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I’m sorry I have not been dropping on my normal Mondays, life has not been fun. I still maintain that I will give you some original content on Mondays, maybe not a regular column, but at least something.


Today is Monday, and for the first time in quite a few years, I am unemployed. I actually have been unemployed since Friday, but It kind of hits me a bit today. I have been looking for work for a bit now, but I’m starting to spread the search. I do have severance, so I’ll be ok for the next two weeks, but after that, Its not going to be fun.

The painful part? I did nothing wrong. I’ve been fired before due to unjust or even straight-up lies by co-workers and even managers, and I will admit, there have been times when I deserved it. I’m good, not perfect.

But this time? Even the company admits I did nothing wrong.Why-You-Are-Unemployed

But I’m unemployed. Surplussed. Needs of the Business does not include you.

Amazing. As some of you know, I worked, geez that sounds awful. I worked for a large telecommunications company. I did tech support over the phones. I’m certain you have heard of it. Well, due to changing needs, a 47% drop in call volume, 102 people lost their jobs in 4 states. This April, a handful of managers also lose their jobs. Now a 110-115 people losing their jobs isn’t exactly front page news, but like I used to tell people in small outages, we got 100 million customers, if 10 are out, no big deal- unless you are one of the 10 people.

Just like of the thousands and thousands of employees, I’m one of those hundred or so.

I’m not quite sure how a 47% reduction in workload happens, considering that I’ve been back to back pretty much since the day I walked in the door, but then again these are the same forecasters who can’t figure out why the call volume spikes after 5pm everyday. Sunspots or something, I’m sure. Thanks to Union Rules, out of the 56 of us that have survived in a call center for the past 3+ years with no new hires, 21 were surplussed. A building that at one time provided 320+ jobs, is going down to 33. (2 volunteered to quit). I feel for the remaining managers. I really do. I have to think they are are not happy with the half that they got to keep. Even using their own lying metrics, they are losing the top people, even with the ones that have been getting the crappiest schedules with the least experience. The number one thing they stress about- 9 of the top 11 people in that metric are now unemployed by the company, myself included. In the number one repeat metric? I walk out the door third in the building. Yeah, I did my job until the bitter end.

704729_origI’m not happy about it. Who would be? When I grew up, you almost thought work was easy. You found a job in a good company, and you busted ass, retired in 40 years with a decent pension and a gold watch to the suburbs. I’ve had a shot at that gold ring twice now, and oddly enough, both times surplussed after making a giant purchase (both called a “merger” but it was a damn purchase) both times several good people lost their jobs. I saw my mom have to jump from job to job, to make an extra 15 cents an hour to make a few bucks more a check, of course she was dominant in her field, and damn good. When she got older, and her hands made her change, she still was able to get a good job and keep going. Goodness knows I jumped from job to job to make a little more. My record is 7, seven straight jobs where I left to get a job that paid more than the one before. Not bad, I must say.

I don’t mean to say anything bad to anyone, but it just saddens me that I did nothing wrong, and the company knows I did nothing wrong and I’m still unemployed. The entire time I have been there they have not promoted a soul, or even asked anyone to move up, the only people to move up left the center I was at. Amazing. The top guy in the entire center? Fired along with me and 19 others.

Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

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  1. David,

    You know you have the support of all of us here on 7#. It will likely take some work to get something else, but you have the drive to do it. More to the point is the feeling you have that you are diminished for something not your fault. I know that hurts and it hurts in large part because it is unfair.

    The world is “unfair” in many ways. Recognizing that does not ease the pain. We at 7# know of your efforts on this site, your creativity, your leadership, your writing. In hope that the knowledge that your colleagues believe you have built something special here eases your pain some.

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