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Hello again wrestling fans welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. We are just a few days away from the Royal Rumble where Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Championship against 29 other men in the Royal Rumble match. This week we will make our Rumble picks. Who will win? Who will be a surprise entrant? This and much much more.

First lets start with the new Five is Able. This week we will talk about who will be the biggest surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble. 

5. AJ Styles – for several weeks now there has been talk about AJ styles and the Bullet Club coming to the WWE. what better way to make his debut than the Royal Rumble.

4. Finn Balor – Finn Balor has made it clear that he is excited about his buddies coming to the WWE but that was the past. He is focused on the present and future. It would be a sight for sore eyes to see Finn Balor debut on the main roster the same day as his buddy AJ Styles.

3. Randy Orton – Randy Orton is rumored to coming back sooner than expected, what a way to come back in the Royal Rumble. There always at least one injured superstar who comes back each year it seems like. Why not Randy Orton.

2. Undertaker – I don’t know about this guy. I just have this funny feeling that he will make an appearance during the Royal Rumble match. It would be fitting considering that he is rumored to go into the Hall of Fame this year and this could very well be his last year.

1. Daniel Bryan – This entrant world shock the world, since he has been out since April. I know everyone was disappointed last year cause he was the favorite to win but was eliminated very early in the match. Daniel Bryan would bring the crowd to its feet, even if he came out and was thrown out right away. no one would expect him to make an appearance.

Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The deck is seriously stacked against the WWE Champion now that he has to enter at #1 in the Royal Rumble.

2.Bray Wyatt- Could be a sleeper in the Royal Rumble match. Took out both Lesnar and Reigns on Raw.

3.Brock Lesnar- The Beast looked vulnerable on Raw, can he overcome Reigns and the Wyatts to win the Rumble?

4.Dean Ambrose- Will Ambrose be the last man standing this Sunday against Kevin Owens?

5.Alberto Del Rio- Del Rio is back on the winning track with winning back the US title, and defeating Kalisto and Ambrose in tag team action.

This week in professional wrestling

2001– During a LIVE Pay Per View Event called SIN in WCW. Sid Vicious broke his leg in the ring coming off the second turnbuckle in match against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Road Warrior Animal.

2014– WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Mae Young passes away.

2015– Sting makes his long awaited debut on Monday Night Raw.

Here are the questions this week.


What are your bold Royal Rumble predictions?

Steve: I still have Roman Reigns winning the Rumble despite now having to enter in at #1. I think that Bray Wyatt has an outside chance. However I think that they are setting up a Lesnar vs Wyatt feud after the Rumble and into WrestleMania. I think we will see Becky Lynch win the Diva’s title, We will see new tag team champions in the Usos, and I think that Dean Ambrose will retain the title over Owens.

Eric: My predictions for this Sundays Royal Rumble event: Charlotte retains the Divas title, New Day retains the Tag team titles, Dean Ambrose retains the IC title and now for my boldest prediction of them all! We will see a NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. That’s right folks, I’m going ahead and calling it now. Roman Reigns will LOSE the title this Sunday!

Chad: Rumble comes down to Lesnar and Reigns setting up a Fastlane match between the two. Usos win. Charlotte retains somehow; and Ambrose and Owens have a heck of a fight but Ambrose retains

Todd: I’m going to go off on a limb here with my original thought. I think someone you would not expect is going to win the Royal Rumble Mark Henry. The reason I say this is because he has been talking about retirement for a few years now, Vince McMahon got him to sign another contract a couple a years ago but he said after his contract is up in mid 2016 it is possible he will retire. He has never won a Royal Rumble. He has never held the WWE world Heavyweight Title. He could kill two birds with one stone.Becky Lynch New Divas Champion, Usos new tag team champions.

Jim:I hope and pray Charlotte loses the Diva’s Title.  But she won’t.  Because the WWE refuses to listen to the fans.  I’d love for Kalisto to retain the title and beat Del Rio, because I simply can’t stand Del Rio.  But something tells me they give the title back to one of the worst wrestlers ever to step in a WWE ring. New Day…well we know they have pictures of Stephanie, which is the only thing that would explain their continued reign.  Pitiful.  But they’ll stay the champs.  And the world will continue to not care about the tag team belts.  Dean Ambrose should retain his title vs Owens.  Please dear god let at least one match go the way the fans want.  As for the rumble itself…look for Roman Reigns to end up face to face with Brock Lesnar.  And since the WWE thinks they owe Lesnar something, even though he keeps leaving to go do other things, they’ll give him the title.  And there will be one more belt I won’t care about.


Who do you anticipate will make a surprise entrant in the Rumble match?

Steve: AJ Styles seems to be the popular choice here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samoa Joe is in there as well. My pick for the biggest surprise is Scott Hall. A guy who has had a Hall of Fame career, but has never been in the Rumble match.

