Pounding 7s: Super Hero Movies

I grew up a Comic Book fan, stunning I know.

I will say I never expected to see the type of movies we get now for the costumed crusaders, but I would think that having seen the Incredible hulk and the 1990 Captain America movie we would never get the Super Hero movies we are seeing now.

So on this week’s Pounding 7s, here are 7 Super Hero characters I’d love to see a movie or TV show of. I will admit I don’t read comics anymore, so some of the powers may have changed, so unless I say otherwise, just preface everything with 80s-ish version of:

7. New MutantsNew Mutants

This one might work better as a TV show, or possibly an animated series. I have the picture of the version I like best, and check it out for the 80s, we have a Native American, a South American (easy to slide over) a Werewolf, and a European. Major diversity for the time, I’d drop Warlock, but still. As long as they don’t slide into Teen Titans GO stupidity, and stick to the coming of age with Super Powers, this works.

6. Beast and Wonder ManBeast and Wonder Man

I know Beast has shown up in X-Men, but one of the Subplots on the Avengers was this duo. Wonder Man was almost immortal, but scared to die again, and Beast really was on the low end of the power spectrum for the version of the team, but kept things loose- and tried to get Wonder Man to wake up emotionally. This could be hard to pull off, but if done right, awesome buddy movie. Kevin Hart as the Beast and find some Wrestler or MMA guy that could pull this off- Brock Lesnar would be good, but they’d have to CGI the penis off his chest all the time.

5. Black Knight

Scientist finds Excalibur.
If Marvel can pull off Ant-Man, this should be easy. Not to mention we get a FLYING HORSE!

4. Power Pack

Drop the goofy Alien Horse, and you have the kiddo version of the Fantastic Four. The kids don’t quite understand what they can do, and midway through the series, they swap powers.

3. Unknown SoldierUnknown Soldier

Like spy stuff? With the success of Agent Carter, I don’t know if you can do WW2 anymore, but this could be the gritty spy series mixed with a bit of Quantum Leap, as the Soldier was a master of disguise, almost appearing as a new person each issue.


Ok, this will never happen, we have Hawkeye in the movies, and Arrow has taken any solo chance. But Hawkeye has always been one of the most underpowered guys in the Marvel Universe, who started off as a cocky A-Hole and grew into one of the most respected heros after Captain America.

1.Booster GoldBooster Gold

I love this character, and I guess I have to track down Smallville to see how they did him in that series.

Booster Gold is from the future, and long story short, swiped advanced tech, went back in the past to try and make a name for himself, and becomes rich and famous. Along the way he discovers that being a hero isn’t just smiling for the cameras and pulling cats out of trees, people and friends get hurt and sometimes die. You can’t tell me this isn’t a great concept. I have to feel that Louie C.K as the voice of Skeets isn’t just awesome. Who plays Booster Gold? No idea. Neil Patrick Harris would be awesome, but dunno if he could hit the gym enough to do it justice. Again, this might be a better limited series on a TV show.

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