NBA Trade Deadline Grades and Questions

Lets look at the top 7 deals from the trade Deadline week, and then we have 3 Questions at the end. Who won? Who Lost? Who Cares? We do!

NBA Trade I

Charlotte Hornets get:
Courtney Lee, SG (from Grizzlies)

Memphis Grizzlies get:
P.J. Hairston, SF (from Hornets); Chris Andersen, C; and two second-round picks (from Heat)

Miami Heat get:Charlotte Hornets
Brian Roberts, PG (from Hornets)

David: Remember when the Birdman was a thggish monster? Yeah, that was a fun 2 years. Now? Not so much. Hairston is inconsistent as all hell, but in a deep team he could be benched when he’s not on, but get minutes when he is. Courtney Lee is going to make sure the Hornets make the playoffs, so they win this one.

Dan: I think the Grizzlies won this trade. They not only received Chris Andersen and PJ Hairston, but they also received two 2nd-round picks and only had to give up Brian Roberts to receive all that talent.

Earl: The clear winner of this trade is the Charlotte Hornets. In Courtney Lee they get an actual contributor. The Heat had so little use for Brian Roberts, that they didn’t even keep him and the Grizzlies thought so little of Hairston that they went ahead and picked up Lance Stephenson in a later trade. At least Lee will get some minutes in the Hornets rotation which is something the other players in this deal are not guaranteed.

NBA Trade II

Detroit Pistons get:
Tobias Harris, SF

Orlando Magic get:
Brandon Jennings, PG; Ersan Ilyasova, PFBrandon Jennings

David: Remember when Jennings was a borderline all-star? I bet he misses Wisconsin. He’s with a young team going nowhere, so I have to think he’s going to hate it in Orlando, but no state taxes and back with Scott Skiles might work his value up. Ilyasova is a good player when he’s healthy. Harris is a solid young player who could actually mean something, and now Detroit has picked its point guard. I actually thing this is an even trade, but it all falls on what Orlando does with Jennings.

Dan: Orlando won this trade. A fun fact for this: All 3 players were members of the Bucks under Scott Skiles, who is currently coaching in Orlando. But, Jennings & Ilyasova > Harris. Jennings can lead the point with ease and can also shoot while Ilyasova is a great shooter for a PF with a 3-point shot as well. Nice acquisition by Orlando.

Earl: I understand that there is some pressure in the Magic organization to make a playoff run but they got so little back for Tobias Harris that it is absolutely shocking. Horrible trade for the Magic. Simply horrible. The clear winner is the Pistons who picked up yet another young player that can guard multiple positions. Harris will go far as a Piston. Just watch.


Detroit Pistons get:
Donatas Motiejunas, PF; Marcus Thornton, SF

Houston Rockets get:
Joel Anthony, PF; 2016 first-round pick (top-8 protected)Detroit Pistons

David: Whiteside might want to have a talk with Joel Anthony. Bad things happen when you leave the Heat. Thornton is a decent player who seems to get worse the more minutes he plays- but I like Motiejunas, The pick won’t mean much, but the Rockets did get another asset to waste.

Dan: Pistons won. A lot of people might not agree with me, but they gave up a 1st-round pick for Motiejunas and Marcus Thorton. They really improved down low with Motiejunas as they got a great in the paint player.

Earl: I didn’t even know Joel Anthony was still in the NBA, and I guess I still won’t know since he has been forwarded to the burial ground that is the Philadelphia 76’ers. The clear winner once again is Detroit who got two good players that can solidify their bench. Look out for the Pistons. Stan Van Gundy has got a good bunch of young players on his team.

NBA Trade IV

Oklahoma City Thunder get:
Randy Foye, SG

Denver Nuggets get:
Steve Novak, SF; D.J. Augustin, PG; two second-round draft picksDenver Nuggets

David: Foye hits 37% from long range. That’s a big upgrade over Dion Waters, and if he can play ANY defense, that’s better than Anthony Morrow, who just got scored on while I was writing this. The Picks are nothing, since Denver drafts via dart board, and while I love DJ Augustin coming out of school, he’s made me look like an idiot.