Eric: There is a few people I think will make some surprise entrants. First of course is the obvious AJ Styles. What a better place to make your WWE debut than the Royal Rumble match. Next is Samoa Joe. He doesn’t have anything left to accomplish in NXT, why not out him on the main roster? I think he would be an awesome addition to the main roster. Last I think Triple H will return and be in the Royal Rumble match. He’s been off tv for several weeks now, it would make perfect sense to return at the Royal Rumble. I’m sure their is others I could predict but I will stick with those three.

Chad: I’m going to Samoa Joe or possibly someone like a Daniel Bryan comes in to the rumble.

Todd: My biggest surprise entrant will be the Undertaker. I say him, cause he worked more last year than he has probably in the previous 5 or 6 years. This could be his last hoorah since there were rumors that he is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

Jim: Daniel Bryan.  Sure, it won’t match John Cena 2008, but the fans will lose their mind if Flight of the Valkyries starts playing.  Another strong possibility?  The Rock.


What do you think the main event for Wrestlemania will be, and how would you make it since the winner of the Royal Rumble match will be the WWE Champion?

Steve: I think the main event will be Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE Championship. I think Reigns retains the title. They will start to put Triple H back in the storyline after the Rumble. Reigns will walk out as champion at the Rumble and Triple H will come back tougher and meaner than ever, and will attempt to destroy Roman Reigns.

Eric: My prediction for the Main event of Wrestlemania is Triple H vs Roman Regins for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. I think Triple H will return and win the Royal Rumble and then at Fast Lane Roman will be in a match where if he wins he gets his rematch for the title at Wrestlemania. Roman wins, we have Triple H vs Roman Regins for the title at Wrestlemania. I would like to see something else but who do you have though that isn’t hurt and a big enough name to main event Wrestlemania? No one, this is what makes the most sense “In my Damn opinion”

Chad: I believe you get a Reigns/HHH for the title with HHH playing some role in the rumble or possibly Fastlane. I’m going to say Undertaker wrestles his swan song against on a limb I’ll say Kevin Owens.

Todd: I think the main event would be Mark Henry vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Along with Triple H vs Roman Reigns to continue their feud, and the Undertaker vs Brock Lesner IV in a triple main event.

Jim:  I wish the main event of Wrestlemania would be Charlotte vs Nikki Bella.  But the WWE is so sexist that will NEVER happen.  So let’s really do Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar and stop the interference’s and other bulls***t.  Just let the match happen.


There has been some talk that the WWE is planning on turning the Wyatt Family as faces. Would you agree with this move?

Steve: Not really, I mean I could see how this would work but I think they are a better fit as a tweener. Meaning they don’t care if you are a face or a heel, they will just destroy anything in there path. Their gimmick is set up that way, and I wouldn’t change it.

Eric: Depends, right now the Wyatt Family is the biggest heel group in the company. If you turn them faces who do you have left as heels? Don’t get me wrong, I’m for turning the Wyatt Family faces but you must have more heels otherwise you will have too many faces and not enough heels for them too feud with.

Chad: If we promise to keep the Wyatts heel; I’ll never say a word about John Cena going heel.

Todd: I disagree. I don’t think they would make good faces. I mean Erik Rowan was a face for a little while when they split and it was like he was lost but maybe it was because he was by himself. He is supposedly the weakest of the group. After seeing Raw tonight it makes me wonder if they scrapped that idea though. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Jim: Are they going to make them take a shower and shave?  The Wyatt Family, led by one of the worst personas ever in WWE history in Bray, is just disgusting.  There’s not one lick of wrestling skill in the crew.  Just a bunch of nobodies doing nothing. Do I want them to be the good guy?  I want them to be bagging groceries.


Smackdown’s move to the USA network will help the show in the long run? Agree or Disagree?

Steve: I agree it will help, but until they go LIVE again, it is always going to be the B show. Too many people rely on the internet and know what happens before the show. I knew that Kalisto lost the championship to Del Rio, even thought I did not read the spoilers. Someone always knows what is going to happen. To be even better, they have to go LIVE.

Eric: Agree, well I’ll be honest, I don’t really watch Smackdown unless something big will happen on it. For the most part, I usually only watch RAW, however though occasionally I will watch Smackdown if it’s supposed to be good and now that it’s on USA may check it out more, but I don’t think the move will hurt it at all. I think it could definitely be a positive thing for the show.

Chad: Having the shows on the same network will help I think but they have to do something like a brand split to make the action on Smackdown more than thrown together tag matches involving 2,3, even 4 feuds sometimes.

Todd: I agree. The first two shows have blown away any of the other shows on SCI-FI in my opinion. I mean Smackdown still has its down fall but I think it will do a lot better now that it is on USA Network. Of course its only the second week so lets see what happens through out the next year.

Jim: Agree completely.  USA is the home of wrestling.  And the WWE, both RAW and Smackdown, are moneymakers.  It’s a perfect partnership, and it will be great for both companies.  The only thing better would be Smackdown LIVE!, but I am dreaming there.  Wouldn’t it be great though?

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