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Mad Max: Fury Road starts off FAST. We get Max being chased by a group of people, captured, and then given a fairly detailed tattoo, something he is fine with, apparently, identifying him as a universal donor, but when the branding Iron is brought out, then he freaks, escaping for a short time, before being captured. He gets branded, and we fade into one of the hottest women on the planet, who has been shaved close and made ugly, again. She’s taking a bunch of people out on a trip to “gas town” and Bullet town” to get, yes, gas and bullets. I wonder if there is Twinkle town . . .
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Hidden in the rig are 5 of the leader of the city’s wives. Immortan Joe, who gives a speech before dumping a whole bunch of water out of 3 giant pipes to the population in the most inefficient way possible to give water to the masses. Immortan Joe discovers that his women are missing soon after seeing Theron has taken a detour- and sends his War Party after them, and asks for help from Gas town and Bullet town. As the three way go after them, Max is strapped to a pole on top of the car to be a living blood donor to one of the drivers as they give chase. After a short battle, Max and Imperator Furiosa join forces to escape and get the five wives to the “Green Place”.

So how is Mad Max: Fury Road?Fury Road Guitar

Let me give this film some credit- it is visually awesome, moreso than the other 3 movies. The Practical effects are stunning, the stunts are excellent and the movement of the set peices are better than almost any movie I have ever seen, the problem is the CGI “stunts” are OBVIOUS. I mean like Phantom Menace obvious where life ends and Windows 8.1 begins. But by and large this movie is stunning to watch.

I just didn’t get why this movie is so loved, sorry, maybe it was just me. The visuals are magnificent, and the car chases are some of the best ever on film (or a hard drive) but plotwise? I got problems. I think you have to watch this movie, but you don’t have to see the first 3 to understand it, and knowing and loving the Gibson trilogy won’t help you understand these either. I’ll give it a 5, just for the visuals, but I can’t really see a reason to sit and watch it again, unless you just enjoy the visuals. I do love Rux though- and the War Boys are a fun little group, with the Norse God mythology.


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