Dan: Denver won. They gave up Randy Foye, who isn’t bad. But they were able to grab Novak  – who has a 3. DJ Augustin – who has a jumper and can run point as a back-up role. They also received two 2nd-round picks. Draft picks are always valuable.

Earl: These trades have all been lopsided so far, and here is another one. Clear winner is OKC in getting Foye. Foye can play, but never really got the recognition for his talents in the League but he’s another guard that can mesh out a good rotation for the Thunder.

NBA Trade V

Cleveland Cavaliers get:
Channing Frye, F (from Magic)

Portland Trail Blazers get:
Anderson Varejao, C (from Cavs); conditional first-round pick (from Cavs)

Orlando Magic get:Channing Frye
Jared Cunningham, SG (from Cavs); second-round pick (from Blazers)

David: Oh the Cavs by a mile. Portland has a pick that will be at the bottom of the first round, but hit the cap floor, since they are going to buy out Varejao. Orlando gets to dump a decent player and continue to suck- how they didn’t get a better pick is a failure for the Front Office. The Cavs got a decent player, dumped a salary, created a new trade exception of $9.6 million.

Dan: Trail Blazers won. They got a great center in Varejao and not only did they receive his outstanding down-low prescence in this trade, they were able to grab a 1st-round selection from Cleveland. The best part about all of that was they only had to give up a second-round pick.

Earl: Another horrible trade for the Magic. I understand trading Frye but I don’t get why they got back so little value. They didn’t even get back a 1st in  this deal. Horrible. The TrailBlazers got a low 1st round pick for the right to acquire and then waive Varejao, so good for them, but the winner is the Cavs. In Channing Frye they got a player who knows his role. It’s to play a little defense and stretch the floor on offense. They needed a player that was willing to be a stretch four (yes that was a jab at Kevin Love) and now they got one.

NBA Trade VI

Phoenix Suns get:
Kris Humphries, PF; DeJuan Blair, PF; protected first-round pick

Washington Wizards get:
Markieff Morris, PFWizards

David: Morris is the better player of the 3, but he’s a headcase, I’d say just getting rid of him is a win for the Suns. The Suns now have 3 picks in this years draft, so could jump up to get a decent target, unless that player is going to be passed over by the Hornets, then they can just sit there. Blair, when healthy is decent, and Kris Humphries, well, used to be good.

Dan: Phoenix wins. They not only got 2 down-low players but they also got a 1st-round pick. And I love draft picks.

Earl: I’m on the fence with this one. Humphries and Blair will do nothing in Phoenix. I doubt either one even reports to the Suns, but that first round pick will help in the long run. Markieff Morris is a good player but I worry about his mind state. I’ll give the advantage to the Wizards only because Morris can play some, and maybe being close enough to his hometown of Philadelphia, and having that family support, can balance him out.


Los Angeles Clippers get:
Jeff Green, SF

Memphis Grizzlies get:
Lance Stephenson, SG; first-round pickLance Stephenson

David: This last deal might be the best of the bunch as both teams got better. I do like the Lance trade to Memphis, even though he might be repairable at this time, but going to play with Z-Bo can’t hurt on a rental. Too bad this is the NBA, I almost wonder if Lance might be better off playing overseas for a year and getting his head on right, I wonder if he enjoys the game. Remember when Jeff Green was the third part of a pretty awesome threesome? Yeah, that was 3 teams ago. Green is a decent starter, but should be great off the bench. The big get? That first round pick. I don’t see the Grizzlies keeping it, as a top 10 protected pick isn’t going to get you Ben Simmons, but its a good trade chip, unless you are the Boston Celtics. Best bet is to either wait until the Clippers fall apart, or flip it. Winner: Grizzlies.

Dan: Grizzlies won. They had to give up Jeff Green which is a tough loss, but they were able to get a solid player in Stephenson as well as a 1st-round pick. Again, I love draft picks.

