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Hello NBA fans! Welcome to another another edition of NBA Roundtable. Another coach fired last week by the Phoenix Suns. Who will be next? This week on NBA Roundtable we will talk discuss weather or not the Warriors and Spurs will make history, The Hack – A – Shaq rule change and many more topics on NBA roundtable.

Let’s get started with the questions:

Stephen Curry

With the Golden State Warriors And San Antonio Spurs both with 40 plus wins already, do you think they will make NBA history and both of them will win 70 or more games?

Todd: Golden State will surely win 70 games. I am still not convinced they will beat the Bulls of 72 wins or not. The Spurs I’m not sure if they will win 70 or not. It depends on how they play the other three games against the Warriors. They also tend to rest more of their players. We will have to wait and see.

Steve: Golden State will probably win at least 70, and my smart money is they will eclipse the Bulls record of 72 wins. The Spurs, while they are having a great season themselves wont get to 70, they will come close, but I bet 66 maybe 67 wins for San Antonio.

Chad: Golden State beats the Bulls record by one game going 73-9 while San Antonio will continue to rest their older players here and there and end up with a respectable 65-69 wins


Adam Silver addressed the Hack – A – shaq  rule change on USA today sports’ NBA A to Z podcast. What are your thoughts on the current rule and do you think the rule should be changed?

Todd: This just pisses me off that Adam Silver would even consider a thing. Why bail out the poor free throw shooters. My rule change would be make your Damn free throws Deandre Jordan, Andre Drummond, Dwight Howard, and Clint Capela. That is why they are called free throws.

Steve: I only have one thing to say on this matter. I have said it before on this very forum. If you don’t like the rule, then make your fucking free throws. It is one of the easiest things to do in the NBA. This rule should never be initiated.

Chad: Some of these guys are making 20 million dollars a year or more and you can’t hit free throws consistently. That’s a player’s problem not a league problem


How do Houston Rockets go from the Western Conference Finals to just fighting for a playoff spot?

Todd: First of all they let Josh Smith walk after last year who they just recently ended up getting back in a trade. Second Dwight Howard wants to be the number one guy when they already have James Harden and there is a clash of egos.  Third they acquired Ty Lawson for what? He is a point guard who needs the ball in his hands but when you have Harden that is hard to do.

Steve: Because Dwight Howard is a cancer to any competitive team as he wants to be the top guy on the team. That aint happening as long as James Harden is on that team. I don’t think the Rockets will ever compete for a championship while Howard is on their team. Plus, they lost a key factor in Josh Smith, who may have been the glue that held this team together.

Chad: Josh Smith really hurts not being in Houston anymore he really did help in the playoffs. But the main issue is that Howard and Harden want to be a less successful version of Kobe and Shaq always bickering who should the man in the offense.

All Star 2014

Who are your picks to win the Three point contest and the Slam Dunk contest on All-Star weekend? Slam Dunk: Zach LaVine, Will Barton, Aaron Gordon, Andre Drummond – Three Point: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, James Harden, Chris Bosh, Khris Middleton, Kyle Lowry, J.J. Redick, Devin Booker.

Todd: This one is easy Zach LaVine slam dunk winner and Stephen Curry three point winner

Steve: Steph Curry wins the 3 point contest, I mean he is the best shooter in the league. And because I give two shits about dunks anymore. Dunks are not exciting, Steph Curry is, so I say he wins the slam dunk contest. I don’t give a damn if he isnt in it.

Chad: I’ll go with Aaron Gordon for the dunk contest and Golden State will win the 3 pt contest.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is the only player in the NBA that is in the top in points, rebounds, and blocked shots. Does he deserve to be in the All-Star Game regardless of the New Orleans Pelicans 18-31 record?

Todd: This is a tough one. He definitely has the numbers to be an All-Star but there are other players on other teams who are just as deserving with better records such Dirk Nowitzki and Damian Lillard off the top of my head.

Steve: Really? Really? no Seriously? Despite how bad the Pelicans are, the Lakers are worse, and guess who is starting in the All Star Game? Yes, Davis deserves to be in the All Star Game. It doesnt matter how bad his team is, one guy cannot carry the team by himself. Not even LeBron James could lead THIS team to the playoffs. Most knew that the Pelicans were going to digress from last year.

Chad: Kobe gets voted in to start the all star game with his numbers nobody bats an eye. Anthony Davis should be in based on his numbers and everybody flips their lid are you kidding me let him play

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