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This week WTF talks about a damn great Dame and a whole bunch of other stuff that if it wasn’t for the fact that it was real you would swear I was just pretending so I could fill up this week’s column with my necessary quota of words… but this shit is as true as true can be…

I give you this week’s WTF…

Mirren delivers…

joe1Got a wind of one of the Super Bowl commercials… it was actually pre-released on Tuesday… and it’s a doozy… not so much for how it’s produced but for the message that it states… although the production ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

It even has some renowned major star power behind it… a person who has won an Oscar (1)… a Tony (1)… and… an Emmy (4)… the triple crown of show biz, not many folks can lay claim to that achievement …as well as numerous other awards and acclamations from various organizations.

Who dat? Dat be Dame (that’s a Brit honorific meaning Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) Helen Mirren.

And the message being delivered? It’s a message that’s approved by me… 100%.

And, it comes from Budweiser beer, no less…  ya know them peeps that has unleashed them Clydesdale horse commercials that get ya’ll so choked about or smiling at… like the lost puppy dog one…  and other commercials they’ve done… like the three singing frogs…helen-mirren-zoom

It opens with mi lady Mirren sitting at a table in a nice restaurant with a burger and a bottle of buttwiper suds… and she says that she is “a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady.”

My kind of person already…

She then in her beautifully Brit toned manner says…   “If you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting, human form of pollution.  A Darwin-award deserving, selfish coward. If your brain was donated to science, science would return it. So stop it. Chances are, you’re a fun, solid human being… don’t be a pillock (that’s Brit talk for don’t be an asshole).

And, of course, she ends it all with a very somber and proper… “Your friends and family thank you.”

Like I said… it was brought to you by Budweiser and I approve …100%… of this message.

Don’t drive drunk… don’t be an asshole… don’t ruin someone’s life by the damage you could do if you crash into them… don’t commit murder…because that’s what it is if you kill someone because of your drunk driving.

Don't be pillock...
Don’t be a pillock…

So, don’t destroy a life… don’t destroy a family…

And, if, for no other reason… don’t drive drunk and destroy your own life… don’t learn a lesson the hard way…

Like the beer company… and many others… say… Drink responsibly. Don’t drive drunk.

Just… DON’T…

(This has been a public service message by Budweiser… Helen Mirren… and… me… old Mr. WTF.) 


Ya’ll must of heard about elephant front runners for their party’s presidential candidates… Cruzan-ing Teddy-boy Cruz and Donald Trump, the trumpeter of pompousness and all things outrageous… and… how they said they would do things like “carpet-bomb” ISIS out existence.


One problem … by doing that it brings back memories a certain U.S. general in Vietnam… (Vietnam… the Big Muddy? )… under a donkey command of LBJ… who once said about the Viet Cong, “… they’ve got to draw in their horns and stop their aggression, or, we’re going to bomb them back into the Stone Age. And, we would shove them back into the Stone Age with Air power or Naval power….”

The man who said them words? General Curtis LeMay… a then Chief of Staff (USAF) and later a VP running mate of American Independent Party candidate George Wallace in the 1968 presidential election.

He advocated a sustained bombing campaign against North Vietnamese cities, harbors, ports, shipping, and other strategic targets regardless of civilian populations.

It was never done…at least it t’weren’t to the extent he called for…

And, from my perspective I think that was a good thing…free them

( Little declaimer here is needed… I was, at one time (as a high school student), a heavy advocate for doing as LeMay said but later realized the stupidity and assholisness of that thinking and became a strong anti-war advocate and demonstrated strongly and publicly for the end to the Vietnam campaign…)

However… during the time leading up to the recently concluded Iowa Caucasus the Trumpster told a bunch of folks out  there that as the prez he would “bomb the shit out of ’em … there would be nothing left”.

And… Cruzan Teddy-boy has repeatedly vowed, if he were the prez, to “…carpet-bomb [Isis] into oblivion.”

cruzA US military commander, who be in charge of the Iraq-Syria war, said… quite surprisingly to my way of thinking in fact…  he said something that was diametrically opposed to these two elephant strategies on how to combat ISIS…

Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland  said the type of bombing that both candidates said they would wage upon ISIS strongholds… irrelevant of whether there were civilians living there or not, was illegal, immoral and un-American. Now mind ya’ll he never called out either elephant candidate by name but  I think the conclusion can be made on what the hell he was talking about.

MacFarland said… “We are bound by the laws of armed conflict and at the end of the day it doesn’t only matter whether or not you win, it matters how you win…” and… he added “… indiscriminate bombing, where we don’t care if we’re killing innocents or combatants, is just inconsistent with our values.”

MacFarland also said… actually it was something he didn’t say… something else I totally agreed with and have always wondered at why other military commanders don’t follow along with his thinking… when asked by media peeps about what strategy he advocated in the Mideast, he said… “I’d like the enemy to find out for the first time when the area around them is going up in smoke.”