Earl: I’m a Brooklyn boy and a Lance Stephenson apologist, but advantage Clippers in this one. Jeff Green may not be the star he can be, but he can at least stretch the floor out and be a piece that works on offense. Stephenson, unfortunately, was not that in Los Angeles. However, I will say Lance lands in a decent situation in Memphis. The Grizzlies got a hardened bunch and maybe being surrounded by some likeminded tough guys, will work for him.

1. More surprising; Blake or Dwight not moving?dwight

David: Blake. I knew Dwight wasn’t going anywhere, as I said on Twitter (@7poundbagdotcom) Howard is 22M, and there are not the balloon payment crap contracts out there anymore, so a team would have to give up 3 of the top 4 paid players to match salaries or have a ton of room. Only teams like Portland could do that without busting up the team. Blake could have gone much easier, and is the far more valuable player. If his hand doesn’t come back 100%, the Clippers are going to regret this deadline.

Dan: I think it’s more surprising that Dwight Howard didn’t move. The Rockets were actively moving him and there was a trade in place to send him to Milwaukee but he wouldn’t opt into his final year of his contract so the trade was nulled. I wasn’t expecting Blake Griffin to get traded. Just because he had that little ordeal with a clubhouse personnel doesn’t give an excuse to trade such a great player like him.

Earl: I know Dwight Howard is in a decline, and the way the League is progressing, isn’t a league suited for a man of his skills but I still thought someone would take the chance. The thing is, since he can opt out of his deal, the Rockets should have taken whatever they could have gotten back. If Boston was willing to deal either their first round pick, or the one they have from Minnesota (because Danny Ainge is not dumb enough to give up the Nets pick … no one is that dumb) then I think Boston could have had a deal, and should have convinced the Rockets to do it. So I’m surprised Dwight is still in Houston for that reason.

2. No real big deals again, is the trade deadline becoming like the NFLs?blake

David: Well, it will never be utterly useless like the NFLs but its getting that way, not being a baseball guy, I don’t know how that deadline goes. I think the era of monster trades is over with the contract lenths being shorter and the cap shooting up next year.

Dan: No, I don’t think so. There are still a lot of trades that happened and a lot of movement. Only problem I have is that this is the only time you’ll see trades. The rest of the year is pretty quiet before this and even more quiet after the trade deadline passes. The NFL barely has any trades that occur let alone multiple. They did have a couple moves happen last year, just not a lot.

Earl: Well no. The NFL trade deadline is non existant. At least in the NBA, there is some player movement. You might not get the blockbusters every year, but over the history of the deadline, you do get some big deals so it’s pretty stupid to assume the NBA deadline will ever get to the place the NFL deadline is at.

3. Final thoughts on the 2016 Trade Deadline.Mozgov

David: Get used to a lot of chair shuffling for the next few years. Teams don’t want to lose picks, and the contracts are not the stranglehold they once were, other than Howard’s of course. The big problem? Player agents. Agents like to keep their clients on the same page, or else Cleveland could have done some serious shopping. Tristan and Mosgov for Blake? Might have gotten that without the Agents.

Dan: It was an alright deadline. Was looking for a couple of big trades to occur but nothing transpired out of the rumors. Also wanted to see the Bucks try and move a player or two but they failed to pull the trigger on anything despite many, many, many rumors on various players being moved such as Carter-Williams, Mayo, Dwight Howard coming to Milwaukee, Greg Monroe going to New Orleans, etc. It was a solid trade deadline though, some good moves.

Earl: It was a let down, and only two players (Morris and Stephenson) actually average more than 20 plus minutes a game, but it was still a productive day. Detroit comes out better, as does Cleveland and Washington. Orlando comes out worse, and Houston likely blew a good opportunity to make some changes to a struggling unit. However, this is Golden State’s league. Short of some real blockbuster deals I don’t think any team could have really improved themselves to a point that they could beat the Warriors. Better off to concede defeat now, and build a squad in the summer.

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