NFL Picks Conference Championship

With all the Road teams winning in round 1, all the home teams advanced in round 2. David, Steve and EJ got everyone right, and Steve hasn’t missed a playoff game yet.

Joe, 3/1
DJ 4/1
Jim, 3/2
David 2/4
EJ 3/4
Steve 4/4

arizona vs Carolina

Arizona vs Carolina

Bill: Arizona

DJ: Carolina

Earl: I’m not on the bandwagon, but I’m fully behind Cam Newton. This guy has had a great season, and has really become a leader for this Panthers team. The Cardinals are good, but if the Panthers can jump out to an early lead, and actually play a complete four quarters, I think they win an easy game Sunday night.

Joe: Arizona

Jim: Carolina

Steve: Carolina

David: Again, Hell with ya’ll. Carolina looked dominant last week, the best any team has looked, then decided in the second quarter to run out the clock, and couldn’t get their groove back and almost blew the game as Riverboat Ron had left the building. Hopefully, the Panthers learned their lesson. The Cardinals were the only team I was scared in, going into the NFC playoffs. Considering how crappy the Cardinals have looked at times, I’m a lot more confident than I was, but still worried. Carolina 31, Cardinals 21


New England vs Denver

Bill: New England

DJ: Denver

Earl: Hard to go against Tom Brady and the Patriots but I’m not too confident in this pick. Why? The Broncos are at home and their defense is really good. The Pats are banged up, as usual, but I still like their chances to get back to the Super Bowl in what will likely be a close and ugly game at times.

Joe: New England

Jim: New England

Steve: New England

David: The Patriots have been the best team in the AFC this year, and have the best QB left in the playoffs, sorry MVP Cam Newton. Manning has always been Brady’s Bitch and thats not going to change. The Broncos have the NFL’s best defense, but the Patriots have a Hulk, er the Hoodie. If the Patroits go up by 14, this baby’s over. Pats 28, Broncos 7

1. Should Green Bay have gone for 2?

The LeBron James of the NFL?
The LeBron James of the NFL?

Bill: Yes, GB should have gone for two. I’m baffled that they didn’t, to be honest. In a make or break situation in a close game, it behooves you to make that call. I would put this asinine decision to just tie right up there with Seattle’s decision to throw instead of run.

Earl: Green Bay made the safe play. It already took two miraculous heaves to even make it to overtime. Going for two and jeopardizing losing a game in that matter makes little sense in my opinion. You take the point, and take your chances in overtime, which they did.

Joe: No… they blow it, they are out… it’s over all based on one play. They were damn lucky to score there so take  the tie and get out of Dodge and go to OT where, at least, even, if, they don’t win the coin  toss (which they didn’t) you get more than just one play to try and determine your fate which they did… three plays, in fact, but they couldn’t stop Arizona.
Now, if ya want to discuss about changing the OT rules so an entire quarter is played (not necessarily a full 15 minutes but some type of extra period) to determine the game then I’m all for it because that’s what the NFL really needs to do to decide these games.

Jim:  Of course not.  Going for two points is never a good idea when the playoffs are on the line.  The success rate of a 2 point conversion over the history of the NFL is right at 50%.  The success rate of someone scoring a touchdown on any particular drive in the NFL is far lower than that.  So smart money says take your chance with the 50% coin toss, and if you lose that then know that the team with the football to start overtime in the NFL rarely scores a touchdown.  In the end, results don’t matter.  You go with the best decision.  I’m a poker player.  And we live and die by that principle.  Make the right decisions and know sometimes the guy with a 10% chance to win will still win.  If he wouldn’t, he would have had a 0% chance to win.  I’ll still go with the favorite, odds wise, every time.

The better question would have been “Should Green Bay have better covered the best receiver on the other team to start overtime?”

Steve: You know I thought about that the second they threw that hail mary pass. Should they go for two? They are on the road, and when you are on the road you play to win, while at home you play not to lose. At least that is the traditional thinking. I think McCarthy made the right call, tie the game and take your chance in Overtime. His defense looked really good up to the 4th quarter and OT.

David: Hell yeah, they should have gone for two, when you are on the road, and you pull two shamrocks out of your ass, might has well go for a third, when you have one of the best QBs in the game. You go with what got you there, and that wasn’t the defense in Green Bay’s case.

2. Who has more value: RG3 or Johnny Football?RG3

Bill: Well, that’s a tough call. I’d say Johnny Football by only the very slimmest of margins. It’s clear he didn’t want to be in Cleveland from the start and did what was necessary to play himself out of there. The problem is, will any teams be willing to take him on in hopes that his play there was just a fluke on purpose? Griffin has had his career somewhat detailed by injury, but he hasn’t helped himself out much when the end was coming near either.

Earl: RG3 has more value because he’s at least proven that he can have one good NFL season. Maybe I’m being optimistic but I don’t think Robert Griffin is broken. He just wasn’t a good fit with coach Gruden, and he likely was not ready to be the face of a franchise. A change of scenery helps him, and I’ll even give you a landing place: Houston. The Texans need a QB and looking at what should be a thin free agency market, Griffin will be the best player available at the position.

Joe: Not even going to get into an involved discussion… until Johnny Football wakes up and smells the coffee and realizes that his career is going down the toilet because he has a substance abuse problem, its RG3 all the way. Not to mention, I think, RG3 is the more talented player any way.

Jim: RG3 has zero value.  So if Johnny Football has any value, he has more than RG3.  However, in this case, I believe Johnny Manziel has great value.  He just needs the right team.  Cleveland is NEVER the right team.  Dallas is a perfect fit.  3 years behind Romo and you’d have the next Romo.  I don’t know why you’d want one, but that’s what you’d get.  San Diego would be a great fit.  Kansas City would be a great fit. But as a backup, learning.  Not as a starter.

Steve: I say that RG3 has more value. I think that with the right coaching staff, and the right system. He could be a very good NFL Quarterback. Johnny has the talent to play this game, but his off the field antics would decrease his value in my opinion. RG3 will work hard to be a QB in the NFL, while Manziel thinks it should be handed to him on a silver platter.

David: RG3 at least has shown up for work. In Madden, I might take Johnny, but in real life? I need the guy that I can count on to be there at 8am on Friday morning.

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  1. I did so damn well in the regular season… I suck in the playoffs so far… going on record as of right now… Super Bowl 50 is gonna be won by Denver… of course ya’ll know that’s the kiss of death with the way my playoff picks have gone… I think I got 1 right.

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