I mean… why the hell  any military commander would tell reporter-type schmucks looking for a big lead and news breaking story anything about troop levels or battle strategy  always dumbfounded me. I hate war but if it has to be fought then ya should not be going around saying certain shit in public…

MacFarland and other US military officials have said that at times the airstrikes against ISIS, while among the most precise in the history of warfare, have resulted in wrongfully killed civilians.

Gen Sean MacFarland
General Sean MacFarland

But, as a military commander, who acknowledges that there have been civilian casualties, he believes that the present manner that the US wages war against ISIS will minimize the loss of lives in strategically targeted areas.

And… he says, “Right now we have the moral high ground, and I think that’s where we need to stay.”

Again… I am an antiwar person… I think all wars are asinine and have always been fought over property and wealth… many under the disguise of one ideology or another against some other ideology or another… or… sometimes even religion against religion or philosophy against philosophy.

Unfortunately, we exist in a world where wars are still fought and sometimes we need to answer killing with killing of our own… 911, for instance… we needed to answer the attacks on US soil with deadly force against those that did their shit but unfortunately a certain elephant regime decided it was an opportunity to wage war on another battlefield… Iraq… when the war shoulda been directed at “enemy’ strongholds elsewhere.

Regardless… if, war must be fought at least let it be by folks who understand that there is an enemy and then there are people who just want to live and be left alone to make it to another day.

Indiscriminate bombing doesn’t… well… it don’t discriminate between the real enemy and civilians… carpet bombing does not discriminate… nor does bombing the shit out them… or… bombing them back to the Stone Age…

War is not nice. It sucks big moose cock if ya’ll want my opinion.  But, if it has to be done then let a military mind like LT General Sean MacFarland be in command.

Say what????

Been some stuff in the media about fighting the “heroin epidemic”… things being said, shown, or printed, like…  “…we have to do something about the opioid crisis, whether that’s in the appropriations process or whether that is in (a) criminal justice.”

It’s like heroin was here and then it left, and, now, it’s back again and this time in epidemic form.

Wanna know something? Heroin has always been here. It never went anywhere. Ya know what the difference is now? It’s become more common in affluent white communities.

As rich white peeps get hooked on expensive pain pills and the cost becomes too outrageous even for their  asses… especially their kids who raid their medicine cabinets, get hooked, and, then start buying pills from other kids they know… they find out that there’s this cheap alternative that will take care of the jones they be carrying very neatly and efficiently… its called heroin.infographic

But, as some these peeps be getting busted for possession or at times sales… hell… sell some smack to your neighbors who also got jones’, then you can pay for your own jones and maybe even tuck some away for them rainy days that always seem to be calling  sooner or later.

Donkey rep from Baltimore, Elijah Cummings, says “(Heroin) has been in Baltimore ever since I was a child.” He adds, “There was a time the drug situation was seen as a black, urban issue and basically the response was ‘lock ‘em up, throw away the key… for years, not months, years,'” and now “the heroin epidemic has invaded all kinds of communities… particularly New Hampshire, but it’s everywhere.”

He also says, “It bothers me that people did not view it as a health issue before now. Now we have people basically begging to see it as a health issue because we’re seeing so many overdoses and we are seeing drug addiction invade communities that never even dreamed of it. A lot of these folks are all white people.”

Cummings says that he feels for anyone who has lost a loved one to “But again, the African American community has been begging for years, begging people to look at this as a health issue and you’ve had legislators who want not to appear soft on crime.”

The chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), chimes in that “To often some of our colleagues will think: ‘criminal justice, that’s not really an issue that I have to worry so much about in my district because it’s really inner city, urban…. then all the cities start to talk about heroin, and you hear it’s…. in some of the places that our Republican colleagues represent. And all of a sudden it’s: ‘Yeah, we got to do something.’”

Whys that ya’ll might say? Simply… them white, rural and middle to upper class areas are traditional elephant strongholds.

Hakeem Jeffries, a donkey pol from NY, says it a tad more politely when he says, “It’s not lost on many of us that the more enlightened view being taken toward dealing with the heroin epidemic in America may in part relate to the fact that it has devastated suburban communities in ways not previously seen before.”

One more time.. .the gist of all this is that there never was a lull in heroin use in this country, it just didn’t effect white folks… white folks that got the big and long green… all that much before now. So, now instead of being a criminal act its now looked at as being a health crisis of epidemic proportions.HEROIN_BANNER_

Funny about that… before when it only effected them poor folks… regardless of color… it was a fucking crime and the bastards needed to be locked up and do some serious time… made no difference what they got caught with…. heroin… marijuana… whatever… it’s all drugs. Now, some white people who got money and influence get hooked on their doctor’s scripts and then they turn to smack… it’s a damn health problem.

They can call it whatever they all want… but… to me it was class warfare and racist no matter how they all try and shade it.

How do you give back a name that was stolen?

Recently I a saw a post on Facebook and it asked the question should a woman who lied about a rape case be prosecuted for the lie?

And, it was presented with this story…

Back in 2012 there was this story about a high school football star that was once one of the most highly-sought players in the country…

Problem: He got busted for rape and had been in jail after a plea bargain had gone bad. Spent about 6 years in jail… when a funny thing happened… funny like in “damn… that’s cold.”

