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Its the most wonderful time of the week! Its the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panelists discuss the latest hot topics related to the World of Wrestling. Will TNA join forces with Lucha Underground? What would this mean for the company? This and much more.


Let’s start off with a little bit on what is on Frosh’s mind.

For Today’s Frosh Five, in honor of Daniel Bryan, the top five moment’s of Daniel Bryan’s WWE career.

5.) His WWE Debut on the main roster at Summerslam – Back when I had no idea who Daniel Bryan was, seeing this no-name kid eliminate multiple members of the Nexus was a true treat, and you could tell there were big things on the horizon for “Whoever his name is!”

4.) Anger Management – This is one of the most entertaining bits that WWE has put on in a long time.  It was the perfect odd couple bit featuring Daniel Bryan and Kane.  Truly funny and one of the main reasons he got so over with the WWE Universe at large.

3.) Winning the WWE Championship from John Cena at SummerSlam – Not just beating John Cena CLEAN (a feat which not many superstars has accomplished), he also won the WWE championship for the first time.  Then, to be blindsided and backstabbed by Triple H to hand the title to Randy Orton, started a steamroller effect that leads us through our next two spots.

2.) Hijacking RAW – This is where we see the power of the WWE universe (or at least the illusion the WWE likes to portray).  WWE fans stormed the ring in support of their favorite wrestler, a truly great moment for anyone, but especially the underdog Daniel Bryan.

1.) YestleMania – Is there any other moment that could be number 1?  He won 2 matches, defeating Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in the same night to capture his second WWE championship.  This is undoubtedly the top moment of his career, and would really be the top moment of anyone’s career.  YestleMania will go down as one of the best booked, and best performed main events of all time.

Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

1. Daniel Bryan- Yes I know he is retired now, but let’s give him one last run at the top spot in the Power Rankings.

2. Triple H- The WWE Champion and COO is going to be licking his chops at the winner of the triple threat match.

3. Roman Reigns- Roman is seeking to become a three time champion in seriously less than 6 months.

4. Bray Wyatt- No one is hotter than Bray Wyatt and it may be just a matter of time before gold is around his waste (and his father is in the Hall of Fame)

5. Brock Lesnar- Despite not being in the ring, Lesnar is destroying everyone in his path.


This week in wrestling history.

1972- The Big Show was born as Paul White

1999- WWE held their first and only St Valentines Day Massacre which featured the debut of the Big Show during the Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon cage match.

2003- The wrestling world lost another legend, as Mr Perfect Curt Hennig passes away at the age of 44

2006- Christian captures his first World Championship when he defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the TNA World Champion.


Here are the questions this week for our panelists.

sin cara

With Sin Cara returning to the ring after injury. Do you reunite the Lucha Dragons, or do you continue the run with Kalisto as United States Champion?

Steve: As much as I love watching the Lucha Dragons as a team, you have to keep this run going by Kalisto. He is over with the fans, and some would say he can develop the kind of career like Rey Mysterio had the last two decades. You don’t have to completely break up the Dragons, have them as a mini faction or something. But you cannot team them every week and go after the tag titles right now. You need to keep the US title on Kalisto, and don’t even think about putting that belt back on Del Rio. That would be the worst mistake you can make.

Eric: Continue his run as US champion. Let’s face it folks, Kalisto is over with the fans. That is something that is kinda hard to do these days and the WWE should NOT kill that. I think if the WWE has great potential for him to be one of the next top guys, so yes, they should definitely keep him going as a singles wrestler for the time being.

Josh: I wouldn’t.  You really need to see if you have something in Kalisto, give him a really good feud and see if he does anything with it.  It is really important to try to build FUTURE stars, and Kalisto has all of the makings of a future star, in the vein of Rey Mysterio, possibly even winning the big prize.

Chad:  With the Dudleys apparent heel turn on Raw and going after the Usos; I think we will end up seeing Sin Cara vs Kalisto for the US title; with Sin Cara coming back and being jealous of Kalisto’s success and wanting what he has.

Todd: I think the Lucha Dragons were on their way to big things before Sin Cara was injured. It’s to bad we couldn’t see them big things. I happy that Kalisto was able to succeed as a singles wrestler when Sin Cara was out of action. A couple of weeks ago I predicted that Kalisto would lose the U.S. title at Fastlane. I wanna change that prediction. I think he will retain the title. I would like to see Kalisto have a lengthy run with the title and maybe it will lead to bigger and better things.

Jim:  I believe Kalisto loses the belt and the return to being partners.  There’s no way you can legitimately keep Kalisto as the US Champ for very much longer.  It’s simply unbelievable.


hall of fame

Who would you like to see inducted in this years WWE Hall of Fame that has not already been named? 

