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Welcome back wrestling fans to the greatest wrestling roundtable in the land. This is 7poundbag’s Wrestling Roundtable. First we want to take a moment to wish Bret Hart well during his battle with pancreatic cancer. Get well soon Hitman! This week our panelists discuss the hottest topics surrounding the world of wrestling. What’s going to happen at Fastlane, how do you book it leading in to WrestleMania? This and much more.

First, Frosh weighs in on what is on his mind.

Today’s Frosh Five is all about making the most out of a little.  In the spirit of the fact that WWE is facing an unprecidented amount of injuries, this week we have the top 5 most important wrestlers active in the WWE.  (note:  I said “important” not “best”  there is a HUGE difference)

5.) AJ Styles – He is the guy WWE can build intrigue around.  Expect him to get a rather large push, as WWE will make the most of him before his age catches up.  Once he gets to his peak, watch him to become Chris Jericho 2.0 – Enhancement talent to the stars!

4.) Kevin Owens – What WWE decides to do with Kevin Owens will determine a lot of what happens with new talent coming up.  He could go one of two ways.  He could go the Jake the Snake route, never winning the big one, and always being the guy getting wrestlers ready to take on the top guy, or he could go the Austin route, make his own way, and become a top star in the company.

3.) Bray Wyatt – In a similar situation to Kevin Owens, but on a grander scale.  I can see Wyatt getting a run or two, but only small ones.  He will be used to prep the top faces for the big time.  Look for him to start feuds with Lesnar, possibly a returning Seth Rollins, or John Cena.

2.) Naomi – Sasha should have turned face, and it was the right move.  However, Sasha has been heel for a very long time, all the way back to NXT.  Whether or not this face turn will be successful will be her build up.  And the person to build her up is Naomi.  While not traditionally great on the Mic, Naomi is insanely talented in the ring.  If she can pull this off, you have just launched the next face of the Diva’s division, drawing comparisons to Trish, Alundra and Lita.  If she is not able to build up Sasha effectively, you have your next Ivory – talented, but always just a step below.

1.) Brock Lesnar – Obviously, Roman Reigns wins the triple threat match at Fastlane.  It is up to Lesnar to determine if Reigns comes out as a face, or as someone WWE desperately wishes could actually pull off being a face, but can’t help getting booed out of the building because of his clear lack of skills and charisma.  If Dean Ambrose is involved in the finish in ANY WAY, Reigns better be turning, but Ambrose should be knocked out early by Lesnar, leaving Lesnar one on one with Reigns.  And Lesnar selling Reigns will make the difference, and have a huge impact on Wrestlemania.

Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Triple H- The WWE Champion is just lying in wait to see who will come out of Fastlane as the number one contender.

2.Roman Reigns- Will Roman Reigns be able to overcome his brother and the beast?

3.Dean Ambrose- The IC champion looks to main event his first Wrestlemania after Fastlane.

4.Dolph Ziggler- Big victory on Raw over Kevin Owens. Ziggler is rolling right now in the WWE.

5.Titus O’Neil- Could be just a matter of time before singles gold is around the waste of Titus O’Neil.

This week in professional wrestling

1985– Pro Wrestling Returns to Prime-Time Network television after a 33 year absence with the broadcast of WWF’s Main Event on NBC.

1988– The Midnight Express win their first and only NWA World Tag Team Championship defeating the Four Horsemen Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. In doing so they became the first team to simultaniously hold both the World and United States Tag Team titles.

1989– The Mega Powers explode as Randy Savage turns on Hulk Hogan during an episode of the Main Event.

Here are the questions this week


You have the ability to book Fastlane leading up to WrestleMania. What do you do?

Steve: First you have Roman Reigns go over in the triple threat match and he goes on to defeat Triple H at Wrestlemania, finally giving Reigns his Wrestlemania moment. Then you have Sasha Banks team up with Becky Lynch to face Naomi and Tamina, this will set up a match between Sasha and Charlotte at Wrestlemania. I have the Usos defeating New Day to win the tag team championship. You book AJ Styles against the Miz in a one on one match. Now back to the triple threat match. Bray Wyatt gets involved and will cost Lesnar the match setting up a match between Lesnar and Wyatt at Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose will then start a program Kalisto, who will retain the US title, the two will meet at Mania to unify the Intercontinental and United States championship.

Eric: First, of all I change Fastlane to a Saturday night Main Event. Then I keep Kalisto vs Del Rio for the US title and have Kalisto go over, then I have a cage match with the USOs vs New Day for the tag team titles and have the New Day retain. Then I have a 20 man battle Royal for the number one Contender for the IC title and to a big surprise Kalisto wins, which will eventually setup a champion vs Champion unification match at Wrestlemania. i have Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch in a number one Contender match for the divas title, which results in a no contest, so it becomes a triple threat match for the divas title at Wrestlemania The main event the same triple threat match. I have Roman Reigns go over in that match with interference from the Wyatt family attacking Lesnar, and the Roman go over clean. Which sets up him vs Triple H at Wrestlemania. I have big plans on what to do with that at Wrestlemania and I’ll revel that……… In a future episode of the Wrestling Round Table.

