The simple truth of the matter… WTF 2/17

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A tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury that signifies absolutely nothing at all when it all comes down to the simple truth of the matter…

That’s what this world… specifically, this country… feels like right about now if anyone wants my opinion.

A very good musician and song writer once wrote… You waltz in here with a handful of gimme;
A mouthful of much obliged; I go home feeling empty from all you signify…

That’s kinda how I feel with all these damn politicans roaming around this country spewing out so much words that are all tainted with lies and cover ups of their personal misdemeanors… from the Texas twister Cruz to the talking from both sides of the mouth Hillary…

It’s enough to drive a person crazy… but… it’s all right ma, I’m only bleeding…

With God on our side…

joe1Recently, Ted Cruz’ wife… Heidi… was on a South Carolina radio show and said that her husband running for prez of the country to show the people of Amerika “the face of the God that we serve.”

And… as if that weren’t clear enough for ya’ll to grok she then added, “… the God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice and of consequence.”heidi

Even Cruz’ daddy was getting into the act when he said that the Holy Spook… to some Christians better known as the Holy Spirit or Ghost…  had okayed Teddy boy to try and be our commandeer in chief.

And… of course at every turn Teddy boy never fails to remind us all of his Christian beliefs as he himself added, “We can win if we awaken and energize the body of Christ.”

Well here’s a clue for ya’ll… a newsflash of the ultimate degree…

I’m sorry… God don’t take sides.

Some peeps may think he does… but… he… (yeah I know using “he” is probably sexist but for convenience sake I’m gonna use that word)… he don’t take sides.

This may piss some peeps off who believe their particular version of God is the one and only… or… their religion is the onliest one. But… guess what?

God is a neutral mutherfucker.

That’s right… He don’t believe in Christianity… He don’t believe in Muslims… He don’t believe in Judaism… He don’t believe in Hinduism… He don’t believe Buddhism… He don’t believe in the Bible… He don’t believe in Qur’an… He don’t believe in Tanakh… He don’t believe in Bhagavad Gita… He don’t believe in Dharma…god on our side

He don’t believe in Ted… He don’t believe in Donald… He don’t believe in Bernie… He don’t believe in Hillary… He don’t believe in candidates…

He don’t believe in you… or they… or anyone…

He is in each of our minds a concept… that’s all… and nothing more…

He just is a personal concept that we use to measure our concept of good and bad… evil and good… and truth be known that concept is best kept privately, but, if it ain’t, then, don’t go preaching your faith at me… or… any other person.

In this country we are supposed to keep separate church and state… religion and politics…  or maybe some peeps running for office forgot about that particular dictum of our founding fathers that they so like to preach to us all that they supposedly are following so damn religiously.

I don’t speak for God… but… if, I could I think he might just say he don’t give a high flying fuck who runs for the prez of Amerika… because… if this here country was founded under him, then, he sure as hell don’t recognize the injustice and non-liberty for all that’s been practiced since the day it was founded.

Ready for the Oligarchy?

Anyone besides me concerned how often Goldman Sachs, et. al,  is mentioned with certain 2016  prez candidates?goldman sachs












cruz & goldman sachs









Goldman Sachs Hillary Clinton Jeb Bush














Welllll…. are you concerned? 

Do you feel lucky, punks?

Justice Antonin Scalia dies and a shit storm rages about his replacement… few words about what kind of justice he was were even publicized… (not my ideal type of jurist to be truthful)… but who should get to pick a choice for his successor… a veritable hurricane of opinion.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was the first to demand that Obama STFU for the rest of his year as the prez and let whoever wins in November nominate a replacement for Scalia… “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

Thought we chose already when the Bamster got elected to his second term? Thought the constitution already provides for who gets to nominate the justices to be a Supreme.

Or… did I just imagine that?

Conn Carroll, spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) tweeted… “What is less than zero? The chances of Obama successfully appointing a Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia?”

Elephant Marco Rubio said, “… the next president must nominate a justice who will continue Justice Scalia’s unwavering beliefs.”

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich said the Bamster should STFU, too… when he demanded that the Bamster stay on the sidelines… “We owe it to his memory that he not be replaced by a left-wing Obama nominee. The next president should pick his successor.”cruz & company

Ummm… say what you mean and mean what you say, Mr. Fig Newtown… You’re really hoping the elephants win and ya’ll get the chance to nominate someone more to your liking…

I mean that’s how it is done after all. Donkeys nominate folks who tend to be more left leaning … elephants nominate folks who tend to be more right leaning. It’s all just another political football… always was and most probably will always remain that way.

Sad but true…

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)… chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee… said “The fact of the matter is that it’s been standard practice over the last 80 years to not confirm Supreme Court nominees during a presidential election year.”

