2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame

The 15 modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016 are as follows (presented in alphabetical order):

Morten AndersenCanton Building
Steve Atwater
Don Coryell
Terrell Davis
Tony Dungy
Alan Faneca
Brett Favre
Kevin Greene
Marvin Harrison
Joe Jacoby
Edgerrin James
John Lynch
Terrell Owens
Orlando Pace
Kurt Warner

Seniors Committee finalists
Ken Stabler
Dick Stanfel

Contributor finalist Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

Now Pick 8 – at most, I for one think when you have a 53-man roster, and 32 teams, you can find 8 guys deserving without putting in scrubs, especially when you consider the backlog the Hall of Fame has.

Here is my ballot, if I was a voter.

Eddie DeBartolo JrEddie DeBartolo Jr – This guy is what an owner of a franchise in the modern age should be all about. Yes, he has a ton of negatives, but when you read stories about how players would be in the hospital and Eddie Jr would show up and not only talk with the player, but have something for the wife and know all the kids names. Ask any fan of the Niners if they would kneecap John York in the parking lot to get Eddie Jr back. During DeBartolo’s 23 years as owner, the Niners won five Super Bowls. The Niners have the record for most wins over a 10-year span in NFL history- yup more than Lombardi or the Hoodie. His league votes were forward looking and for the best of the league as well. Yeah, his term had some problems and he had to give the team up, but there are far worse criminals in the Hall. There is a reason every Niner Hall of Famer thanks Eddie in their speeches.

Denver Broncos Terrell Davis controls the ball against Oakland Raiders defense in the 1st quarter at Denver on Sunday. Denver won 23-17. (The Denver Post/ Hyoung Chang)

Terrell Davis – John Elway is in the Hall of Fame, and deserves his spot there, but those rings on his fingers? Yeah, those are there because of TD. Davis averaged let me say again, AVERAGED 142.5 yards a game in the postseason and absolutely got his Super Bowl MVP award by putting the whole team on his back and willed them to a win. Only Emmit Smith ever was a dominant a back in the Super Bowl.


Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre drops back to pass during the first half of an NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday, Sept. 18, 2007, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Brett Favre – 1 ring, made Green Bay relevant again, and yes he threw a ton of picks, but swap his career with any major QB 20 years prior and people would complain he didn’t take enough chances. I cannot see any reason he doesn’t get in year one, except for blowback from Bears fans and people that hate his commercials that seem to have exploded recently.

Look at it this way, we have another New York Jet in the Hall of Fame.



Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene – 160 sacks. Yes he was a pass-rushing specialist, and that might keep him out if there was only 100 sacks or if there was anyone eligible that was close to his numbers, now that Charles Haley is in, its his “turn”.




Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison – We are going to start getting a bunch of guys in here that compile HUGE numbers in a pass happy world, so get ready to start seeing Best WR available for the Hall votes. Yup. We get 8 a year and a WR is pretty much going to take a spot a year. Harrison gets this years spot. Why over TO?
Only man in NFL history to compile eight straight seasons of 1,000-plus receiving yards and 10-plus receiving touchdowns.


Orlando Pace

Orlando Pace – Yeah we are going to have the same thing here, best Offensive Lineman available. Unlike Harrison, who is a bit of a compiler- and that’s not an insult- Pace would be a monster in any era.

I didn’t see a lot of Munoz, unless it was the playoffs, but Pace is on the short list for best I have ever seen.



That’s my 6 Modern-Era guys. I have to think that one of the Senior Candidates gets in, if not both. Ken Stabler should have been in already. I don’t know Dick Stanfel, as even I’m not that old. I’d almost be fine with telling the Senoir committee they get one a year, and the “regular” voters get up to 7.

But lets look at the also-rans, and here are the maybe leaning yes.

Morten Andersen – I wonder if every 5 years we will have the best special teamer get in, kinda like the contributor selection. Morton is that guy.

Don CoryellDon Coryell – Ok, tell me this, what is the bigger innovation. The Tampa 2 or the timing passing game? If Bill Walsh is the biggest offensive mastermind of the modern era, its only because he’s standing on Coryell’s shoulders. Had he won a ring, he’s be in already.

Alan Faneca – See Orlando Pace
Joe Jacoby – See Orlando Pace
Both of these guys were greats and are simply waiting their “turn” something I hate in Halls. I would go Jacoby if I had to pick between them, since Kevin Greene is going in as the Steeler this year. I think Alan Faneca is the better player, but still.

Kurt Warner – Two Time MVP, Has a ring, Greatest Show on Turf. I’m not exactly going to be ticked if doesn’t make it, but there is a case there. There are FAR worse players in the Hall.

Not this year.

Steve Atwater – I’ll take him over Lynch. After Ronnie Lott retired, and before Romanowski, Atwater might have been the scariest guy roaming the middle of the field. Watch this clip, and if you are not old enough to remember Christian Okoye, let me just say there isn’t a running back in the NFL that is half as threatening as Okoye was.

Tony Dungy – Yeah, he got a ring, but was he really that much of a standout? Peyton did Peyton things after he had Dungy as a coach, and he never won the big one in Tampa, yet Gruden came in and did. Is Gruden getting in? I’m not sure Tommy Boy is a HOF coach and he’s got double the rings with the lesser Manning. TV is the only reason he’s getting in, and if you want another reason, how about Tom Flores? Not getting in on my ballot, but will anyway.

Edgerrin James – Very Good, but not great. I’m sorry.

John Lynch – Tampa has 2 guys in already from that monster defense, and they were the best two players, was Tampa great enough to deserve 3? I’m not sure.

Terrell Owens – See Marvin Harrion. TO might be the better WR, but he can do sit-ups for a year and wait.

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