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Hello, again NBA fans. Welcome to another edition of NBA roundtable. Wow! Another Coach fired! The New York Knicks decided to pull the trigger on Derrick Fisher. The third week in a row a head coach has been fired. This week we will discuss Jimmy Butler’s injury and how it will affect the bulls going forward, if you agree with the suspension the Clippers gave Blake Griffin and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Here are this week’s questions:


Jimmy Butler is reported to be out 3-4 weeks with a knee injury. Does this injury hurt the Chicago Bulls chances of even making the playoffs given how close the bottom of the Eastern Conference is?

Chad: A month where the Bulls are currently at the 7th seed a 2 losses less than 9th seed Detroit will definitely hurt the Bulls chances Jimmy Butler was the most consistent player they had Gasol is older; Rose is “General Soreness” which leaves Aaron Brooks and Mirotic with Noah and Gibson which I don’t think will get into the playoffs.

Todd: In my mind the bulls were reeling before the Butler injury. There is no way they will make the playoffs without Butler in the lineup. By the time he is able to come back they will be too far behind to catch up. Rose is not the MVP player he used to be, Gasol is 35 years old, Noah is already out for the season with his own injury, all the young guys on the team are too inconsistent.

Steve: Honestly, I think the Bulls are in serious trouble in the East, and I am talking I am not sure they will even make the playoffs at this point. The Bulls are 5-13 in their last 18 games as I am typing this (Monday) and with Butler out, I don’t see them getting any better. Now with that being said, there is some word out there that they are looking into a trade for Demarcus Cousins and Sacramento. If they can pull this off, and not give up too much, they will be right back in the thick of things, but right now, they are in serious serious trouble.


The Los Angeles Clippers Suspended Blake Griffin 4 games without pay plus an additional game just without pay for his conduct in Toronto last month. Do you agree with this decision?

Chad: I am okay with the decision there needed to be a suspension for the incident and a message sent that treating any employee from the GM to the Asst. Equipment Manager is something that cannot be tolerated in any organization whether it is an NBA team or a Fortune 500 company. Look at it this way the Clippers are donating his salary to disadvantaged LA youth programs so some good is coming of this.

Todd: I am okay with the decision their is no place for this kind of behavior, especially when you are a public figure like Blake Griffin is. I actually thought it would be more games.

Steve: Im fine with it, however it doesnt make a lot of sense because of his injury sidelining him for more than a month. They should just dock him his pay for a week or so from his injury time off, and leave it at that.


Gregg Popovich started this trend years ago and now it has worked its way around the league. Do you agree with just resting star players or older players just to rest them given that the fans have paid good money to come out and see the best players in the world every night?

Chad: I am okay with this strategy as in the end these kind of rests make the overall product better in the playoffs when the most amount of eyes are on the product. Now I can understand the concern about the fans paying for the ticket. In the case of Pop and the Spurs who have a pretty good fanbase I can’t see too many fans going “Duncan’s not playing…I’m not going” to me those arguements are outweighed in this arguement

Todd: I think it takes away from the game during the regular season to rest players like that. I know Pop has been doing it for years and it has probably added a few years on to Duncan’s career but I just don’t feel its fair to the fans. Especially when you start resting the younger players like Leonard and some of them guys.

Steve: I aint gonna argue with any fuckin thing that Popovich does. The Spurs have been in the elite group of teams for almost 20 years, ever since they won their first title in 1999. There is not one other team that can have that kind of consistency in winning over the course of that period of time. Sure the fans come out to see their star players play, but his strategy is winning championships. If I am a fan of the Spurs, then I want them to win a championship, I don’t care with what core of players they do it with.


After dropping to 9th in the Western Conference just before the All-Star break the Houston Rockets have decided to look for trade partners for Dwight Howard. Do you think they will find anyone who will be willing to trade for him before the Feb. 18th deadline?

Chad: No one wants Dwight Howard he’s gone through head coaches and hasn’t succeeded with talent around him. You’d be trading for an average big man.

Todd: No one would trade for Dwight. He causes drama where ever he goes. he is worse than a junior high little girl.

Steve: Howard is a bitch, always has been, always will be. Someone will be dumb enough to pick him up though, and then they will fall into the shit ranks of the NBA.


Rumor has it that the Golden State Warriors are the front runners for the sweepstakes to sign Kevin Durant this summer. What are your thoughts about this subject?

Chad:  From everything I’m seeing that Warriors would have to Harrison Barnes go and Trade Andrew Bogut to free up the cap space. So the Warriors would have Curry, Klay, Green, and Durant they would just have to go find a big man to play center wouldn’t have to do much and try to win 75 or go 4 on 5 everynight and win 60.

Todd: This is just ridiculous. I know they would have to get rid of a few guys to free up cap space; but damn don’t they think they are good enough already? They are already gonna repeat if this happens they will surely threepeat.

Steve: I heard this the other day on the radio, and thought to myself, if the Warriors get Durant, they are not going to lose….ever. Then I thought well maybe one or two games. But seriously, how can this Warriors team get any better. If I were the Warriors, I would not pursue him, you are winning without a guy like this, and having another superstar on your team, would disrupt the teams chemistry, and would take the ball out of Stephen Curry’s hands. Don’t do it Golden State.


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