Rubio added…  “We have 80 years of precedent of not confirming Supreme Court justices in an election year.” And… Cruz echoed those words.

All very not truthful statements… or… falsehoods or lies in some folk’s books.

I’m not going to waste time citing the various instances that prove the falsehoods but I will give you a link from US News & World (Robert Schlesinger) that sums up the problem with these elephants saying what they done did say…

Donkey Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said leaving the seat vacant for close to a year would be “a shameful abdication” of the Senate’s Constitutional duties… he added that “The president can and should send the Senate a nominee right away. With so many important issues pending before the Supreme Court, the Senate has a responsibility to fill vacancies as soon as possible.”

Personally… I agree with that appraisal of the situation.

But let me tell ya’ll…

This shit started on day one of the Bamster’s being elected to be our prez… Mitch McConnell said shortly after that reality exploded within his grey matter… “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Got that? McConnell said that the main job… the most important goal of the elephants was to make sure Barack Obama would not be re-elected to the highest office of the country… thereby reaffirming Amerika was actually spelled with a “K” and not a “C”…McConnell-Obama-One-Term-sm-jpg

McConnell wants an elephant in the Oval Office instead of a donkey? No big news there… but… really that’s the elephants’ numero uno priority? Not getting a real healthcare law passed… making sure that children have decent education… not feeding the poor… or housing the homeless… just get the Bamster out of the White House.

In July 2010, after the midterm elections, McConnell doubled down when he said in public and on national television… “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term.”

He also added “That means that we can… and should… propose and vote on straight repeal (of Obamacare), repeatedly.”

In other words… instead of fixing and strengthening healthcare for America he would rather waste time being an obstructionist and wasting tax payer money on bringing stupid and useless bills onto the Senate floor that have no chance of ever being passed.

Of course McConnell… and the elephants… failed in that quest but the radical and ultra conservative part of the elephant party did manage to hijack the party. They continually attempted to obstruct the Bamster at each every chance they could. Obstructing and thereby harming we the people and wasting tax dollars due to their asinine tactics.

Now, with Judge Antonin Scalia’s death they continue on their path of obsessive obstructionism… determined to do so all the way until we possibly reach the country’s embryonic journey unto our eve of destruction.

But… let me pose a question to the elephants… what the fuck happens if Hillary wins the election… or worse for ya’ll… maybe… what if Bernie wins?

Even if ya’ll still control the Congress ya’ll can’t just not approve of the prez’ choice for the next four years… or could ya’ll?

But, let’s go further … what happens if ya’ll get your asses kicked in the elections and lose control of the either the House or the Senate or both?

Ya think maybe ya’ll should let the Bamster nominate someone now, who’ll probably be more to the political middle of things because he knows he has little to no chance of getting a left leaning political choice validated by an elephant controlled Senate?

Or… do you really wanna take your chances? Roll the dice and hope?

Ya’ll gotta ask yourself one question: “Do ya’ll feel lucky? Well, do ya, eleph-punks?

Excuse me?

News item #1: Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network host, Tomi Lahren, recently said that Beyoncé’s halftime show at Super Bowl 50 was unfair to “little white girls” who like her music.

Lahren blathered… “First it was hands up, don’t shoot. Then it was burning down buildings and looting drug stores, all the way to #OscarSoWhite. And now, even the Super Bowl halftime show has become a way to politicize and advance the notion that black lives matter more.”Bey

She continued with her rant by adding that Beyoncé was “ramrodding an aggressive agenda down our throats, and using fame and entertainment value to do so. Congratulations, Beyoncé, you made your statement. And etc… etc… etc…

You don’t really want to hear her blather on and on… do you? Suffice it to say she had nothing nice to say about Beyoncé.

News item #2: Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, recently said on a NY radio show that “(Beyoncé) should direct her message where it’s needed most, and that’s in the ’hood, because that’s where it all takes place.”

Palladino continued to diss Beyoncé when he said her halftime show message was “misdirected.”

He also said, “… if the Black Lives Matter movement really wants to make a difference, they should pour the medicine directly on the wound. Get into the ghetto, the ’hood. Get to the bottom of why people of color prey on other people of color in their own neighborhoods.”beyonce-formation-video2

Now then…  I recently wrote about (in last week’s WTF column) Beyoncé’s halftime show and her recent video in a larger discussion point of using “black” vs “Black” when referring to Black people. Since then there seems to be a whole heap of words being spewed forth regarding her half time show and her video… some of it not very complimentary and some of it defensive in her favor and some of it “Shut the fuck up white peeps; it’s a black thing”…

beyonce formation 3Here’s my take on the video and her song… I’m leaving the half time show out of my discussion because I haven’t seen it in its entirety so I feel unqualified to make comment on it…

The video itself? I think it is powerful… yep… I do. The song that goes with it… ehhh…beyonce-formation12

Let me put it this way… them lyrics ain’t exactly Tupac or Nas level lyrics, if ya’ll catching my drift.

