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Let’s start off this week with a little BAD NEWS.


Ah early February a time on the road to Wrestlemania where the end of pro football is in the air that was until 2001 when WWF Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon decided to try take football int the words of Paul Heyman TO THE EXTREME!!!!! with the formation of the XFL a spring time football league with Opening scrambles instead of coin tosses; crotch chop celebrations and players with names on their jerseys like “DX” and “He Hate Me.” As you can guess I do have some bad news the league debuted a year later in 2002 to strong numbers but then the league lost half its audience a week later, and before the season ended, their broadcast was the least-watched first-run major network show in television history. The estimated losses for Vince McMahon are somewhere between 50-75 million. OUCH Vinnie.

Did you know?

Did you know that Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) has appeared in the Royal Rumble on three occasions, all being Intercontinental Championship matches, but never appeared in the Royal Rumble match itself. This courtesy of Eric Asafailo, In my Damn Opinion


And now its time for a little friend of mine to weigh in on his take around the world of wrestling. Trevor is back for a little round of Q and A.


Here are the questions this week.

Tori from Wheeling WV chimes in this week.

The Four Horsemen are by far my favorite faction ever. Why hasnt the WWE ever tried to recreate the Horsemen?


Well they kind of did back in the early 2000’s when they formed Evolution. You had Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista. Four of the best wrestlers from the past, present, and future all on one team. So you could say, and some did day, that they were the modern day Four Horsemen. However, the main reason you never heard from the Horsemen, was purely out of respect to Ric Flair and that particular stable. Some things you just cannot recreate, and I think that the Four Horsemen was one of those things that you just cannot recreate. That was why the WWE inducted the faction the Four Horsemen in to the WWE Hall of Fame. I would not disagree with you though, they were my favorite as well. At least the Flair, Windham, Arn, and Tully version. Basically the ones who got inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Oh Tori is back with another Horsemen question.

How many members have their been in the Four Horsemen in its history?


Well let’s start from the beginning. I would put the number at 25

JJ Dillon, who was the manager of the Horsemen

Ric Flair

Arn Anderson

Tully Blanchard

Ole Anderson

Lex Luger

Barry Windham

Sting- for a very short time

Sid Vicious

Chris Benoit

Dean Malenko

Brian Pillman

Paul Roma- Oh god spare us the details

Steve McMichael

Curt Hennig

Jeff Jarrett

You then have some valets who were with the group.


Miss Elizabeth

Debra McMichael

Dark Journey

Baby Doll

These wrestlers were not officially members, but were affiliated with the group.

Kendall Windham

Butch Reed

David Flair

Charles Robinson


Wayne from the University of Kansas asks:

Who portrayed former President Bill Clinton at many WWE Pay Per Views? And has there ever been a sitting President at a major Pay Per View?


The man is Tim Watters, who is a comedian/actor. He appeared at several different Pay Per View events, starting with Survivor Series 1995, when he appeared with Bob Backlund, when Backlund started going ape shit and said he was going to run for President. Watters is one of the more notorious Clinton impersonators that we have seen, and to this day takes bookings.

As for having a President appear on a WWE Pay Per View? No, it has never happened. There have been occasions where President Bush, and President Obama had video messages for the WWE before a Monday Night Raw event, but security would be too severe to have a sitting President at a major WWE event.


Corey from Normal IL wants to know why certain people are not in the Hall of Fame

Why are guys like Brutus the Barber Beefcake and Rick Martel not in the Hall of Fame, when other guys like Tito Santana, and Greg Valentine are in the Hall of Fame. I mention these guys because they teamed with them.


I could answer this a number of different ways. Why isnt a guy like Mike Rotunda in the fucking Hall of Fame while Ted Dibiase is. Now sure you can make an argument that Dibiase had a much better career than Rotunda, and whatever. I don’t remember Dibiase winning any singles championships in WWE, WCW, or NWA, do you? Didnt think so. Okay so to your guys, Beefcake: I could make an argument for Beefcake for and against him being in the Hall of Fame. He had a pretty good career, was very popular in his day in the WWE. Then he went to WCW and basically they made a complete fool out of him with all of the different characters they made him do. His claim to fame I guess you could say main eventing Starrcade 95 when he was known as The Butcher, and faced off against Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Championship. In WWE, he had a pretty solid career, but was cut short due to injury. He probably would have won the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam 88 before he was injured, and one Ultimate Warrior took his place. Who knows what would have happened after that. Warrior of course went on to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania VI over Hogan, and “Ultimately” ended up in the Hall of Fame, while Beefcake’s career went south. As far as Martel, I cant think of any reason why he is not in the Hall. Former AWA World Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, had a great gimmick with the Model that really made his WWE career. He was a constant professional and is well deserving of getting an induction. I cant say that I agree with comparisons with Tito and Valentine, both of them should be there too. I guess the real answer on why these two are not in, is because the WWE Hall of Fame is one big fucking joke.


Joel from Delaware chimes in

So Vince McMahon is in to big guys holding the title most of the time. Why didnt he do much with the Giant Gonzales back in the early 90’s? He seemed to be on the title path in WCW, what happened with that?


He couldnt work is simply the short answer. He was sloppy in the ring, he had a very limited skill set and just was not getting over enough with the fans in WCW as El Gigante. He had a breif run in the title picture claiming that he wanted to win the championship, but it was never going to happen. They wanted a guy who looked the part, and could talk. Take Flair, he had a good look and could talk, they ran with Sting who looked the part and could talk, then Luger who looked the part and….well yeah he couldnt talk that well so that is why he had Harley Race in his corner to do the talking for him. As for his WWE run, he was simply brought in to work with the Undertaker, basically to give Taker even more credibility that he could take on anyone, big or small in any type of match. He defeated Gonzales at Wrestlemania by DQ, then pinned him at Summerslam 93. That was pretty much the end of the Giant Gonzales. He was never going to be in any title picture and was purely a gimmick because of his size. I liked watching him though, especially in the WCW because you just don’t see guys 7’7 work in the ring now a days.






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