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Hello again Wrestling fans and welcome back to the greatest form of bullshit you will ever find in the world of wrestling. Only difference our bull shit turns into brilliance. This is the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we take a look back at Daniel Bryan’s career. What was our favorite memory of Daniel Bryan. Also we are 15 years removed from the purchase of the century when Vince McMahon bought WCW. We reflect back on some memorable events around WCW.


But first we need to see what is on Frosh’s mind.


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

1.Roman Reigns- Reigns seems primed and ready to go to Wrestlemania to try and take back the championship.

2.Kevin Owens- Big week for the new Intercontinental Champion, winning the title back over 4 other wrestlers.

3.Dean Ambrose- Despite losing the IC championship, can Ambrose rebound this Sunday at Fastlane?

4.Bray Wyatt- Wyatt and his family may have hit a road block against Show, Kane, and Ryback.

5.Triple H- Hard to put the WWE Champion all the way at the bottom, but the man has not stepped foot in the ring since winning the championship.


This week in professional wrestling history.

1997- Shawn Michaels surrenders the WWF Championship on Raw, after claiming to lose his smile.

2004- Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar to win his first and only WWE Championship.

2007- ECW (the WWE version) finally folds and disbands the ECW product for good.

tingHere are the questions this week

Daniel Bryan

With Daniel Bryan officially hanging up the boots due to injury. What is your favorite Daniel Bryan moment?

Steve: Probably the time when he and Kane teamed up and formed Team Hell NO, and they had to go to counseling. This put two solid wrestlers into a comic gimmick and it worked.

Eric: Daniel Bryan has had many great memories while he had his time in the WWE. He will always be one of my favorites. I am very sad to see him retire. My favorite memory of him will be his victory at Wrestlemania 30. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the match but the fans demanded it and we got what we wanted. Daniel Bryan in the main event and winning the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. That moment was perfect for him and will always leave a lasting impression in my mind. 

Josh: Easy, his debut on the main roster at SummerSlam when it was the WWE volunteers against the evil Nexus.  I had no idea who he was (I didn’t follow the indies at the time) and was cheering my face off for WHOEVERYOUARE!!! GO RANDOM GENERIC WRESTLER FROM THE BACK!  YAY!  It was awesome.

Chad: For me it would be after that short term run with the Wyatts and then there was a cage match of him and Bray vs the Usos at which Bryan turned on Bray into one of the loudest Yes! chants in his time in WWE and to me helped propel him into position to be in the Wrestlemania 30 event.

Todd: it would be 2 years ago on raw when he took Raw hostage with the “yes movement” just weeks before his big matches at Wrestlemania 30.

Jim: I’ll mostly remember Daniel Bryan as a guy that I couldn’t stand that absolutely won me over.  And that’s what he did with the WWE Universe.  There is simply no way that he should have been popular, but there he was.  And let’s not forget, he somehow got Brie to marry him.  That’s a career over achievement right there.


What is your favorite memory of WCW?

Steve: Probably when Hulk Hogan got beat by Goldberg at the Georgia Dome to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. I got so excited, I didnt go to work the next day because of the massive hangover.

Eric: My favorite memory of WCW will always be that they actually gave WWE competition. Today, WWE has no competition. One Monday nights if you want wrestling, you only choice is RAW, back years ago we had RAW or NITRO to choose from. That was always nice, so if you didn’t like the wrestlers on one show you could flip to another. I miss that, there is no company now for WWE to compete with. I miss the competition, it made for great tv and full of surprises.

Josh: When it ended.  It was terrible…nobody cares about it anymore, move along.

Chad: Favorite WCW moment probably Goldberg beating Hogan in his backyard in the Georgia Dome to win the WCW title even though that match should have been saved for a ppv which was part of the demise of the company.

Todd: My favorite memory of WCW is the very last Monday Night Nitro the Sting vs Ric Flair match.

