WTF 1/20… Ignorance, stupidity and willful disregard


Words… ignorance, stupidity and willful disregard… just words… but, oh, so damn descriptive and effective when talking about the stuff that people do and say…

Ignorance, stupidity and willful disregard

joe1There is a difference between ignorance and stupid.

Ignorance is lack of knowledge. Stupidity is lack of intelligence or common sense o.

An intelligent person can be ignorant. A stupid person can be knowledgeable.

And, then there is something called willful disregard… willful disregard is knowing exactly what’s going on, and turning a blind eye to have nothing to do with what’s going on, waiting for someone else to take care of whatever it is they don’t want to take care of.

Bluntly, ignorance is genuine, willful disregard is pretty much hypocrisy (nobody really admits that “they knew but didn’t want anything to do with it”

Stupidity and willful disregard often times can go hand in hand.

So, why all this discourse on words all of a sudden?

Well, first I have an admission… I have been ignorant. That is to say, about a certain fact or topic, of what I feel is great importance, I have been have been ignorant. And, frankly, I am surprised about my ignorance about this fact…but… then… in a kinda, sorta Kafkaesque irony… also feel not so damn surprised about my ignorance.

Now, the fact I happen to be ignorant of something… that’s not a surprise in and of itself because there is lots of shit I am ignorant about… but… I’ll bet a lot of others reading this right now have been ignorant of the same damn fact that I possess an ignorance about.

I’m going to enlighten ya’ll about what where I’m taking this… the subject of which there is so much ignorance … so chill… and… be patient… but…

There are many things in this world that we have been manipulated into believing that have to be the way they are… the good old 1% are very good at doing this and they do it so well by now many of them probably don’t even realize they do it anymore but if that be true then it’s because they just don’t give a shit about us or what is referred to as the other 99%…  and… that’s an example of willful disregard.1

For instance… insurance… they have manipulated the world that we exist in so that we need it… life insurance… car insurance… insurance on this and that… annuities… all sorts of stuff… insurance… that we need to buy so that in case of some calamity happening to our lives we got protection…


If, they would quit being so damn greedy… if, they just paid us all a living wage… if, they quit charging so much for goods and services… if, they did a lot of things besides just making more and more profits and hoarding it all, then, there wouldn’t be any damn need for their damn insurance.

See? They fucking manipulated the system so that we need their damn insurance and then they rape us on the price and fuck us further if we need to use it. Just another way of sticking it to we the people.

They like to keep us all ignorant about this shit… because as long as we believe in the American dream… that we have a chance to get a step closer to where they are then it’s all good. Just be happy soldiers soldiering on and don’t make too many waves. Some of us even improve our lots in life so that we even get up a few rungs on the social/economic ladder and then we all get to see them peeps get atta-boys and atta-girls and the “see what can happen with hard work and sweat” speech and the “you can do it to speech”…

Hooey is all I gots to say…

Now, this ain’t no bullshit pie in the sky rant where I think everyone just gets to have whatever but the system we have right now sure as shit is not designed for a hell of a lot of us to have a lot of leisure time where we can be improving our minds and bodies cause we all is too damn busy trying to make it from week to week… month to month… year to year. Let’s face it… most of us work at jobs that are not fun to do… work is alienating… alienating from what the human being should be striving to be. For most of us our work does not do anything to improve us or define us, rather, it is just a means to an end… which is trying to feed and clothe our families and keep a roof over everybody’s head.

But… the good old 1%… keeps us where we mostly are by making sure certain shit… facts… are not overly made public… case in point… yeah… I finally got there…

In this country… the good old U S of A… stuff like cars, toys, drugs and a hell of a lot of other shit we use in our daily lives need to meet what are called Mandatory Safety Standards.

Guns Don’t.  Guns are exempted from safety regulations by the Consumer Protection Act.gun monitor

Remember that CNN town hall meeting where the Bamster was singing the blues over the fact that he… aka the federal government… has no power to force laws, or orders, that require guns to be safer than they presently are.

Ya know… the part of the meeting where we said “There’s nothing else in our lives that we purchase where we don’t try to make it a little safer if we can. Traffic fatalities have gone down drastically during my lifetime, and part of it is technology, and part of it is that the National Highway Safety Administration does research, and they figure out, you know what? Seat belts really work. And, then we pass some laws to make sure seat-belts are fastened. Air bags make a lot sense, let’s try those out. Toys, we say, you know what? We find out that kids are swallowing toys all the time, let’s make sure that the toys aren’t so small that they swallow them if they’re for toddlers, or infants. Medicine, kids can’t open Aspirin caps.”

