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Weirdness abounds… I mean some really weird ass shit going down these day… yeah… like when is it not weird…


Emotional rescue…

joe1Saw this in the media the other day… a cop wants money for the stress of killing a citizen…

A Chicago cop who shot and killed a supposedly mentally ill college student in December…. and an unsuspecting neighbor when a bullet passed through the teen and entered into the neighbor… is suing the dead teen’s family for $10 million.

The reason…  “Extreme emotional trauma.”

I don’t give damn whose story you believe, or lean towards…  the Chitown cops’ where the teen rushed out of an apartment building at the cop while swinging a baseball bat and the cop fired his weapon in his own defense… 6 times… killing the teen and a neighbor… or… the dead teen’s family’s where they and their lawyers say the young boy was inside the building when he and the neighbor were fatally wounded by “… a hail of bullets being fired by an on-duty Chicago Police Department officer at and in the direction of (the building)… with bullets going through the doorway, and through the walls of the home…” while being about 20 feet from the building when he opened fire… this lawsuit is frivolous at best and insane and depraved at its worst.cop's counter claim

While, I am sure cops who kill people… regardless of the circumstances… go through a very traumatic experience… even the same “extreme emotional trauma” that the cop’s lawsuit states is reason for him to be awarded $10 million… but it goes with the damn territory. When a person becomes a cop he or she assumes that there may come a time when they will be confronted with a situation where their life comes into danger, maybe even the possibility of death. But, each and every time the situation arises is not reason enough to prompt any cop to sue anyone.

What the fuck… from now on anytime someone calls for a cop to render assistance, they now have to worry if something goes tragically astray and if they dare to seek financial compensation that they will be faced with counter suits asking for ridiculous amounts of remuneration for the cop’s stress due to the fact they had to fire their weapon and either seriously harm someone or maybe even take a life?

In plain fucking English… you knew the damn job was dangerous when you took it, so suck it up and deal with the consequences of your actions. If, you need to seek assistance due to whatever stress you are having then the city of Chicago can provide you with whatever tools you need to get that help. If, you think you need to take leave or even early retirement and don’t believe the city is providing the assistance required then sue the damn city if they refuse to help you.

But, it is abhorrent to sue a family of the man-child that got shot and killed… regardless of the circumstances.

What’s next… firemen respond to an apartment building where someone during a power outage left a candle burning or had a space heater too close to some curtains during a cold spell and a tragic conflagration resulted where folks died so now fire personnel get to sue the residents because they are suffering emotional trauma?

Black is Black…

I have always felt weird about saying “black” people or folks or whatever… the weirdness part I felt is not that I was making a reference to a group of people that is also often called “people of color” but the actual word black in all small case letters. But, every time I read a story and African Americans were spoken about… or written about as the case may be… the word black was sure enough in small case letters.

BEYONCE-SUPER-BOWL-570Then, I saw something on Facebook about how white peoples ought to shut the fuck up about the Beyoncé halftime show and among other things that her dancers were dressed as Black Panthers or about how she dropped a video the day before the Super Bowl titled “Formation” where in it there was a sequence where a small black child in a hoodie is dancing before a bunch of riot geared cops who then yield or surrender with hands raised up.

Now… I have to admit I did not see any of this first hand… I almost never watch the Super Bowl halftime shows because they usually don’t thrill me at all and are way over produced for the rich peeps in attendance. And, I didn’t know about the video until I read about it on Facebook…

(Editor’s note: Yes, WTF has since watched the “Formation” video.)

My interest was piqued.

Anyways… I saw that Facebook post and I clicked on the link and got directed to “Bitter Gertrude” which is a blog by a female who refers to herself as white…(and yeah I’m gonna get to the white people thing)…  who has been blogging on theater and culture since 2013.beyonce-child940-620x330

In it she immediately points out she is no fan of the music or artistic creations of folks like Beyoncé or Lady Gaga or even Madonna or Adele… because, frankly, she’d rather be listening to punk or classical but she got something to say about the Black experience… and about Black art in particular.

Notice the word Black? Spelled with a B in caps?

Gertrude writes her entire blog and every time she writes the word “black” and is talking about folk who are of a certain skin pigmentation she writes Black.

She goes to great lengths to make her point that when Black people tell their story they may or may not include white people and it’s their damn story and they are telling it without white interference… and… if “You don’t like it? Don’t watch. But I recommend that you do, and give it some real thought. This is their truth. You do not get to dictate how Black artists see or portray their own lives.”