Jim: The WCW was real, as far as I was concerned.  Sure, there were some over the top characters, but they were at least believable.  And champions weren’t forced upon us.  The champions of the WCW earned their place.  The women were real women. The men were real men.  I mean, Dusty Rhoades was champion.  You just can’t get more unlikely than that.  But he had “charisma!”.  And he earned his place.  When you sat down to watch the WCW, you knew you were going to be entertained.  There was no wondering “what stupid sh*t am I going to see tonight?”.  It was just good solid entertainment.  The WWE could learn A LOT from the WCW, but they aren’t even interested.


What is one thing WCW did, you would like to see WWE do?

Steve: I would like to see WWE bring back WarGames. I for one was a big fan of this type of match, you could do it now with the Wyatts, or shoot, put the Social Outcasts in there to get their asses kicked. Loved the match, I wish it would come back.

Eric: I thought long and hard about this answer. There is many great choices I could have chosen here, but the many thing I would love to see the WWE get would be a Cruiserweight division. Ok, I know WWE had a lightweight division but it was no where near as good as WCW version. The WCW cruiserweight division would put on some of the best matches of the night. The Cruiserweight division also helped introduce us to legends like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko just to name a few. I would love to see WWE develop a Cruiserweight division that would be as good as the one WCW had.

Josh: I don’t want to answer another question about WCW because no one really cares about it anymore.  Just about anyone who was ever important in WCW is retired, or will be in 5 years.  It is obsolete.  That is like saying “What is the one thing the Apple MacIntosh 2 did that you want your new iPhone to do…who cares?  Oregon Train, while a great game, has absolutely NO MORE cultural relevance.  So instead, I will educate you all and answer a different question.  See, sometimes Steve sends these questions to us and prepares this on Sunday night, BEFORE Monday Night Raw, so we don’t always get to answer important questions about what is going on right now.  So I am going to ask the actual question that should have this spot:  With Dean Ambrose dropping the IC title on RAW, what does this do for his chances at Fastlane?  The Answer is as follows:  Usually when an IC titleholder drops the belt, they are either heading back down the card, or up to the main event level.  If WWE is smart (and they aren’t) They turn Reigns heel and have Ambrose win the match to headline Wrestlemania.  The odds are still very heavy on Reigns, simply because he has been “their guy” for so long, however there HAS to be a reason that they dropped the belt from Ambrose, as they could have just had him defend at Mania, which I think would be better than seeing him chase.  In the short, I think it improves his chances, but not enough to matter.

Chad: It’d be okay with Wargames as of this writing I do see that WWE is doing a cruiserweight series so I think that is good for the company. Wargames would bring some unique elements to the show for a group like the Wyatts or the Authority

Todd: Wargames match

Jim:  Bled.


WCW defeated WWE for 84 weeks in a row at the ratings game, what was the biggest thing that made WCW successful?

Steve: The NWO, that’s it. Without the NWO, Nitro would not have been successful.

Eric: It was a change. People were getting tired of the same product and were excited to see something different. The NWO was a big thing. People had never seen anything like that before and were annixous to see what would happen next. You never really knew what could and it was live every week. As the old saying goes, anything can happen with live tv. WCW wasn’t afraid to take chances and see how things would play out. I think that was one of their biggest keys to success.

Josh: Another WCW question? Really?  Fine, I will answer this one….Disco Inferno…that is what made WCW successful.

Chad: Enough elements on the show to make the show seem more believeable because it was live and Raw was taped

Todd: The biggest thing that made WCW so successful was bringing in the NWO.  That is when WCW really took off.  Of course NWO is partly responsible for WCW demise too. I think they over stayed their welcome.

Jim: Believability.  The characters were honest, and appealed to the average American.  There was no idiotic “man that gravity forgot”.  There was no stupid “Bo-Lieve”.  In fact, the Outcasts wouldn’t have made it to the WCW roster.

If you could change one thing from WCW history, what would it be and why?

Steve: Never hire Vince Russo. He was the cancer that essentially killed WCW in the first place. Some still say to this day that McMahon sent him down there to bury WCW. While I don’t think that is true, it would make a lot of sense.

