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Hello NBA fans! Here is another edition of NBA Roundtable. Kobe Bryant was voted into the 2016 All-star game. I know completely ridiculous. This week we will talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers, Matt Barnes being fined and so much more on NBA Roundtable

Here are the questions this week:

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers are now 0-3 against the top two teams in the West after getting trashed by Golden State last Monday night. Can they really compete with either Golden State or San Antonio in the NBA Finals?

Steve: Yes they can compete, but the problem is going to be their confidence going into a seven game series with either of these two teams. I think they need a win against the Spurs in order to have any confidence going into a series. They played well against the Warriors in Golden State on Christmas Day, and could have walked out of there a winner had a few things on their way. So I will not count them out, but they have to beat the Spurs once.

Todd: Yes they can compete with them but not in a seven game series. The Spurs and Warriors are playing to good of basketball right now for anyone to compete with them. Believe it or not Kyrie Irving and LeBron James cannot play together because they both need the ball. Everyone think Kevin Love is the Problem, he is not. Cleveland will not win a Championship as long as Kyrie and LeBron are on the same team. Not too mention their bench is inconsistent at times.

Chad: Well apparently with putting Tyronn Lue in as head coach they think they can now. I still don’t them being either team 4 times out of 7 in the NBA finals. I just don’t think there are enough basketballs to go around to feed the Cavaliers for them to win the championship.

Memphis Grizzlies

Matt Barnes was fined $35,000 for a comment he made this quote about violence. “Violence is not always the answer but sometimes it is”. Do you agree with the fine?

Steve: No I don’t agree with the fine. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t agree wit the quote either. Why is the NBA fining a guy for a quote? It doesn’t make sense and actually violates his constitutional right of free speech. I don’t like that they fined him for it, and thinking about it, what if he meant he would resort to violence if his life or his families life was in danger? Would that be inappropriate?

Todd: I don’t agree with the fine. I mean he should have the right to say what he wants but at the same time, he should watch what he says to because he is a public role model. Sometimes violence is not a choice. sometimes you just have to do what you go to do.

Chad: I don’t agree it with it but unfortunately in this social media for a public figure age any quote; part of a quote or whatever you want to say; can be used against by the masses to get a reaction which then causes your employer to take action.

All Star 2014

All-Star Game Starters: West- Frontcourt- Bryant, Durant, Leonard- Backcourt- Curry, Westbrook- East- Frontcourt- James, George, Anthony- Backcourt- Lowry, Wade. Do you agree with these starters?

Steve: For the most part they got it right except for Kobe Bryant. No way does he deserve to be playing in this game. The All Star game is a joke, and this is proof of it. I mean, invite him to the game, celebrate him at halftime, but Bryant is not an All Star.

Todd: I agree with most of the starters. I think they could have Dwyane Wade with Jimmy Butler, I just think Butler is more deserving of the spot and has done more for his team. The other thing is that there is no way in hell that Kobe Bryant should even be on the All-Star team let alone starting. What about Draymond Green, Deandre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldrigde, Tim Duncan, or even Dwight Howard deserve to start over Kobe.

Chad: It’s a glorified pick up game with no defense and nothing really to play for except to be on Sportscenter Top 10 I really have no problem with the starters including Kobe the deserving individuals will get in via the coaches.

Detroit Pistons

Andre Drummond just Recently broke the recorded for most missed free throws in a single game. Will his poor free throw shooting prevent him from becoming a true star player in this league?

Steve: I think it may limit him of course, but I think he is already a star in this league. He is the main reason why the Pistons are halfway relevant right now, and may even compete for a playoff spot. Every player has a flaw in him, and many have struggled at the line. Look at Shaq, Dwight Howard, Deandre Jordan, all had trouble shooting free throws and they are stars in the league. Drummond is in that category.

Todd: Well, if you look back in history Wilt Chamberlain was one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Shaquille O’Neil became one of the all time greats also. Neither one of them guys could shoot free throws worth a damn. This is only Andre Drummonds 3rd year in the league. Maybe he will improve through his years.

Chad: It’s a definite hinderance because with the rules created as they are right now it’s an exploitable weakness for other teams to use against not only him but the Detroit Pistons which can hurt them come playoff. But I think he will get there being so new to the league.


Do you think the Oklahoma City Thunder are a legit threat to Golden State or San Antonio? 

Steve: Sure they are if they are healthy. The Thunder have two of the best in the league in Durant and Westbrook. They can compete with anyone. The Warriors and Spurs are playing lights out basketball, but with the right match up, both teams can be beaten.

Todd: No. My theory on this is because, yes they have 2 of the best players in the NBA but thats all they have. If Russell and Durant are not at the top of their game against the top teams in the NBA they cannot win because the rest of the players are so inconsistent. Once the playoffs start when they play one of them two teams they will get beat pretty easily because they are that much better.

Chad: I think that Golden State and San Antonio are 1A and 1B and Oklahoma City is beneath them because I look at their roster and it’s Durant, Westbrook and the rest and without Durant last year Oklahoma City didn’t have enough to support Westbrook and maintain the 8th spot against New Orleans which I correctly predicted on the RT last year; just sayin’


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