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Let’s start off with a little bit of Bad News!


I’ve got some bad news… TNA actually fell to a brand new low this past week. As rumors and anticipation of AJ Styles making the jump to the WWE in the Royal Rumble match heated up this week. Ring of Honor held a farewell for AJ at their show in Duluth, GA which was a classy move by that organization. However TNA decided to cut a promo on AJ not wanting to come back “home” in an update to the fans that was published this week and as of this writing can still be found on their website http://impactwrestling.com/aj-styles/ but basically the jist of the article is that Well AJ didn’t sign with us so let us paint as the bad guy; to be fair though the way that the parted ways you would be crazy to think that Styles and impact wrestling would reunite. This is a sad move by a sad organization in my opinion; especially to somebody who could be labeled the Franchise player of that company and not something ROH or WWE would do. WWE has the cookie cutter “We wish you the best in your future endeavors “which is fine. For Shame TNA; For Shame TNA

Did you know?

Did you know that Triple H started his wrestling career in WCW as he was known as Terra Ryzing, and also known as Jean Paul Laveque?



Trevor is back and he is ready to answer some questions that you have for him. This week we get off the grid a little bit and Trevor gets political.


Here are the questions this week.

Rich gets us started on a name most don’t remember

Kind of a two part question: First who was the Coach, who was with Mr.Perfect in the early 90’s, and why did Perfect separate himself from Bobby Heenan?


John Tolos was the Coach. He was a professional wrestler back in the 60’s in the WWWF where he had a little sucess. He joined Perfect in the summer of 1991 to replace Bobby Heenan for two reasons. First as I will go into in the next question. Bobby Heenan was going into a full time broadcasters role. But the main reason that Coach was brought in to replace Heenan was because Ric Flair was coming to the WWE, and Bobby Heenan’s time was going to be consumed to getting Ric over, and finally trying to stick one to his long time rival, Hulk Hogan. We all now how that played out, but that was why Perfect and Heenan separated. They would again join forces to manage/consult Flair during Flair’s time with the WWE.


Seth wants to know some more on the Heenan Family.

Why did the WWE disband the Heenan Family? They were one of the most dominant factions and it didn’t seem right to just get rid of the group.

Heenan family

Well the answer to this question can be summed up in a couple of different ways. While I absolutely agree with you that the Heenan family was one of the best of all time. During the early 90’s the WWE was starting to get away from stables and factions. If you think about it, Jimmy Hart’s stable sort of fell apart during this time as well. He used to manage many different wrestlers, then before you knew it he was managing just one tag team. So the WWE was simply doing away with stables in general.

The big reason for the Heenan family disbanding, was due in part because they wanted Bobby at the announcer position. He and Gorilla Monsoon had such great chemistry together, they wanted those two to be on color commentary on a full-time basis. The only way that could happen is if Heenan was not managing anymore. Now, he still sided with most of the men that he managed during his color commentary, but he was no longer managing them.


Corey has a question about a former WWE Superstar

Remember the wrestler Simon Dean? Who was he before he came into the WWE, and what ever happened to him?

simon dean

Simon Dean’s character was a fitness guru. Ironically, his name was was a portrayal of Dean Malenko’s real name “Dean Simon.” Simon Dean saw some in ring action, but mostly was a back stage gimmick doing infomercials during episodes of Raw and Smackdown. I guess his claim to fame was when he formed a team with former Tough Enough winner Maven, as Maven stated that he was a user of Dean’s product, the “Simon System.” The team was short lived as was Dean’s WWE career.

Dean had much more success in ECW as he was known to the world as Super Nova, a character which debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling and actually won the OVW World Heavyweight title against The Prototype. You may know him now as John Cena. So that was really his claim to fame, was when he was with OVW, and winning the heavyweight championship.

Nowadays, Simon Dean, real name Mike Bucci, is a real estate broker making a very good living all over the United States.


Our friend Eric once again chimes in about a Royal Rumble match.

With the Royal Rumble recently, I was watching a few older Rumble’s and watched the one from 2005. At the very end, Batista goes to pick up Cena for a power bomb and looks like he botched it and then both men went over the top rope. So my question is: Was that supposed to happen, or was that honestly a botch and they messed up the ending?

Before I answer this, I absolutely love how the real botch of that segment was when McMahon basically tore his knee up when he got into the ring. Couldnt stop laughing. Anyway, the part  you are talking about when Batista goes for the Batista bomb and loses his footing then both men go over the top rope. This was a complete mistake and was not supposed to happen. That was the primary reason why McMahon came down to the ring pretty freakin pissed off if you look at his reaction. The referee’s did a great job in keeping a good story going until they could sort everything out. They basically bought the WWE a little bit of time to figure out what they were going to do with the finish. That is when all the controversy started. The way that it actually ended, with Batista hitting the spinebuster and throwing Cena out was exactly how it was supposed to go down to end the match. Which is what they were setting up for. What occured was Cena basically jumped when Batista picked up up for the power bomb and caught Batista off guard sending both of them over the top rope. After the match occured, all was well because of the way both of them handled it and kept going, along with the referees who did a great job at that end as well.

Take a look for yourself.


Royce from Elgin IL. chimes in about certain storylines.

Question: How does the WWE get away with using deaths in storylines. I know they just used Reid Flair’s death in a story line a few months ago. But what about the Boss Man’s father, or Al Wilson? How do they get away with stuff like that?

With the exception of Reid Flair, something that I personally did not agree with, they got permission from Charlotte to use it. The WWE did face some heat not only from fans, but from other wrestlers close to the Flair family as they crossed the line. As for the Boss Man, and Al Wilson, those were pure storylines and neither actually passed away. Typically when there is a storyline involving ones parents or what not, they usually bring the idea up to the wrestler to see if they are comfortable in doing it. You have to understand that most of the wrestlers are afraid to lose their place and will never tell the boss no. So while they do get the ok to proceed, its frowned upon to say no. But with the Big Show’s dad with the Boss Man story and the Al Wilson, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn Marie segments, those were pure kayfabe and not real.









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