Eric: I have two moments, but I will combine them into one. I would not have had David Arquette or Vince Russo win the WCW WORLD title. I think that just was a blemish on the history books of WCW. Those two guys are not wrestlers and seeing them win the biggest prize in the company was almost just a slap in the face to all the wrestlers who worked their butts off and never even got a title match but you have these 2 guys win the big one. No, that is just ridiculous, and if I could I would scrub those memories from the record books.

Josh: SERIOUSLY!!!!???!!!???!!  There are actually important things to talk about in the CURRENT world of wrestling….no, not doing it…not answering another WCW question.  Instead, I am going to answer What kind of reign do you think Owens will have as the new IC champion?  I think it will be long.  He needs to hold the belt and DOMINATE the competition (see below) until at least SummerSlam.  He can drop the belt then.  This does two things, solidifies Owens as a real threat to the main event, AND means whoever beats him for the IC title will be beating a long standing champ, immediately giving them credibility.  The man he should drop the belt to?  Sammi Zayn

Chad: You do not do the Fingerpoke of Doom that’s it bottom line

Todd: Not let Eric Bischoff or hulk hogan have any kind of control over WCW at all. Those two guys are responsible for running WCW into the ground.

Jim:  I would have forced Goldberg to learn how to wrestle before trying to make him the face of the franchise.  I honestly believe that were he a believable wrestler, the WCW would have survived and possibly even purchased the WWE.  I miss Eric Bischoff.  As great as Vince has been, Eric Bischoff was better.


Recently it was stated that “Wins and Losses do not matter in the world of professional wrestling” talking about Kevin Owens’ recent clean loss to Dolph Ziggler. What are your thoughts on this statement?

Steve: Wins and losses make zero difference unless you are involved in a championship storyline. The object here is to get the fans over and entertain them, whether you are a glorified jobber, and lose all the time, or someone who wins every single match. If the fans have left happy and can remember what you did that night, then you are successful.

Eric: I gotta agree on this one. It’s not about wins and loses. There have been many times when a win has helped an individual but also there is times when a lose has helped a wrestler. Look at Wrestlemania 13, Austin lost that match, but that lose helped elevate him to main event talent. That proved that just cause you lose, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing for you. You just gotta learn to role with the punches.

Josh: FINALLY A QUESTION THAT MATTERS!!!!!  This was said last week in a Tweet by Road Dogg.  This statement is both true and INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS at the same time.  It is true because wrestling is fake, scripted and pre-planned, and they can have anyone win on any given night.  It is INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS because you wouldn’t have Barry Horrowictz headline Wrestlemania.  It just wouldn’t make sense.  A wrestler has to win (in varying ways depending on if they are pushing them as a face or heel), but still has to win to develop that relationship with the crowd.  When you have guys like Owens losing clean to wrestlers like Ziggler (talented, but let’s face it, he will never be more than a mid-carder at best), you de-value any push or momentum that Owens has built.  He has to win, and win dominantly.  Case in point – Ryback – undefeated for a while, over with the crowd….started losing at Pay per views, developed a perception that he couldn’t and wouldn’t win any big matches…and then he was tag teaming with Curtis Axel.  Or Rusev…he was dominating the competition, then came John Cena who beat him clean twice, and now he is the jobber for the Foreign Fanatics.  Having a main star lose here and there, once or twice, will not kill them, but you CANNOT have them lose clean over and over again.  If Owens drops the IC title to Ziggler at Fastlane, he is done.  Send him back to NXT.


Todd: Whoever said this is an idiot. If this is the case than no one would have made a big deal about Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania before he was beat by Brock Lesner at Wreslemania 30.  They wouldn’t keep records of who won and lost matches. I bet Kevin Owens said this. There would be no record of Golberg winning 173 matches in a row before losing. These are the facts. this statement is just stupid.

Jim: Wins and losses have nothing to do with wrestling.  It’s about the show.  Nobody remembers who wins week in and week out.  That’s just part of the story line.  The people want to be entertained.  Let the bad guy win occasionally.  Heck, Dolph has made an extremely successful career out of losing.  Why?  Because the fans don’t care.


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