Steve: If you have read this forum or any other forum that I am involved with on this site, you will know that I have been petitioning to get Mike Rotunda into the Hall of Fame for quite some time now. I even started tagging @WWE on Twitter every day for about six months that Rotunda should be in the Hall. He is a two time former WCW Television Champion, 4 times held the tag team championship with 2 different partners, was a WCW tag team champion as well. He took a gimmick, in IRS that was not supposed to be successful and turned it into something. He is a constant professional, and deserves to be there. Other guys this year I would like to see? Unless you are going to induct the Undertaker this year in his home state, I don’t care who else gets in if Rotunda is shunned again.

Eric:  Here we go in no particular order: Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Rick Rude, Big Boss Man, Mike Rotunda, Brian Pillman, DDP, I could go on and on here so I’m going to stop there. You want to know more? Tune into In my damn opinion soon and I’ll do a special on the Hall of Fame right here on 7poundbag.com Also, I would like to once again thank Frosh for suggesting I should be in the hall of fame! I’m glad to have such a big fan like you and I promise once we release the best of In my damn opinion on dvd, you will be the first to receive an autographed copy of it.

Josh: In one of the few moment’s I agree with Steve, Rotunda deserves to be in.  Although, I am still campaigning for Eric to be in the Hall of Fame.  We will put him right between Koko B. Ware and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chad: With the announcement of Daniel Bryan’s retirement why not ride the nostalgia factor and put him in this year along with Sting that’s a great 1-2 punch for the Hall of Fame class. Shawn Michaels and Edge retired after Wrestlemania and went in the next year so why not this year for Bryan. In lieu of a name I recently was not in the Hall of Fame that I think needs to be in would be Vader his look and long time success in the industry for multiple promotions so that would be my pick.

Todd: Now that he has announced his retirement. I would like to see Daniel Bryan Inducted into the Hall of Fame. I mean why not? He is a 4 time World Champion, Held each the Intercontinental and U.S. Title once. He was also a 1 time tag team champion of one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history Team Hell no with Kane lol. He was the 2011 money in the bank winner. He was the 2013 slammy award winner for superstar of the year. He was also the 26th triple crown champion and the 15th grand slam Champion in WWE history. I thinking making his announcement about retiring is perfect timing. almost too perfect. He more than deserves it with some of the guys rumored to be inducted this year.I

Jim:  That’s obvious.  The Rock.  He deserves it today. He’s done more for the popularity of wrestling than any wrestler on the active roster.  And he deserves to be recognized now, instead of when he’s 100 or dead.  And probably should induct Vince McMahon too.  His credentials are unquestionable.


hall celebr

What is your opinion of the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame?

Steve: Much like the WWE Hall of Fame, this is a complete joke. How do you have guys like Drew Carey in the Hall of Fame, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Donald Trump just to name a few in the Hall of Fame. I can see guys like Mr T. as he was involved with two Wrestlemanias, and one main event. I can make a case for Pete Rose, as he was involved with three Manias with Kane. Hell I can make a case for Trump as he hosted two Wrestlemania’s and appeared in a few more. But not in a celebrity wing. They should be inducted in the the regular Hall of Fame. This celebrity nonsense is just pure stupidity, and I shake my head every year they announce it.

Eric: Pointless.

Josh: It’s stupid, but as long as it is there, ERIC FOR HALL OF FAME!

Chad: I can’t be mad at it; this sports entertainment; Wrestlemania is where the two worlds collide so why not acknowledge outside contributions. At this point the Hall of Fame is a page on WWE.com so until it’s building all this talk about wings is mute and pointless in my opinion.

Todd: I was never a big fan of the celebrity wing of the hall of fame. None of them guys with the Exception of Mr T deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Mr T. is the exception because he actually wrestled in Wrestlemania I. I wish they would stop inducting people into that part of the Hall of Fame all together.

Jim: The Celebrity Wing is ridiculous.  Period.  Case closed.



To date: What is your excitement level for Fastlane?

Steve: Honestly, I have no excitement level for Fastlane, so I guess 0. Everything is so predictable for the outcome for the main event, the WWE is not really doing a good job getting people excited. They are too busy building Wrestlemania, and say “oh shit we have to put on a show in February.” Why not just forget the February PPV, and go right from Royal Rumble into Mania. You can use Raw and Smackdown to build your storylines.

Eric: a 2! Honestly it’s going to be a boring ppv. With the exception of Sasha Banks being on the card, I could care less about the event. (oh Sasha Banks, Happy birthday to me! )I will watch the event but for the most part I think it maybe a boring show. I hope I get proven wrong and it turns out to be a good show but only time will tell. 

