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Full Disclosure. I was an M1A1 armor crewman in the US Army, and I grew up wanting to be a tanker. I could tell you via silhouette if a tank is a Grant, Sherman or Honey, I can not only tell you that the tank on the cover of Fury’s DVD case is the M4 Sherman, but if it was the “Jumbo” or the “Easy Eight”. So I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to watch Fury. I love Patton. I love Saving Private Ryan, as those are not TANK stories, they are about people. Fury is build around a TANK crew, well, Brad Pitt’s Tank crew, but still.
But it was recommended that I watch, and was advised that they did a good job historically speaking.

So let give Fury a look.

A message tells us that the Sherman was underpowered vs the new Tiger tank of the Germans, yet the US was having a push to win the war.fury-movie-poster

Brad Pitt is playing Brad Pitt, a tank commander in the 2nd Armored (Note: I was a member of both the 1st and 3rd Armored) Division- Hell on Wheels, over a M4 Sherman Easy Eight tank. They have lost a tank driver (Early tanks had 2, bonus points if you can name the first US main battle tank to only have one driver) He is replaced by Norman Ellison, a typist 8 weeks in the Army. Everyone’s secondary MOS is Infantry in the Army- gotta love the realism, but you would almost think they would be a fight to get that job from the grunts. Anyway, the rookie gets a tank killed as he didn’t want to shoot some Hitler Youth on the side of the road, and also refuses to kill a German POW. This set the rookie into conflict against not only Brad Pitt but the whole tank.

So how is Fury?

Let me get the big one out of the way, the historical stuff is on point, outside of ONE major transgression, and I’ll hit that on the spoilers, and to be honest, kinda killed it all for me, like finding a hair in the last bite of the best pie you have ever had. It just killed it for me.

Up to that point? I enjoyed the ride, its true to life, tankers are assholes, and the new guy gets all the shit, and civilians did have problems with armies from all countries, I will say the ladies were lucky the Russians were not their “liberators”. I do think the village scene did run on a bit long, and I was more than ready to move on. I understand you want to be uncomfortable as the rookie in that situation, and I understand you want to make the entire “War is Hell” point really hammered home, but we do want to pull for these guys later on? I mean they just go on and on with the stress level, and it goes from uneasy, to a bit of get it over with, and I go from Brad Pitts gonna slap these guys around or the rookie is going to fight someone, to- can something happen already?

But I enjoyed Fury. I don’t know how much I’ll love it on repeated viewings, but If I see a DVD of it with a commentary track by someone from Ft Knox? Its mine. I’ll go 8 on this one.

Spoilers Shead

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