After he got released on parole, the girl… now a woman… that accused him of rape in 2002, friended him on Facebook and eventually arranged to meet him to say “let’s let bygones be bygones.”

Whoaaa… says ya’ll… that’s probably not too bright of the dude… what with being on parole and all for rape and this is the female he supposedly done did it to… not smart at all.

But, here’s what all went down… when they met the woman was caught on video saying there had been no kidnap… been no rape… and… that she would help him clear his record.

But, when the dude, and his lawyer, presented the evidence of what went down to prosecutors and the prosecutors go to talk with the woman about recanting her story, she said… uhhuh… no can recant the story because if I do ya’ll will probably take away the $1.5 million payment that was won after a suit was brought against Long Beach Schools.

Now… I ain’t gonna get into the stuff about how cops had her tested and didn’t find any evidence of rape… or… how the dude said  they never even had sex but just a little hot petting and stuff and that had all been consensual, but, that he and her had an argument and she came up the story to get even with him… or… how his then lawyer told the dude (with a boatload of scholarship offers to play football… including USC)… told him to plead no contest to the kidnap and rape charges because if he didn’t and got convicted he would do 41 years to life in prison.  So, thinking he would do 18 months in a plea deal and then skate, he took the asshole’s advice and wound up in prison for 6 years counting.

Brian Banks after his convcition for rape was overturned...
Brian Banks after his conviction for rape was overturned…

But… as to the question… should a woman who lied about being raped be prosecuted for a crime? Especially, this woman?

You bet your sweet ass she should… plus when she gets her damn ass convicted if there was any money awarded… as there ws in this case… it goes to the victim she accused of the rape.

The time the victim did? She gets to do. Plus, whatever other time she gets for charges she needs to face… including bearing false witness, fraud, perjury, etc… etc…

Someone… hopefully the woman… but… someone needs to pay compensation to the victim for whatever he could have earned while he was in prison… in this case… Brain Banks… that’s the dude’s name… quite possibly would have gotten a college education… been drafted into the NFL and potentially played for millions of dollars for the  same 6 years he was imprisoned… total it up… yep, do the math… someone owes Brain about 6 million bucks minimum.

But, the bottom line is that the chick… sue me for being sexist but that’s all she is in my book… a chick and worse… this chick needs to have her ass thrown behind bars for at least 6 years. No parole; no nothing.

The full six fucking years.

Payback is a mutherfucker…

Stop living with coulda beens…

Brandon Marshall believes if the Jets had only beaten the Bills in Week 17 of the NFL season then he could easily have been playing in the Super Bowl rather than watching it.

Marshall said in a phone interview on Monday, “I definitely believe that. I think we all know that the team that finishes strong is the team that has the chance. It’s about the type of ball you play at the end of November and throughout December, early January. I felt like what was happening with our team was magical. We started putting it together.”

All’s I gotta say is this… If the rabbit didn’t stop to take a piss the turtle wouldn’t have won the race but the fucking rabbit did stop and take that piss…so live with reality and stop thinking about what coulda beens…

They’re what?

Check out the graphic to the right… see the circled words?la times

LA Times?! What the fuck is that shit?  Them Oregon self proclaimed militia peeps that illegally took over a forest preserve… federal lands… they’re activists and not terrorists? Not the trespassers that they clearly are? Trespassers on federal lands…

Not felons who destroyed Paiute archeological grounds as well as a federal forest preserve… federal aprk land?

Not treasonous Americans? After all they advocated setting up their own government and making up thei own laws so they must of been advocated overthrowing the government, too.

Let me ask this question… if these dudes who took over that land in Oregon were black would the LA Times be so gentle in their phraseology?

Just asking…

( orignally posted this image and pointed out it’s absurdity.) 

Smite his ass…

Heard about the Texas pastor who went on a batshit crazy rant (that got put on YouTube) where he asked God to send down a lightning bolt to smite some dude who had the audacity to say that he could beat Jesus Christ…  God’s own son… in a fair fight.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor told TMZ Sports in December that “Jesus ain’t alive is he, so I don’t fucking know, maybe he can come back from the dead. I’d still whoop his ass.”

Conor McGregor getting smoked???
Conor McGregor getting smoked???

So, upon hearing this… and… since Jesus ain’t around to defend himself… Pastor Donnie Romero of the Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth) told his flock during a religious gathering that he’s, “… going to pray that God strikes him down with a lightning bolt. So everybody in the world that believes the Bible, even a little bit, will know that it was God, it was Jesus who struck him down.”

Now, then…

That’s mighty fucking Christian and really damn Jesus-like of you, Pastor…

Instead of praying for the dude to see the so-called error of his ways… instead of asking for him to be forgiven for he knows not what he says… instead of practicing any of the qualities that Jesus is connected with… you pray for the dude’s ass to get lit up… literally… you pray for his very possible death.

Like, I said, mighty damn Christian of ya.

Another thousand words…

blood vessels in hand


This week’s gratuitous pictures… tinashe-playboy















Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe (22)… aka Tinashe… is an American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress and former model…tinashe-tgj

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