Then he added, “Now, the notion that we would not apply the same basic principles to gun ownership as we do to everything else that we own… just to try to make them safer, or the notion that anything we do to try to make them safer is somehow a plot to take away guns… that contradicts what we do to try to create a better life for Americans in every other area of our lives.

Well… he was fucking right… and no really does do anything to monitor gun safety… no single agency outside of a few states really monitors gun safety… gun manufacturing.

Plus all of them things he mentioned about making them safer…any one of the mentioned things is having some serious or major problems that are affecting the health or safety of we the people, then, them things can be recalled… guess what? Not so with guns.

There is also no system in place to track accidental deaths caused by malfunctioning weapons. So, we don’t know how safe or unsafe certain guns are and whether they should be recalled or not. Ever heard of the old the Saturday Night Specials that were  so prominent among certain low level criminals back in the so-called good old days of the 1970’s? The weapons were frequently misfiring or otherwise malfunctioning and causing folks to get seriously hurt or the criminals themselves were actually wounding, or killing themselves, themselves… all because certain manufacturers were putting out shoddy and cheap weapons out here because t here was no federal agency oversight or standard that they were subject to.

The fact is the firearms industry self-polices its products, establishing its own design standards and initiating its own voluntary recalls. None of which are mandatory upon anyone. They are more like suggestions or guidelines that are hoped will be adhered to but if it ain’t… who gives a real shit… the manufactures will still make their bucks as will the undertakers and graveyard diggers, too.

Gun manufacturers have operated without federal oversight for eons… well… from since the days when guns were first being mass produced… or many decades.

The mouse protects the cheese…

What the fuck ya’ll say? Why’s that ya’ll say?

Let’s borrow Professor Peabody’s “Way Back Machine” and have a look see…

In 1972 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was created by Congress in 1972 to set safety standards for most consumer products… guns were not on the list that were to be under the CPSC’s jurisdiction.

The people in the House of Representatives were all in huff that if the CPSC had the power to oversee the manufacturing/production and safety of guns that that would create the old…here we go… it would create the old slippery slope of violating folk’s second amendment rights. In other words, a certain vested interest faction… someone mention the NRA and their ilk… like gun manufacturers?… didn’t want to be under the feds control and they had they had the power and the money to influence (and scare) certain Reps to think/vote a certain way… which was when the House was writing their version of the Consumer Protection Act it made sure to leave out an mention of the firearms industry being under any regulatory control.

The senate’s version of the bill was not so lenient to the industry but it was the House version of the bill that passed and was enacted in 1976.

Why’s it always seem that the House of  Representatives is so damn contrary and ornery and easily influenced when it comes to doing shit that ain’t particularly in we the people’s interests? Ever notice that?

So, who oversees gun safety or sets the standards for the business of those who make guns? A trade organization called the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI). SAAMI “imposes” regulations that are supposed to ensure that certain “safety standards” are met… but… as mentioned already… compliance with them “standards” is not mandatory.SAAMI_blue_1

Congress has tried repeatedly to wrest control of gun safety standards from SAAMI. But, so far, it ain’t happened yet.

Here’s the record for proposed bills that would have given the ATF regulatory authority over the design and making of guns…

failed in 1993…. Then when Congress met again… it failed once more…

…as it did in 1999, 2001 and 2003.

With firearms uniquely exempt from federal safety regulations, the American gun market has been flooded with thousands of defective weapons.

Example… The Remington 700 bolt-action rifle has had many incidents where it went off without the trigger being pulled… 24 folks were killed by this malfunction while at least 100 others were wounded. It has been reported that Remington big shots were told by their design peeps about the defect but that these execs didn’t order any changes for the faulty triggers because they were worried that if they did that it would be seen as “an admission of guilt.”

Remington has also been loath to release documentation about how it designs and makes guns to the courts where lawsuits are being heard or to many of the plaintiff’s lawyers. In fact, a judge back in 1983 said Remington was in contempt and that they were flagrantly disregarding t he laws and were “obstructive and offensive … to justice.”

Finally when faced with a class action settlement,  Remington started up a recall program whereby people who purchased the weapon could get their money back or they could have their gun “fixed” with new triggers.

