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Welcome Back wrestling fans! The Royal Rumble is an afterthought and we have a lot to discuss this week on the Wrestling Roundtable. So sit back, buckle up and enjoy.

Frosh Five:  Hello fans.  In lieu of the Frosh Five today, I am going to educate you on how to book a Royal Rumble, and the road to Wrestlemania.  This is what real wrestling booking will look like, not what those mentally deficient monkeys in WWE creative have thrown at us:

  1. Dean Ambrose wins the Royal Rumble.   You will see complains later on about Reigns being out of the Rumble and coming back, but I don’t have a problem with that, if your booking makes sense going forward.  You have Triple H eliminate Reigns…and then, as has already been established this year as acceptable, Reigns gets back in and eliminates Triple H, giving the title to Dean Ambrose.  BAM!  The place erupts, successful ending to a Royal Rumble.  Triple H is angry, VENGEANCE IS TO BE HAD, etc, etc.
  2. You can still have the EXACT SAME main event for Fastlane.  Reigns comes out on RAW, congratulates Ambrose, but says he gets a rematch as Fastlane.  Not so fast…the Authority comes out and says as punishment for cheating, the rematch won’t be a one on one, but a triple threat, including BROCK….LESNARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*breath*RRRRRRRRRRRRRR…Instant intrigue for the main event at Fastlane
  3. You book a #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match at Fastlane (or any match with multiple entrants), You can even throw just about anyone in here, or have it luck of the draw.  Sheamus, Jericho, AJ Styles, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, and a suprise entrant…oh, I don’t know, a returning, and doctor cleared DANIEL BRYAN (having him revealed as the 6th man at the PPV and sit in the pod during an EC match would make the crowd go nuts).  Obviously, Daniel Bryan wins this match.
  4. Roman Reigns turns heel, joins the authority and wins the WWE title back at Fastlane by screwing over Dean Ambrose, Probably knocking Dean Ambrose out of commission for a couple of months (story injury).  This now sets up a HEEL and WWE prototype Roman Reigns against the chaser and underdog Daniel Bryan for the main event of Wrestlemania…tell me that doesn’t sound so much better than what we are getting.  You can even have Reigns win the match at Mania…its OK…HE’S THE HEEL!  Then the crowd is SUPPOSED TO BOO HIM when he wins!  It has been mentioned before, think of the all time greats, Stone Cold, the Rock, John Cena, all started and got over as Heels before they became top faces…heck, even Hogan was a heel for the most part of his early career.
  5. Now, Post-Mania, you have Heel champion Roman Reigns, and face returning Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins coming back, setting up a triple threat match for the WWE title featuring the Shield.  Tell me that I didn’t just book the perfect Mania Season.  It would be captivating, have some surprises and most of all, it would MAKE SENSE.

Editors note: At the end of this Roundtable. Our very own panelist, Jim wrote a letter directly aimed at WWE Management. So if anyone associated with the WWE is reading this, please take notice.

Let’s start with the Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Triple H- The New WWE Champion winning the Royal Rumble and becoming the champion for the 14th time puts the Game on the top spot.

2.Roman Reigns- Despite losing the title, Roman Reigns is on a mission to regain the championship.

3.Bray Wyatt- After an impressive performance in the Rumble, Bray Wyatt and his family may have their hands full with Brock Lesnar.

4.Brock Lesnar- The Beast is ready for blood and may be looking for an F5 on the Wyatt’s

5.AJ Styles- Made his debut in the Rumble and was impressive, then a victory over Chris Jericho lands the Phenomenal One in the Power Rankings.

This week in wrestling history

1991– Hull Hogan became the first ever back to back winner of a Royal Rumble.

1993– Andre the Giant passes away in France.

2005- Chris Benoit wins the Royal Rumble entering at number 1

Here are the questions this week


What was your overall impression of the Royal Rumble 2016?

Steve: I thought the show was ok. The matches were really well put on and entertaining. I thought the last man standing match between Owens and Ambrose was amazing to open the show. The New Day and Usos was a good match, and the Diva’s put on a good show also. The Royal Rumble match was alright, I enjoyed seeing AJ Styles in there for the first time. And loved how Kofi was caught by Big E. I did not like how Roman got taken out, then came back, because Roman got booed out of the building. I kind of wonder if the change was made because of that, or if Triple H was supposed to win all along. He won clean, so that was a good thing. I have no problem with how it ended, and thought it was a good show overall.

Eric:  I thought the Royal Rumble this was way better than previous years. Lets face it, the past 2 years, the WWE has dropped the ball gave us some pretty crappie Royal Rumble events. With the exception of Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt in 2014 and Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar in 2015 both of those events were crap! This year the whole event was great! From the opening bell to the Royal Rumble match itself, it was a perfectly done and put together. I truly enjoyed the event. Also Roman Reigns was screwed at the Royal Rumble! I give the event a 9 put of 10. I really enjoyed the rumble this year

Josh: First off, I am glad to be back after taking a few weeks off to care for my newborn son.  My overall impression of the Royal Rumble….missed opportunities.  With this rumble, you had so much potential to throw a really great swerve at the WWE Universe.  As was mentioned above in the Frosh Five segment, give someone new the rock.  See how they run with it!  When you don’t have your top talent, this is when you experiment!  Also, Becky losing the match to Charlotte was also disappointing.

