Trivia Questions: Week V

Thought we would try something new this year.Logo trivia
I do love me some trivia, as do several of the writers, so each week, we will present 7 questions, and you can come back next week to get the answers, feel free to post your answers on the facebook comments for this, Enjoy!

Trivia Questions Week V

Last Week:

1.What US State borders the most US states

2.How many strikes does it take to bowl a perfect game?

3. What was the first cartoon character to appear on a lunchbox?Map-of-United-States-of-America-Ranks-US-States-by-Peacefulness
Micky Mouse

4.What is the main crop grown in Massachusetts?

5. Who is the Chicago Bears all-time leader in rushing yards
Walter Payton

6. Where was the first Catholic University in the United States?

7. Who is the home country of the 2018 Winter Olympics?
South Korea

This weeks Questions!

1.What draft pick was Wayne Gretzky

2. What is Hydrokinesis?

3.In Pro Basketball, how tall is the rim? high is the rim?DNA

4.DNA is comprised of how many nucleotides?

5. What year was the first mobile phone introduced?

6. What is the Capital of Sierra Leone?

7. Who was the first Emperor of Rome?

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  1. I quit… I got 2 right from last week and I think the most I’ll get right this week is also 2… I would suck at Jeopardy

  2. no sorry necessary… shows how good your trivia questions are. I’m just not good at these things which is weird since my brain is full of trivial stuff.

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