Josh: Since this question was answered last week in the Frosh Five, and you can’t answer it correctly without going back in time and changing the Royal Rumble….I am going to talk about something else.  I just saw “Trainwreck” this week, and it is truly funny….Cena, for all of his faults, was really funny in it, and I will NEVER be able to hear “There is no I in team” the same way again.

Chad: I believe that leading into Wrestlemania and based on the events of the Rumble you have Roman win the #1 contender match to have Roman beat HHH at Mania and have his moment. Brock loses because of the Wyatts setting Bray vs Brock. I would love to see Dean Ambrose go off and defend the IC belt against perhaps the greatest IC champ ever in Chris Jericho. Newcomer AJ Styles gets thrust into a big match against Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania after AJ beats Miz. I think you then have to have Sasha beating Charlotte for the belt. For the tag belts the Usos get back on top beating New Day and the Dudleys at Wrestlemania.

Todd: Brie vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte (Divas title), Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles vs The Miz, Usos vs The New Day (Tag Team titles), The Big Show vs Luke Harper, Brock Lesner vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns (number one Contenders match)

Jim: I have Triple H come out and apologize for his ego and take himself out of the Main Event at Wrestlemania.  I then get rid of the sorry idea of a triple threat match and fire Broooooocccckkkkk Leeessssnnnnnneeeeerrrrrrr, since he has zero wrestling skills, and no stage presence, and no ability to talk.  I then fire New Day.  Whatever else you want to do with Fastlane, go for it.  Because Fastlane is the worst of all the pay per view’s, and shouldn’t be booked in the first place.  It’s a cash grab, plain and simple


Recently, Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy did a double turn. Meaning Carter turned face while Hardy turned heel. What is your take on double turns as related to professional wrestling, not regulated to this particular one.

Steve: It really depends on how you book it, and if it is done correctly. I don’t really have a problem with it per se, but it has to be done correctly. I don’t like the Carter and Hardy turn, because I believe that Ethan Carter III could potentially be the best heel in TNA, and could really run with this. Especially if TNA will in fact start gaining some momentum.

Eric: I think double turns are great as long as both competitors can fully asume their new roles. The most successful double turn I can think of is Wrestlemania 13 with Austin and Hart. That was just beautifully done. Both men then went on to totally rocked their new roles. I enjoy it when it happens, it’s gives us a chance to see how the wrestlers can do as an opposite as to what they were before.

Josh:It has to be done right, and with the right people, with the right story.  I didn’t even know Matt Hardy was still alive….and the fact that Derick Bateman is on anyone’s radar as a wrestling persona is just ludicrous.  But this is the Test & Albert wrestling company so…

Chad: It can be done correctly Bret/Stone Cold; Rock/Mankind are the examples that come to mind that worked brillantly for a double turn because for the double turn to work the wrestlers have to be believable as faces or heels. In the recent TNA example; EC3 IS NOT A BABYFACE so this turn does not work.

Todd: I don’t think they make a whole lot of sense. what is the point of them? I don’t get it. I guess that’s TNA for ya!

Jim: It truly depends on the story line.  Hardy’s turn was just poorly done.  It’s simply not believable.  Just as his ever growing waistline is not believable when you try and justify it with his attempts to be a quality wrestler. There has to be a real and compelling reason for someone to turn heal.  Matt’s simply wasn’t.  It’s far easier in the WWE to turn from heal to face.  Just be nice, and fans will forgive you.  Chris Jericho is a prime example.  He could turn heal to face in one match and the fans will follow.  But turning face to heal is far more difficult.  There has to be a reason, and it has to be compelling.  The best heal to face I’ve ever seen was Hulk Hogan, in the NWO days.  It was totally believable and the fans ate it up.  Just being an a##hole isn’t being a heal.  Matt Hardy could learn a lot by reading that last sentence.

sat night

If you could bring back either Saturday Nights Main Event, Clash of the Champions, or any other special show from the past, what would it be?

Steve: I was a huge fan of both Saturday Nights Main Event and Clash of the Champions. I would like to see the WWE bring back Saturday Nights Main Event, and do a special on Prime Time TV on one of the major networks like NBC like they did before. I loved the Clash, but I think they have Night of Champions and that is pretty close to being like the Clash.

Eric: No doubt I would bring back Saturday night Main Event! I remember being a kid and watching it on tv and just loving it. I would also cancel 6 ppvs a year and only have a ppv every other month. This would free up so everyother month so they could then put on a Saturday night Main Event. Give the fans ppv quality matches on tv. Also I would take Raw down to two hours a week, but that’s a different topic for a different time. For, if I had a chance, I’d bring back Saturday night Main Event in a heartbeat.