She proceeds to lay down her argument for why white peeps need to shut the fuck up and she does it quite well (check it out here: and she  ends with these words… “My fellow white people: Listen. Listen. Listen. This is a Black moment, rarer than rare in this culture. If you don’t like the way Black artists portray white people, work on changing the impact of white people in Black lives, not on telling Black people they’re wrong about their own lives.”

Now… about that word “black” that is written by her as Black… let her own words define why she has chosen to  write it in that manner… and why white is still white…

capitalizing ‘Black’ does not reveal a secret plot for racial superiority. Capitalizing the word “Black” in reference to people is a linguistic thing. “White people” has a squidgy definition and refers to a hodgepodge of people from varied ethnic groups, all of which are capitalized, such as “Celtic people” or “Swedish people.” “Black” as shorthand for “The people of the African Diaspora living in the United States” is rightly capitalized as “Black people” in the same way we say “French people.” “African American” is linguistically and historically troubled because “Africa” is a continent with thousands of disparate cultures, and the people we label as such were forcibly separated from most aspects of their cultures of origin when they got to the US, creating an entirely new, coherent culture best described as “Black.” Of course, the word as an ethnic descriptor has other applications (“Black people in Germany,” for example), but this is the one I’m using in the article. Not all linguists agree, but that’s my position. 

And, it is a position I agree with… and, it solves my problem about feeling how I have always felt when I wrote “black people”…

Why it never occurred to me to take a stand as she has done and write Black as a capitalized word for a specific ethnic group is something I really can’t wrap my brain around… suffice it to say I just never made the jump in my logic.

But, from now on any time I write about “blacks” it will be as Blacks.

PS… Rudy Giuliani? Shut the fuck up…

Charlie says…

Johnny Football… aka QB Johnny Manziel is a party animal of the most serious kind. Some peeps say so much so that he is on a roller coaster gone wild and is bound for a crash… that he is addicted to either alcohol or drugs… or both.  Even his dad has come out and said he believes that Manziel needs help or he will wind up dead and it won’t be long before he is found in that most precarious and finite situation.

But, ya know, when will the reality shit hit the dude that he probably does need some sort of intervention, if, not outright help?sheen

When Charlie Sheen… a notorious bad boy, tiger blood drinking, drug and alcohol abuser, sex addicted partier of the most serious kind himself, tweets “@JManziel2 it’s time 2 refocus all of your energy on health & football! It’s never 2 late 2 get a fresh start!”

Come on, dude… when Charlie says ya’ll need help I do believe it’s time to take heed and for you to go into some kind of rehab. I mean, if, everyone in the world… including Charlie Fucking Sheen…  seems to be saying you need help or you gonna be headed for a badass crash or maybe even death, except you, don’t you think that ya’ll should take a damn serious look at the situation?

Probably not…

But, do it anyway, dude. For your own good. Fuck football. Fuck everyone else.

That is unless ya’ll really don’t want to live to see a bunch of tomorrows down the road with at least half your brain still intact.

What goes on in your heart?

Recently, in the City that never sleeps…  two subway riders broke into a conductor’s booth… which as far as I know is supposed to be secured at all times when no one is there but I guess that’s another issue for the powers that be will have to grind an ax about…… and used the public address system to say “This is ISIS… We are hijacking the train.”  Or, something to that effect… but that’s close enough for government work.

Then, as soon as the train came to the next stop the two fucking idjits got off and skedaddled their asses away.

At that point, authorities took the train out of service and took it to where all subway trains go when they need to be given some tea and sympathy… and dusted the conductor’s booth for fingerprints and searched around for any other possible evidence of who the fuck would be stupid enough to think that what they did was even remotely funny… especially in these harried times and in NYC where terror is still on many folks minds.train6n-2-web

And, not that I think it would be warranted, but, what would happen if some overzealous transit cop heard what the assholes had said and rushed willy nilly to the booth and the worst case scenario happened? He blew their funny asses away?

Wouldn’t be so damn funny then, would it?

Some shit just ain’t funny and it’s always good to remember there are always consequences whether you realize it or not. All those folks who were inconvenienced because of their “prank”? How the hell do you know if delaying any of those people might have caused something to go down that might have been prevented as long as the train went merrily rolling along on its way to drop them where they needed to be to… stop a crime from happening… to be somewhere to save a life… to help a baby be born… to see a fire and call in an alarm before a mother and her babies go up in smoke… to give aid to some little old lady crossing the street so she won’t get hit by some drunk driver…

Sounds farfetched?

