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Logo BaNWelcome to yet another edition of The Blog About Nothing. As I sit here in New York City, preparing for some sort of snowstorm, I’ve loaded up on supplies and I plan on chilling indoors this weekend. Nothing wrong with that, since ABC will be premiering primetime Saturday night basketball, and Sunday is the NFL’s Championship games. So hopefully I’ll have chips and drinks on deck while I stare out at the snow outside of my window.

So with Rockie Fresh’s new project The Night I Went To bouncing through my headphones, I’m going to make you a promise this week. I’m going to take a break from my using this space to explore the circumstances of my life, and just talk some sports. I know some of you like me opening up, and honestly I like it too, but I got to remember the point of this blog is to attract eyeballs and readers, and bitching about my life isn’t productive when it comes to that. So, for now that shit goes on the backburner. We good? Let’s do this!

As I stated in the opener this weekend is the NFL’s Championship Games. The football season is a long one, but the February 7th Super Bowl is in sight. In the AFC we have the Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots and yet another matchup of Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady. Brady has gotten the better of Manning throughout their respective careers, and a chance to see these two go at it, for what could be the last time is making it a matchup worth watching.

Manning InternetThis is the 17th time we will see Manning vs. Brady. It will be the 5th time they have met in the postseason, and the 4th time a Super Bowl appearance is at stake. Brady has the advantage over Manning but Peyton has defeated Brady in two of the previous 3 times they have met in the AFC Title Game. With all that said, Peyton has not had a good season. He’s shown his age, and he definitely has shown the effects of all of the hits he has taken. The Broncos host this game, but Peyton missed a good chunk of the season and until a few weeks ago, it wasn’t even certain he was going to get his job back since his backup Brock Osweiler was playing well.

However, Peyton is back but I like the Patriots in this game. The Pats have been banged up all season, and key contributors like Julian Edelman is only now returning from injuries but I think the effects of Deflate-Gate from last season, and Brady’s resolve from it feels like he’s on a revenge tour. Every time Brady has his back up against something, it’s not wise to bet against him. The Broncos might be at home, and their defense is stout, but I can’t go against Brady. My gut thinks it will be a close and ugly game at times but a final score of Patriots 17 – Broncos 14 feels right.

The late game on Sunday night will be the Carolina Panthers versus the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals escaped a thriller last weekend against the Green Bay Packers, and now they have to come east to face Carolina. Cam Newton and the Panthers have had an amazing season. If it wasn’t for one disappointing game at the Falcons, they would be heading into this game undefeated. Cam will very likely be the Most Valuable Player this season, and he has finally transitioned from a confident but somewhat selfish player into a leader of men. The Panthers are his team.

Cam NewtonDespite some of the dings he’s taken from both fans and media alike, Cam has his team one game from the Super Bowl. I think he’ll get it done. The Cardinals are a good team, and they are not one to be taken lightly but they have their flaws. Due to their injuries at running back, they do not run the ball well and if Josh Norman can take Larry Fitzgerald out of his game, they lack the secondary options in their offense to take advantage of the Panthers secondary. If the Panthers can get out to an early lead, and actually stay focused and play a full 60 minutes, then I think Carolina can win an easy game at home.

That would lead to a Panthers-Patriots Super Bowl. In our playoff picks, I predicted a Panthers-Patriots Super Bowl a few weeks back, and with the exception of taking the Redskins to beat the Packers, I’ve been perfect in my picks so far. Of course, I don’t go out on a limb too much, with the exception of that Redskins pick, but I feel pretty confident (as I should) that Cam and Tom will be leading their teams on to the field on February 7th.

Moving forward I kind of want to hit you all with some quick hitting opinions. I don’t want to stay too long on one subject, but since it’s been weeks since I’ve actually discussed sports issues in this space, there are some things out there that has gotten my attention that I need to address.

Can we please retire the dab? Dabbing is a dance that initially came out of Atlanta, and has spread into the world of sports and pop culture. To explain it briefly, you bend your head into your elbow while extending your other hand outward. It was cool at first, but watching tennis players like Victoria Azarenka hit the dab at the Australian Open has convinced me that the shit needs to die. It was cool when Cam Newton was doing it, but it got played out when college football coaches with no rhythm started doing it, and then it became something that was debated if it was unsportsmanlike. Now, it seems like everybody’s mama and grand mama is hitting the dab and the shit needs to stop. Like now. Like right now.

Stephen CurryThe Golden State Warriors are 39-4, after blowing out the Chicago Bulls in Chicago on Wednesday night. The Warriors are still in grasp of the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10, but I hope they don’t get there. No disrespect to the Warriors, and their entertaining brand of basketball but breaking that record would feel like something from my childhood dying. I wasn’t a Bulls fan growing up but like most kids born in the 1980’s, particularly the early 80’s, Michael Jordan was the man to us. Jordan and the Bulls did something so amazing that season that you don’t want to see that broken. Even though I think very highly of Steph Curry, as I said before in this blog space, I don’t want the Warriors to mess with something as golden as 72-10.

I wasn’t a Bulls fan. I grew up a Lakers fan because as I’ve said a million times, I was seduced by Showtime. I stuck with it during the off-peak years, and I reveled in it during the Shaq and Kobe Lake Show era. With that said, it’s bothering me to see where the Lakers are now. Kobe Bryant has given the Lakers 20 great years, but he’s hurting this team in his retirement tour. He has a sore right shoulder, and a sore Achilles, and he does need to sit and rest, but he wants to give something to the fans and while I commend that, those losses are piling up and the Lakers future looks bleaker and bleaker. Now, I’m not one of those who think the Lakers will improve the second Kobe walks away, and the likelihood is that the Lakers will once again end up with a high lottery pick (assuming they finish in the top 3, because if not the pick will be forwarded to Philadelphia) but as a Lakers fan I don’t want to see Kobe go out like this. With the All-Star game coming up, I hope common sense intervenes with him. Let him go to Toronto, let him suit up, but let him play about 10 minutes. The fans can see him, cheer, and then sit his ass down. He needs to rest so that he can still give us a little magic near the end of the season.

MetsWhy haven’t the New York Mets sign Yoenis Cespedes already? I’m sick and tired of hearing the organization say they are broke. It’s such B.S. The Mets made the World Series last season behind their outstanding pitching, but that offense still lacks a big bat, and the only one they acquired last season, looks likely to exit. The Washington Nationals have made an offer to Yoenis, and I for one, won’t be surprised that he takes it considering he has a lack of suitors at the moment. However, the Mets should make him an offer. It sounds like he wants to stay, so pony up Mets! Pony the hell up!!

Bring back NCAA Football EA Sports!! Bring the shit back. I don’t play video games the way I used to. I barely use my Xbox now but if I were to find out that EA Sports were bringing back their NCAA franchises, I’d go out there and buy a new video gaming console in a hot second. The fans have suffered enough. Figure out some way to compensate the college athletes for their likeness, and bring the game back to us.

I’m done. Thank you for reading, and thanks for sticking with The Blog About Nothing. Also, thank you for your support of 7Poundbag.


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