’m about several times. I’ve admitted being a dark place for a while over it. I admit, that I can and will lapse into that place on occasion. However, I think that’s understandable. An event like that is something traumatic enough to question yourself.

Losing a sporting event, though? To get that bent out of shape for losing a match, or a game, would leave you questioning whether you should commit suicide is a bridge way too far in my opinion. The fact that Rousey would go on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and say that she contemplated suicide after her loss, is a troubling thing to me. Suicide is not a matter to be taken likely, and yes I have known people who took their lives, but to contemplate that step because you lost at a sporting event, and are no longer the person you made yourself to be is just asinine to me.

You lost! It sucks but the shit happens. Take your lumps, get back in there, and avenge the loss. Why cry over it? Maybe I’m too insensitive about this to really understand Rousey’s plight, and sports people like her, but a game shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Not when there are people in real life who are really suffering. In comparison, losing a game or losing a fight ain’t shit. That’s weakness to me, that you can allow something so trivial to shake you so much. If that hurt you, then I would hate for them to know what loss or pain is really like.

I can’t help but look at sore losers and think that they really need medical help. Losing sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world. It shouldn’t be treated as the end of the world either. It should be treated as something that you should bounce back from. However, it looks like my point of view on things is the minority and not the majority. Sad.

Moving on, there are so many things in the news that makes me sad on a daily basis. Not sad, as breaking into tears, but sad that it makes me question the intelligence of my fellow mind. This week I read about a baby dolphin that died, after beach goers passed it around in order to take selfies. The fact that these geniuses can pass a sea creature, an animal that was dying every second out of the water, for a damn photo they can plaster on their social media is the saddest shit ever.wptv-dolphin-dies-selfie_1455822044490_32152571_ver1.0_640_480

The incident, which happened in Argentina, started when the beach goers plucked the dolphin out of the water, and passed it around for photos in the hot sun. These selfish people plucked the animal from its natural habit and placed it on parade. By doing so it died. Unfortunately, according to local reports this is not the first time this has happened at that particular beach in Argentina. So for a picture some idiot is going to post on Instagram, an animal died. Seriously? I wonder why I hate people sometimes…

I’m done. There’s plenty more I can go on about, but I think it’s best to just leave it here. Thank you for reading and supporting 7Poundbag.


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