Ya just don’t know what shit you can render by doing other shit that ain’t as funny as ya’ll might have thought it were when ya’ll first thinked it up.

Word to the wise, as well as to the not so wise… think, then go ahead and do the right thing, if’n ya’ll can. Two assholes didn’t on the subway last Friday night in NYC and maybe nothing happened, but, maybe something should have happened that couldn’t because someone got sidetracked from their course in life due to someone else’s thoughtlessness.

Groundhog love…

I heard the folks in the East… especially New England… are putting out a price on the groundhog’s head for lying his damn ass off about there being an early spring…groundhog_day_mutts

Problem is we had that early spring back in December and a lot of January…

Now, February… maybe even March… is the payback for that.

Just saying… don’t put them damn snow shovels and stuff away just yet.

Not Chelsea, too!

Well, well, well… maybe even Hillary’s daughter Chelsea ain’t gonna be voting for her mama…

WHAT?!!! No, ya’ll say…

Well, yeah, she is going around  saying her ma is the one to vote for in the primaries and have run as the donkey nomination for prez of these here Yew Nited States but funny thing happened in Minnesota last Wednesday… she told a crowd that the U.S. needs to strip away legal immunity for gun manufacturers which was protection that “President Sanders” once voted and daughter clintons

Chelsea immediately went oops and said “I hope not ‘President’ Sanders!’”

But… still… sometimes the mind tells truths when the lips try to say other stuff and that hidden feeling just slips out…

And… when she’s in that voting booth… its just gonna be her and her conscience… and… who knows what might be going on in her heart when it all comes down to facing the facts of who she  believes will be better for the future of her generation as well as the future of the country.

Her lips may be saying one thing but it sure sounds like her heart speaks from a different mind.

In that a pistol in your pocket?

In my continuing campaign to provide reasons why background checks need to be done, and, the present gun laws need to be changed…

Back on January 29th, a Virginia man called Newport News cops to report a robbery…

When cops responded to the call the guy said was pushed to the ground and had his handgun stolen. He was wearing his handgun in a holster… open carry… on his hip.   cartoon

If, you can’t even protect yourself and stop someone from stealing your weapon, then, you really probably shouldn’t be going around carrying one in the first place.

The entire idea that if more citizens are carrying weapons around then it will be a deterrent to crime is an erroneous idea.  I believe it will do just the opposite and more and more of these confrontations will develop and I fear some will end in a death occurring.

And, it might just be the guy who was open carrying the gun who winds up being on the ground in a pool of blood.

Ironically, studies say that folks who get the most professional defensive firearms training than other folks, tend to choose to not go around open carrying…

Wonder why that is?

Austin… we got a problem…

Just read about this guy in Austin (TX)… a Black man… who was reported running around some neighborhood and harassing peeps.

Cops responded, came to the scene and the guy wound up dead… shot and killed.

Austin cop shoots & kills naked man
Austin cop shoots & kills naked man

The chief of the cops said he was attacking an officer when he was shot. Even though the officers were reportedly carrying stun guns…

A witness says that the stun guns were never used and that shots were fired instead. In fact, two shots can be heard over one of the cops’ dash cams…no picture of the shooting… but the shots are heard.

Funny thing though… the guy was naked.

So… riddle me this… how does a naked guy become a danger to an armed police officer… many police officers in fact… how does that seem likely? What? He was gonna beat the cop’s head in with his dick?

The local NAACP prez said essentially the same thing when he released a statement that said… “I don’t see how a young man, who is naked and not hurting anybody, winds up dead.”

Somebody gots lots explaining to do…

Ice fishing…

In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin… every year they have an event called “Winterfest” that has just what you would expect at an event by that title… lots and lots of people doing wintery type stuff. So many peeps attend the event that parking is often times at a premium…lake-cars

So, this past weekend, with that predicament at hand, twelve peeps got a genius of an idea… let’s park on the frozen lake.

Yep… you guessed it already…

The cars fell through.

Now to be fair… this practice has happened before but not with the cars so closely parked near one another and not when the weather was as warm as it has been in Geneva as of late.

Liberty Mutual ad
Liberty Mutual ad

Still… come on…

Sooner or later something had to go dreadfully wrong with parking a bunch of cars on freaking ice…


Does insurance cover something like that?

Is this gonna be a new commercial for Liberty Car Insurance?

Decisions, decisions…on edge



Another thousand words…

Land of the Giants



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