Josh: The square root of negative one is considered to be an imaginary number.  That is what ANY excitement for Fastlane is…imaginary.  WWE creative are hopped up on coke and no doz if they think that they are booking a solid road to Wrestlemania….their ONLY chance of salvaging this…and I mean ONLY is to really swerve and have Dean Ambrose win the #1 contendership, and stick with it.

Chad: Nothing too exciting leading into Fastlane unfortunately; going back to last week’s question this would be a good show to drop for a Clash or Saturday Night Main Event type of event or making a house a supershow and putting on the WWE Network.

Todd: Not very excited so far. Maybe a 2 at best. I mean the main event could not be more predictable if you just announced to the WWE Universe what was going to happen. Kalisto vs Del Rio is getting boring. I don’t have any idea what they are trying to do in the Divas division. I think it is a mess right now. How does brie jump into the title picture? There is really no storyline with the Wyatt family, picking on Brock Lesner but they can’t follow up on it cause he is only part-time. So they have to find someone like the Big Show to take his place when Brock is not there, makes no sense. The rumor was that WWE was suppose to make Fastlane a big event leading up to Wrestlemania. That sure as heck has not happened.

Jim:  My excitement level for Fastlane is zero.  Nothing.  Not registering on my radar. I may watch, but I doubt it.  There’s simply no reason.  I can accurately predict every match, every interference, every outcome….because nothing will change at Fastlane.  Flair will interfere for his daughter’s win.  There, it’s just that easy.



Vince McMahon is reportedly strongly considering making Braun Strowman a top guy in the WWE. What are your thoughts on this? Can Strowman be a top guy?

Steve: I like the look for Strowman, but I don’t think he can be built as the top guy. Especially over someone like Bray Wyatt. Strowman has no charisma, and we really have not heard what he can do on a promo. I could see him winning a mid-card championship like the IC or US title, maybe put the tag belts on him with Harper or Rowan, but the top guy? I can’t see it at this point in his career. I mean he does have a little bit more charisma than a dog’s chew toy, and he does not move like a “South American Sloth,” but I don’t see him involved in the main event. If they put him against the Undertaker, which was my pick last week, then we can see what he can do on the big stage in a big match, and maybe I can be convinced to change my mind.

Eric: I’m not too sure about this Braum guy yet. I have seen him in the ring but can this guy speak though? Will he be the next John Cena? Hell no! Could he possibly be the next Big Show? That I could see happening. Let’s face it, Big Show is getting older and WWE is always looking for fresher talent. I think it is possible that he could big a top guy, but he won’t be that guy! He doesn’t have the look for that spot, but the top Big Guy, yes I could see that happening. I Heard after Wrestlemania he could start to get a big push but let us just sit back and see what this guy can do. He can’t be no worse than other big men who have been pushed (Giant Gonzales) I’m interested to see how this will play out.

Josh: It’s possible, I have seen weirder things happen.  He could be very charismatic underneath that brutish character they have him working under.  Here is the thing, he is already in his 30’s.  Any window they have with him will be small.  I can easily see him challenging for and even winning the top title, mostly as a transition to the next person to be “the guy”…very similar to the Big Sow’s role.  As big as he is, he will be able to fill either role, heel or face.  Let’s just hope they keep a bit more consistency and don’t turn him every other RAW.  His first big singles feud needs to be against Bray Wyatt though.  Have Bray win the WWE championship later this year, and turn on Braun, making Braun the face.  Have him win the title from Bray and see what he does with it.  If successful, you put it back on Bray the next month and move on.

Chad: I’m sorry I just don’t see the traits of a top star in the company. I think he will be nothing but a big guy used in some tag teams and maybe get a second tier title run. If he does have a big Wrestlemania match against either Brock or Taker then maybe that would change but he would really show me something not only with the in-ring ability during the match but with promos during the build for the match.

Todd: I would disagree with this idea. He lacks in ring skill. I would say he is the next Big Show at best. Just a big guy to put other guys over. I believe if they put him in the ring with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania it would be a major mistake. Undertaker needs someone who can carry a match and Braun Strowman is not that guy. That would not be a very good match in my opinion.

Jim:  Braun Strowman is what’s wrong with wrestling today.  Just being big doesn’t make you a wrestler.  They bill him as 6′ 8″, and if you’ve ever watched him step into the ring, you know that’s a lie. He has no skill, no personality, and yet Vince wants him to be popular.  Send him back to qualifying school.  Make him learn to be a wrestler.  Please dear god make him shave.  Make him wear wrestling attire.  MAKE HIM A WRESTLER before you try and make him a champion.



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