But that video? It’s a damn keeper.  Believe it or not I think I grokked it… deeply.

But, no one needs to take me to Red Lobster… but… if’n Beyoncé wants… she could take me to Gallagher’s Steak House in the Big Apple…

That’d be cool with me…

Naw… he wouldn’t… would he?

Maybe ya’ll missed this… but…

On May 14th the Senate voted unanimously to confirm Diane Humetewa to become a judge for the U.S. District Court for Arizona, making her the first Native American woman federal judge in U.S. history and the third Native American to ever hold such a position.judge humetewa 012814

The final vote was 96 – 0 in favor of Humetewa… a Hopi Tribe citizen… who previously worked as a U.S. attorney for Arizona under the George W. Bush administration.

The Bamster nominated Humetewa to the position in 2013… No reason was given why it took until May 2015 for Humetewa to get confirmed…

Everyone involved had nothing but good stuff to say about Humetewa getting her judgeship…

Ever hear the saying… Payback is a mother fucker?

Maybe the Bamster should just say… since she passed muster with the Senate by a 96 to zip vote… she’s his nomination for the vacant Scalia seat…

That’d really put the elephants’ ass in a dither wouldn’t it?

Yep… old payback…

Before I go…

I got this to say about all them folks who be saying Bernie has a snow cone’s chance in hell of winning the presidential race if he gets the donkeys’ nod. So, ya’ll should vote for Hillary because she understands the system and how things get done… she can get progressive stuff through that will benefit the people… Bernie’s ideas are way too liberal… too socialist… too crazy…

Yet… way back when… there was a guy who once said… “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” And… he had a great chance of not only becoming the donkey choice to run for the presidency, he very well may have actually been elected… that is until a murderer’s bullet ended the dreamer’s existence.Bob_Kennedy_Quote-large

That man was Robert Kennedy and he said them words during a speech at the University of Kansas (March 18, 1968)… about the war in Vietnam… about ending the war.

Bernie dares to say stuff… to dream of a better world and peeps say he and his followers are idealist dolts… dreamers with no basis in reality… no idea about the facts of life.

In truth, what the peeps mean is he ain’t from around here and he just ought to get in line and march along with rest of us politicians.  Take his fair share of the slush fund that the 1% doles out and just help us pass enough liberal laws that makes the poor schlubs… us all… think that we (status quo) care.

Think about it. Mull it around the old grey matter… let it settle in… just think.

To dream or not to dream… to be or not to be something better than we are…

That’s the real question… ain’t it?

Another thousand words…



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  1. Joe, another nice piece. Keep it up and you might even develop the ability to say what you really mean.

    1) With respect to Scalia’a replacement, Scalia himself advocated trying to determine what was in the mind of the original writers of the Constitution. Once that intention was determined, a “correct” ruling could be made. I doubt those framers would condone waiting at least a year to even entertain the idea of “advise and consent” on a replacement nominee. If it weren’t that the elephants involved were such upstanding citizens with long records of honesty and integrity, we might even be tempted to think of them as hypocritical.

    2) I have no reservations about candidates referring to their religious beliefs. But I draw the line when they make obviously biased statements such as “I will protect Christianity” or “I will implement God’s will” (as if they somehow had special understanding of what it was). Such statements are showing clearly that the candidate does not intend to represent many — perhaps most — people in his or her constituency.

    3) It isn’t Beyoncé who has made things political. She is only responding to the politics inserted into our culture by those who would do things like delay a SCOTUS nominee for solely political reasons. This is a case of offenders charging the victim of the crimes that they have committed. Maybe they are hypocrites after all.

    4) It is interesting to note that there are strong similarities between Donald and Bernie. Both seem to appeal to those who are disgusted and angry with the “establishment politicians. They even seem to compete for support from some of the same ideological groups. But I claim that there is a fundamental difference which can be seen by looking at their campaign style: Trump tears down the present and Bernie builds a new and better future.

    5) I said some time ago with respect to the elephants that it was an interesting history lesson to watch a political party destroy itself. I wondered in that writing if the Whigs foresaw their demise. I am not yet claiming that the Republican party is dead, but I think a case can be made that it is on its deathbed.

  2. She is only responding to the politics inserted into our culture by those who would do things like delay a SCOTUS nominee for solely political reasons.

    — I will give you my car if Bey can name 3 SCOTUS members.

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