Chad:  I was impressed with the rumble even with the WWE being somewhat depleted on their roster they still put on entertaining rumble match with the inclusion of A J. Styles. The other matches on their card were a good appetizer for the main event.

Todd: I am kind of disappointed at the overall event. Triple H winning the Rumble? Really? I thought it should have been Brock Lesner even though I made some off the wall prediction last week. Brock Lesner vs Roman Reigns rematch at Wrestlemania is what is best for business.

Jim: Sadness, heartache, pissed off, disappointed….Alberto Del Rio losing to a midget was the highlight.  That’s all I need to say.


Are you okay with Triple H not defending the WWE Championship until Wrestlemania?

Steve: What did you expect? Did you really thing Trips was going to defend it every week? Or even wrestle every week for that matter. No, this is a gimmick thing strictly to screw over Roman Reigns. You can pretty much count on Reigns getting his rematch at WrestleMania somehow, so that takes away some intrigue with the Fastlane main event, and it is too predictable. But I don’t have a problem with Triple H not defending until Mania.

Eric: This is no different from when Lesnar had the title a year. Seriously, think about it, how many times did he defend it between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania? That’s right zero! I’m getting tired of these part timers getting WWE title runs but what can you do? Most of the roster is hurt right now and Triple H is your only really big heel who can carry a main event caliber match at Wrestlemania. So might as well let him be champ till Wrestlemania when he drops the belt. 

Josh:  Yes and no.  Yes in the fact that I have a problem with Triple H even having the belt.  No in the fact that since this is the way it actually went down, it makes the most sense.  You will have a Triple H vs. Roman Reigns WrestleMania main event (Fastlane Spoilers).  This is why someone else should have won the belt.  You could have two great matches at Fastlane, one for the title, and another one for the #1 contendership.

Chad: With the roster in its current shape I’m not surprised HHH won the belt and they are not having him until Wrestlemania. He is the big heel who can headline Wrestlemania with Reigns presumably and still try to fill the arena for Wrestlemania.

Todd: No. I don’t think he should even have the title in the first place. Just because he is the COO of the company shouldn’t give him special treatment. He should have to defend it like everyone else.

Jim:  No.  It simply proves what I keep saying.  He only has the belt so he can be the headline at Wrestlemania…and not have to pay a top act the top pay.  It’s an ego trip and a money saving effort. And it sucks.  So much that I’m probably giving up on the WWE.


It is rumored that the Fabulous Freebirds will be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. Question, while it is said it will be the original Freebirds, Hayes, Gordy, and Roberts. Should Jimmy Garvin be in this mix?

Steve: Tough call, but being in Dallas where the original Freebirds made a name for themselves, it is only fitting that the original Freebirds be inducted. Don’t get me wrong Garvin had a big role with the Freebirds and deserves an honorable mention during the induction speech, but the original Freebirds are the ones that should get the ring.

Eric: Yes, if you are going to induct the Freebirds in the Hall of Fame then you have to include Jimmy Garvin. I know he’s not an original member bit he was a big part of the team during their WCW run. It’s only fair and right to include him during the induction of the Freebirds in to the Hall of Fame. Speaking of Hall of Fame, folks please help us get this trending worldwide #rotundaforhalloffame as Mike Rotunda is a well deserved hall of fame canadite and should be inducted.

Josh: If Koko B. Ware is in…why not?  Seriously, if guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger are in, you can’t really make an argument to exclude anyone….I am surprised Eric isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet….

Chad: When the Four Horsemen got inducted it want the original group with Ole Anderson so why not put Garvin in as well.

Todd: No. he is not an original. When the four Horsemen were inducted, we did not see every guy who was a member of the horsemen at one time or another. enough said.

Jim: No. The Hall of Fame is for the originators.  Not the later add ons.  Garvin was great, but he’s not an original.  He deserves to watch from the audience. They can thank him, but he’s not the reason they are headed to the HOF.

aj styles

Will AJ Styles have a major impact in the WWE this year?

Steve: I think so, I think he will be in competition for the Intercontinental or US title during 2016. I love the fact that AJ is getting his shot, and it would not surprise me one bit if he is the next Daniel Bryan and has a shot at the WWE Championship before he calls it a career.

Eric:  Yes, he’s the Phenomenal one! I’m so glad to finally see him in WWE as it is a long time over due. I think he will make a huge impact this year in WWE, I think he wouldn’t have signed with WWE if he wasn’t going to make a name for himself there. By the end of the year, he will be rookie of the year in WWE and if not the end of this year but next year will be in main event feuds.

