Movie Review: My Bloody Valentine 3D

We come back to Hanniger again, and this has no relation to the previous movie.

My Bloody Valentine KillerBut in 1997, 6 miners get caught in a cave in, and to save oxygen, one miner, Harry Warden, kills the other 5 with a pickaxe, but is pulled out comatose. He awakens a year late and starts killing a bunch of people at the hospital before escaping. Meanwhile, the owner of the mine’s son, Tom, is having a small party at the mine, and Warden shows up and starts a killin. He is able to corner Tom, but before is he able to kill him, the cops show up and shoot Warden, who runs off down the mine.

10 Years Later.

The Mine’s owner has died, and Tom shows up for the Funeral, and to sell the mine. For some reason, this means the Mine is going to be shut down. His ex-girlfriend has married the sheriff, and they have a kid, but he’s screwing one of her co-workers. The Sheriff is jealous of Tom as he shows up, and we get a whole bunch of nudity to keep our attention after an exposition dump.

So how is My Bloody Valentine 3D

My Bloody Valentine 2009 ireneTo be honest, I loved this movie. I find it to be better than the Canadian Original, the story might not be as tight, but the gore and nudity is ramped up. This is a slasher people! The question of who is the Killer, Tom, the Cop or Warden is kept open until the end, and while it does have a bit of a Scooby Doo in it, the reveal is fairly well done. There is a commentary track with the director and one of the writers that will point out all the clues dropped (*spoiler alert) on who the killer is, but I found this to be a very well done and straightforward slasher. I’m going to give it an 8. Yes. I do recommend getting this one, and would have no problems throwing it on the DVD and cuddling up with the lil woman to watch people get killed with a pickaxe. This one also sets up for a sequel, but maybe like the Canadian Original, we will get an even better movie in 20 years.

Final Note, the 3D is done fairly well here. The Pickaxe is just a perfect weapon for this type of horror. The My Bloody Valentine DVD I got had 2D on one side and 3D on the other.

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