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Welcome to the Blog About Nothing. The Super Bowl is over, and All-Star weekend is upon us. The NBA All-Star weekend has come to a City that I absolutely love, the City of Toronto. Shout out to all my fam in the North. One of these days I need to get back up there, but until then enjoy the weekend. So while I look forward to things like All-Star Saturday night, and sitting here listening to Toronto natives Majid Jordan debut self-titled album, allow me to get into the blog. Let’s do this!Super Bowl Techmo

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50. I underestimated Denver and Peyton Manning, the entire postseason but led by an extremely talented defense, they shut down Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos won 24-10, in what was not one of the best games to look at, but it does not matter: they are the Champs.

The Broncos defense swarmed the Carolina Panthers offensive line, and the Broncos run game was effective with C.J. Anderson toting the rock for close to 100 yards. Peyton did not play well at quarterback, but he did enough for the win. As he closes in on his 40th birthday, and with his second Super Bowl title, I hope this means the end for him but I won’t be too surprised if he wants to continue on. He loves the game, but if he does decide to play on, I hope he’s prepared to move to another team. Denver, and their ownership, looks ready to move on but that’s a decision that will be made for another day. For now, I’ll toast the Broncos on a job well done.

I won’t go into some long recap about the Big Game, but I will say the following: I’m once again disappointed in Cam Newton. I won’t beat him up, but a few blogs ago, I blogged about how I didn’t like him for some of the petulant acts he has shown throughout his career, and once again that ugly side of him reared its head. He’s become a good player, if not a great player, but his personality is one that completely turns me off. I tried to get on board with him, but I can’t.

I wish the guy a good career, but I have decidedly become not a fan of his. I don’t think he cares about that, and he shouldn’t really, but he had a chance Sunday night to really shut up his detractors, and he did not take it. By acting like a sore loser, and a petulant brat, he made himself look bad. Losing isn’t supposed to be easy. I mean no one wants to lose, but in a game someone is not going to win. Cam lost, and while he handled it graciously on the field, he handled it poorly with the media.

Maybe he should sit down and look at guys like Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly who lost the Super Bowl four times in a row, and handled it as graciously as he could in that moment, as an example but he won’t. He’ll continue being who he is and I guess that’s fine for him. It’s not for me though. I won’t critique him further, but I won’t care about him or what he does going forward either.

Kevin HartMoving on from the Super Bowl and back to the aforementioned NBA All-Star weekend, I have to admit I’m pretty giddy about it. I always look forward to the weekend, even though the game and the festivities leading up to it has been watered down the past few years. Yes, the highlight is the dunk contest on Saturday night, and the big names that we would like to see in the contest, are never there, but it’s still something to watch. Personally, I like to watch the Celebrity game which takes place on Friday night and I’m glad Kevin Hart is a part of it as a coach. I find him entertaining, and with the rapper Drake coaching Team Canada, it should be an entertaining affair. As for the All-Star game itself on Sunday, we know what it’s going to be about. It’s going to be about three quarters of pure exhibition and then in the final quarter it’s going to be serious basketball. It feels like the Game follows the same script every year but it is still pretty good. I’m looking forward to it and that is all that matters.

Finally, I would like to say kudos to a man that represents Brooklyn to its fullest. My kudos is reserved for director Spike Lee. Earlier this week, I watched Spike’s documentary on the making of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album. The documentary titled Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall, had video and audio clips of interviews of Michael, mixed with those who were part of the Off The Wall album making process. Celebrities in the world of music, sports, and film were also a part of the documentary as they shared their love for Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson billieMichael who tragically left us in 2009, was portrayed in the documentary as a young 21 year old man who was ready to fully step out on his own when Off The Wall was released in 1979. Despite releasing some solo offerings before 1979, Off The Wall was the first step in him becoming the phenomenon that the World would come to know. I can’t speak for the World, but I can speak for that little boy from Brooklyn who grew up idolizing Michael. That little boy, born in 1981, to parents not from the States would of course be myself.

As I’ve stated in this blog space before, my love of music comes from my father. He played music in the house, in his car, and anywhere else possible. However, most of what he played was from his native Trinidad and Tobago. He had a large record collection though, and there were a few Jackson 5 and Jacksons records in the bunch, and those records were my favorites. Those records, but most importantly MTV, inspired my love of MJ. I’m an 80’s kid through and through. My early idols had to have been Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Mike Tyson. Who else could they have been?

Watching the documentary, I have to admit I got a bit emotional. Besides reliving some memories, I think I got touched by the emotion Michael had in his own music. Ben, released in 1972, might be a song about a rat in a movie full of them, but watching the clip of Michael performing the song at the Grammy’s in 1973 somehow made my eyes well up. I didn’t expect that. Later on the documentary reflected on the Off The Wall song, She’s Out Of My Life and I welled up then too. That song is a bit of a heartbreaker, granted, but to be so young and emote so much emotion for some reason impacted me. I think I admire that the most about the man. He was more than some artist, some singer, at his peak he was a storyteller. As corny as this may sound, he was magic.

Michael Jackson moonwalkerThere have been and will be many duplicators of Michael Jackson and his sound, but watching Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall, makes it clear that he was the originator, the innovator, and the creator of the sound. While there might be other artists who can approach Michael, like The Weeknd who is my choice as the closest artist who can mirror Michael’s singing approach (and he was featured in the documentary), I don’t think anyone can match the emotion he poured in to making a song his own. That won’t be matched by no one.

The little boy who loved Michael was allowed to come back watching the documentary. Like all people, he grew up. By my early teenage years, another musical genre that I followed on television and New York radio fully took over, and I left Michael behind. That genre? Rap. Yeah, by the time I fully threw myself into rap music, I left MJ behind, but I never forgot. So, thank you Spike Lee for allowing that little kid a moment to catch up with his adult self.

I’m done. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting us here at 7Poundbag, and until next week: Peace.

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