Movie Review: The Puppet Masters

Seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
Its better than the Puppet Masters, this one feels like a TV movie.

The first half isn’t bad, a meteor lands in Iowa, narrowly missing all 187 Presidential Candidates, and three kids find it, and build a space ship around it. Extra dollar to get inside, please. The Puppet Masters alien

Three people from the Gov’t show up to find out whats what, Donald Sutherland, the chick from Tommy Boy and one of those C-List “that guys”.

They find out that Aliens have landed, and have covered up their landing,and upon returning to Washington, we find out that even Richard Belzer has been taken over, and has gotten a shipment of eggs. The agency splits up to find out how to stop them with that guy from Armageddon as leader of one of them, as the military is unable to do anything, since the creatures send kids out in front as human shields.

Pretty good so far right? Here is where it all comes apart, as we get another cut off the head and everything dies, but it doesn’t a magical device that lets you blend in, and Frank from They Live shows up to be a bad ass. We get not one, but two tacked on endings.

The acting is really good, and Donald Sutherland is always a B-level fun guy to watch, as he’s playing Donald Sutherland in a B-Level movie. The Puppet Masters cast

The Puppet Masters is a bit hard to grade. The beginning is fun, and the aliens are good looking but a little too dangerous. We get too many times where, lets test, and one person runs. But the build is done so well before it gets crappy.

I’ll go a three here, there is no real reason to see this movie, but there are plenty of “those people” that is can be fun. For some reason I actually think you could remake this one and have a decent cheezy Horror movie.

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