Trivia Questions Week IV

Thought we would try something new this year.Logo trivia
I do love me some trivia, as do several of the writers, so each week, we will present 7 questions, and you can come back next week to get the answers, feel free to post your answers on the facebook comments for this, Enjoy!

Trivia Questions Week IV

Thought we would try something a little different. I’m going to name a franchise, and adjusted for inflation, when did the series start heading downward at the Box Office?

1. Back to the Future.

Every movie has made less than the one before it.

2. Die Hard

Part 4 is the first one to make less money. Part 3 actually doubled the first one.

3. Lethal Weapon

Part 4. Part 4 did make more than Part 2 did.

4. Indiana JonesIndiana Jones

Lost Temple. As hated as the Crystal Skull is, it made more than Temple did.

5. Beverly Hills Cop

Every movie has made less.

6. Rambo

Part III. Three did actually make more than First Blood did. I would have lost money on that one in a bet.

7. Police Academy

Every Movie made less than the one before it, before a bullet got put in that one. It almost got the point where the next installment might not have covered production costs.

Bonus Q.

Out of the top 10 movies for 1980, how many were NOT parts of a franchise?

ET (number 1)
Tootsie #9

I would have never gotten Tootsie.

Now for this weeks Questions!

1.What US State borders the most US states

2.How many strikes does it take to bowl a perfect game?

3.What was the first cartoon character to appear on a lunchbox?

4. What is the main crop grown in Massachusetts?Chicago Bears

5.Who is the Chicago Bears all-time leader in rushing yards

6.Where was the first Catholic University in the United States?

7. Who is the home country of the 2018 Winter Olympics?


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