The Blog About Nothing 1/29 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. A week ago I was preparing for a snowstorm. What I did not know then, that I know now was that Winter Storm Jonas would drop about 30 inches of snow on my beloved New York City. While, that much snow would paralyze anyplace else on planet Earth, New York dug out and thawed out. Not much gets in our way. So, while I was locked in the house last weekend I was able to chill and on Sunday I watched some football.

I got it right with the Panthers. Carolina blew out Arizona, as I expected. I got it wrong with the Broncos. Denver beat New England, and that was not a result I saw coming. In hindsight I should have given Denver’s offense more credit. I blew it there. So, on February 7th we will have the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Denver led by their quarterback Peyton Manning, who will be looking for his 2nd ring in 4 attempts, and the Panthers will have Cam Newton, a man many are surprised even led his team to the big game.

Speaking for myself: I am surprised. I’m on the Newton bandwagon but for many years I did not like him. I thought he wasn’t a leader of men, and if I were his teammate, I’d want to sock him in the jaw. I looked at Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers and I saw a problem. Not because he was a black quarterback, something Cam says people hold against him. No. That wasn’t my issue with the former Auburn University quarterback. Nope.

You know what my biggest issue with Cam Newton is? It’s his smile. Yes, his smile. Recently Cam came out and said that it’s his race, that attracts the negative connotations towards him, but in my opinion it’s his smile.

The smile looks fake. It looks disingenuous. It looks arrogant. Overall, it does not look natural. You look at this big smiling guy and you think: close your mouth and get real. I thought that way about Cam for years. I wasn’t a fan. I saw that smile, I saw the sulking, and I heard the comments he would make and think: he doesn’t get it.

I’ve come around on him now. Still hate the smile but I realize Cam is real. The smile is him, as is the dancing, as are some of the arrogant sounding comments. It’s his personality. His teammates love him. His community loves him. How can you not smile when he hands over the ball to a child in the stands?

That’s why the guy I hated not too long ago, and the guy I knocked in this very blog space not too long ago, is the same guy who I think will be a Super Bowl Champion on February 7th. What Cam has done this season with the Panthers is that he has put them on his back. Their fortunes are his fortunes. As long as he can evade the Denver Broncos pass rush, that caused hell for Tom Brady, he will be victorious. I won’t put a score on it, for I’ll leave that for next week but do know that I am riding with the Panthers on February 7th.

I’m done. Going to keep the blog this week. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting 7Poundbag. Peace.

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