Josh: I project him to be in contention for mid-tier titles, and maybe even a one month run at the world title this year (not likely winning it, but challenging).  I would like to see him feud with Daniel Bryan, if the flying goat can ever get cleared by WWE doctors.

Chad: I would expect to have a run with the IC or US title. I think he would a better champ than Kalisto right now. I think he deserves a run with the world title especially with the commentary mentioning his IWGP title reigns like Brock Lesnar.

Todd: Yes i think he can make an impact this year. AJ Styles has a lot of talent and he showed that by defeating Chris Jericho on Raw. Prediction he will win the U.S. Championship or the Intercontinental Championship on or before Summerslam.

Jim: Are you kidding me?  AJ Styles isn’t a top tier in the minor leagues.  He’ll be an afterthought in the majors.  He has no charisma.  He has no presence.  He is a special team player.  He should be happy to just be on the team.

by kalisto

Are you excited to see what Kalisto can do with the United States championship? Or do you think he will just be a transitional champion…..again.

Steve: I honestly think they are going to give him a run with the belt to see what he can do with it. He has proven he can work in the ring with anyone, he has an amazing skillset, and is very over with the fans. I could see him holding on the title for a few months.

Eric: I am very excited to see Kalisto with the US Championship. I think there is great potential there for great feuds, he’ll I’d love to see him bring the US title open challenge. I think the more he defends the belt, the more popular it will be come and the more people will want to see it. I really hope WWE does NOT use him as a transitional champion and let’s the kid go and see what he can do with a title run.

Josh: I am very excited to see what Kalisto can do.  I think he gets a decent run with the belt.  WWE really likes to make sure they have a latin hero, and since Rey Mysterio is gone (thank goodness), and Del Rio has the charisma of a dog’s chew toy, Kalisto makes the most sense.  Give him a run with the belt, see what he does…I would not be surprised to see him in the world title picture in the next 2 or 3 years.

Chad: I think Kalisto eventually drops the belt to allow AJ Styles to become champion.

Todd: I hate to say this because I really like Kalisto. He will be a transitional Champion. Look for him to lose the title back to Alberto Del Rio at Fastlane.

Jim:  Kalisto is absolutely a transitional champion.  He is the belt holder as punishment to Del Rio for his actions that got him suspended (fired) to begin with.  “We’ll let you back, but you gotta lose to a midget”.

Now here is a letter from Jim to the WWE.

Dear WWE Powers that Be (You know, the current champ, who just happens to run the show and thinks it’s his own personal glory hole),

You’re losing me.  In fact, you may have already lost me.  Imagine if George Steinbrenner had insisted on being the starting pitcher for the Yankees.  Imagine if Jerry Jones insisted on being the quarterback for the Cowboys.  Where would the Maple Leafs have gone in history if Conn Smythe had decided to play goalie? 

That’s how we feel about Triple H deciding he wanted to be the champ again.  He doesn’t wrestle for how long?  Then he just steps in as the 30th man in the Royal Rumble, doesn’t have to actually fight through the crowd, and crowns himself champion?  Is Stephanie going to be the Diva’s champion again?  Does Vince get to hold the Intercontinental title?  How about we bring back Shane and declare him and the office secretary the Tag Team champions.  I mean honestly, Triple H is the champion now?  Are you f**king kidding me?    

It’s bad enough that you’ve got Ric Flair cheating every damn week while his daughter gets to remain the Diva’s champ.  Is it just going to become the World Wrestling Retirement Home Ass Kissing Show now?  Do we have to be subjected to has been’s and long since forgotten’s being handed success?

Alberto Del Rio gets rehired after getting fired and his first day on the job he’s handed a belt.

New Day is allowed to wrestle like a six year old and gets to remain champions?

We’re tired of s***ty writing.  We’re tired of s***ty story lines.  We’re tired of s****ty champions.  

We’re tired of Paul Levesque making every Wrestlemania about himself. 

We’re just over it.  Might as well declare Dusty Rhoades the new champ.  He’s as skilled in the ring dead as Triple H is alive at this point.  Where’s Hulk Hogan?  If Alberto Del Rio can come back after apparently spending the last year lying in a tanning bed, after actually physical assaulting someone…then Hulk can come back for simply saying some word you don’t like. 

So I’m done for a while.  I’ve literally been a wrestling fan for longer than Paul Levesque has been alive.  There have been times in my life where I’ve lived and breathed wrestling.  I raised my kids to love the show.  I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on merchandise, pay per views, and live events.  I’ve changed my whole family’s schedule around to accommodate the PPV schedule. 

But I’m done.  It’s boring.  It’s stupid.  There’s a damn trombone every show.  Are you kidding me? 

Maybe you can win me back.  I just don’t think you care enough to try.  

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