Josh: I would bring back King of the Ring.  An 8 man tournament, having its own PPV, JUST FOR THE TOURNAMENT, maybe a WWE title match at the end, but have “Qualifying matches” on RAW leading up to it, then the quarters, semis and finals all on the PPV.  It was a good time back in the day, before Mabel won.

Chad: I would make some of their specials like Saturday Night Main Event which they have been experimenting with on the Networks; I would use them to replace the match specific PPV (Hell in a Cell; TLC; Elimination Chamber) in order to make those types of matches special when used. For example, I would use the chamber to determine a #1 contender at Fastlane

Todd: I would bring back Saturday Nights Main Event but put it on WWE Network instead of on TV.

Jim:  I’m a big fan of Clash of the Champions.  There was just something special about it.  Of course, those were broadcast back in the mid-80’s, when wrestling could do no wrong.  Lex Lugar, the Road Warriors, Dusty Rhoades, Midnight Express, Ric Flair, Sting.  Seriously, how could you go wrong.  But Wrestling needs prime time, network exposure.  Still.  No matter what the powers that be say.  You know, the same powers that write themselves in as champions.  I say bring back the CLASH!


Do you agree with the WWE’s decision to turn Sasha Banks face and leave Team BADD?

Steve: Love that Sasha Banks is going to be in singles competition and really start to make a name for herself. I think that Sasha is the best Divas wrestler that the WWE has seen in quite some time. I like her to take the title off of Charlotte at Wrestlemania, and start a very long run as champion.

Eric: Yes, I think that was a great movement by management. Sasha Banks is really over with the fans right now, so why not capitalize on that? Sasha Banks is also In my damn opinion the best looking diva on the main roster right now. The fans all seem to like her, she is very entertaining to watch. She. can also put on a dam good match, dont believe me, go back and watch her and Baileys iron man match last year. Everytime I see her I think “happy birthday to me” cause that gal is so hot! Mmmm, ok now what were we talking about?

Josh: It was the only move that made sense.  I doubt there is anything WWE could have done to keep her from getting cheers from the crowd….just like there isn’t anything they can do to get the crowd to stop Booing Roman Reigns, it is just going to happen.  They learned their lesson with Banks, let’s see if the message gets through with Reigns.

Chad: Sasha was far and away the best part of the team and was being held down I anticipate a Wrestlemania win and a long title reign in her future.

Todd: I agree with this. Naomi and Tamina were just holding Sasha Banks back. She was the only star of the group and the most talented. Its about time WWE realize that and split her from the group and let her go out on her own. I do think she will be the next Divas Champion before too long now. She is by far in my opinion the best female wrestler on the roster.

Jim:  I agree with her leaving Team BADD.  They’re just terrible.  She’s a possible superstar.  But she’s best when she’s a heal.  I keep imagining her trying to be AJ.  It just doesn’t fit in my brain.  So dismantle Team BADD.  Fire the other two, and let’s put Sasha on the road to Wrestlemania!!!


Who will the Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 32?

Steve: Its got to be someone safe, and someone that makes sense to feud with Taker. I see some big things down the road for Braun Stroman, and putting Stroman in the match against the Undertaker could take his career to the next level. Undertaker would go over obviously, but it can elevate Stroman’s career. This would make sense given the way that the Wyatt family took out the Undertaker last fall after Hell in a Cell.

Eric: Braum Strowman, there isn’t anyone else on the roster right now I could see the Taker fighting at Mania. Braum is being built as the next big giy in the WWE and what better way to become established by facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Taker can’t have many matches left in him bit I think Braum could carry him and they could have a decent match at Wrestlemania.

Josh: He should face his own mortality and realize that at his age, he just can’t go anymore, at least not at the level that he is used to going.  He would lose cleanly to his old age, that has taken out his knees, given him a bad back, and slowed him to something that moves between the speed of a South American sloth and the Big Show.

Chad: Because of the the storyline with the Wyatt family played out and the fact the Brock Lesnar will probably fight Bray Wyatt I think Undertaker should fight Braun Strowman  I think Undertaker should win but will also help his character.

Todd: I know the last couple of years, WWE has not brought the Undertaker back until a couple of weeks before Wrestlemania. This year I thought they would bring hi back earlier. The thing is I don’t think they have any clue who he will face at Wrestlemania since John Cena was injured. I am going to go with Randy Orton. Rumor is he might be back by Wrestlemania.

Jim: Honestly, I don’t care.  Truly, don’t care one lick.  Unless…and this is a major UNLESS….they induct Sting into the Hall of Fame…and then he comes out to face the Undertaker.  I would watch that.  And I believe Sting is healthy enough for one more go round, on the grandest stage.

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