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The Merc with the Mouth

I stopped reading comic books quite a few years ago, before Deadpool really showed up, I knew Cable, and in one of the random boxes I had bought, I actually had the issue before Deadpool premiered. One of my buddies is a huge Deadpool fan, and I have read quite a few of his collected works and the first Max hardcover issue. While many of the issues are hit and miss, I do enjoy the stories for the most part. So after a fun day, a few buddies and I went to the movie.

Deadpool kicks off from square 1 with what I consider the best opening credit sequence I have ever seen. Most of the Ads come from this opening battle. deadpool_negasonic_colossus

We move into some flashbacks, and unlike a lot of Comic Book Movies, this origen story isn’t forced or dull, thanks to a good bit of jokes and the raunchy commentary Deadpool is famous for.

Long story short- even though it doesn’t feel that long- Wade Wilson is a mercenary that takes small-time jobs and harasses the bartender (Weasel- who’s the overrated guy from Silicon Valley) and meets up with the HOT CHICK and we get a short love story.

This is VERY well done. We are simply told Wade Wilson was special forces and a badass, then we move right back to current events, then back to Wilson and Vanessa falling in love, then a bit more backstory and so forth.

Wilson ends up with Cancer, and one of his underworld contacts gives him a chance to cure his cancer by turning him into a “Super Hero” via triggering his latent mutant powers. Wilson is sent to a warehouse where he is subjected to the process by Ajax and GINA CARANO! Gina Carano is looking VERY well here, and does a fantastic job as a hench-woman.

Deadpool GinaSo how is Deadpool?

Lets talk casting, as I said, I don’t know the comics as well as I would, say Iron Man, but everyone comes across as believable and well done. Its fantastically acted. Ryan Reynolds even takes shots at most of his previous movies. The Easter Egg hunters are going to love Deadpool.
The jokes come fast and furious, and while there are some spots that are a bit ignorant- like the “Did I leave the oven on” in the trailer, but 2 minutes later you’ve forgotten it, as my buddies and I were quoting favored lines post-movie. The music is awesome, and it fits, right up there with Guardians of the Galaxy in that regard.

This is a perfect 10 movie, I cannot wait for the DVD and hopefully it is packed with special features and I might have to grab my (*adult) daughter and go see it again. My biggest complaint is, honestly, the post credit scene, and yes, that’s all I could seriously complain about it.

The humor is juvenile, the hero is crass, but this movie knows what it wants to do and stays in its lane. Deadpool needs to be seen, if you are in its target audience.

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