BUT….  the recall program is voluntary…. And… out of an estimated 7 million defective firearms that were sold… only 2,327 gun owners have contacted Remington.

Yet… if the CPSC had even just one complaint about almost any other product that there  could be a danger to the consumer… they could order that a recall be initiated post haste.

In the absence of federal regulations some states have set their own safety standards but they are in the minority… like only eight of them.

And peeps in any of them states that want guns without their states getting in their way with any regulations simply go to another neighboring state, buy the weapon of their choice and then bring across the state lines and thereby easily circumvent any regulations.

Yet, if congress would create a gun safety bill… and then passed it… then the federal government could effectively regulate the firearms industry… both in the manufacture of guns as well as the sale of the guns.Everytown-For-Gun-Safety-Fake-Ad-2

But, as long as the powers that be willfully disregards our safety and keeps us all under a veil of ignorance about the reality of regulation of the industry and the congress acts stupidly under “orders from them 1% in control of things” to keep things as they wish… nothing will ever change.

So, firearm safety still falls chiefly on the shoulders of gun owners.

One person who has fought for federal intervention and safety standards in the gun industry has said, “Of course you should hope gun owners act prudently and kindly. But, if, you can save lives by changing gun designs, then you should do that, too.”

Or… you should have a uniform gun law(s) that are designed among other things to create safety standards that have to be adhered to; making sure there are strict background checks before anyone can purchase and own a gun and to further insure that those who own guns… any guns… are safety inclined… folks will need to pass a test that is, at the minimum, as rigorous as the toughest test that is required of any citizen who wants to drive a vehicle on the highways and the byways of America.

Beyond stupid…

Dude and two buddies broke into a supposed friends house in Pennsylvania… they were supposedly waving around guns and one of the trio said,  “You got five seconds and I am going to shoot up the house.”

So he got… and I assume his two buddies… but it’s he who this story is concerned with… any way… the dude gets popped and charged with burglary, making a terrorist threat and other sundry other offenses… and promptly skips out on his court date to face the charges.

I’m not even gonna get into the how this dude got someone to help him post bail so he could be wandering around on the outside prior to his appointed date with justice system… gotta be someone stupider than he is to post his bond because now the lost whatever they put up… it ain’t germane to the story any ways.holland tunnel

Same dude is now in NYC and crisscrossing lanes as he tries to text someone as he going in the Holland Tunnel headed to Jersey… and… he’s in a rented U-Haul… and he almost cuts off a bus…a Port Authority cop notices this shit going on and pulls the dude over… asks for license and registration… the dude gives said cop an expired New Jersey driver’s license.

Busted again… now sitting in the Hudson County jail while awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania…

What we have here is a complete and flagrant disregard for any law whatsoever as well as a dude who is hopelessly beyond stupid and probably condemned to spending a life being incarcerated or at least in and out of jails getting his ass buggered, or, at the least, harassed unmercilessly.

Stupid and ignorant…

I am not a New Yorker but I love me some New York City as if I was born and raised there… it is truly the city that never sleeps and you can just about find any damn thing you want there and at almost any time of the day .

It’s not always the cheapest place to be in but  NYC is truly a hell of a town… and its not just Manhattan that I loves it’s the other boroughs that comprise NYC, too.

Then along comes Teddy Cruz and he tries to insult the Big Apple and its folks by questioning their values… as if folks who live in NYC have faulty morals or some other god awful sinful way of living. Like I said… I ain’t  a native New Yorker but  I loves me the town all the same… so… of course I got pissed about this  upstart asinine Cruz bullshit…

Then, I reckon he got called enough times on his bullshit because he goes on TV saying I’m sorry… only even his apology is bullshit and half assed… listen… or maybe I should say… read… “I apologize . . . to the millions of conservatives, working men and women in New York with common-sense values” and “I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state.”

What the fuck is that supposed to mean… If you agree with his point of view… his so-called Christian values neo-con values… then you are okay? But, otherwise if ya’ll living in NYC ya’ll be going to hell in a hand basket with no chance for redemption?

Now, this is from a guy who it just slipped his mind that Goldman Sachs lent him a big piece of loot when he was running for the US. Senate one fine day a while back… slipped his mind so far that that he failed to report it as he is required to do by law.

That’s the same Goldman Sachs that his wife… good old Heidi… works. Heidi, is a managing director at Goldman Sachs who is conveniently on leave from the firm… All’s I can say is Hmmmm…. Nothing hinky going here is there?

So here’s the rub… Ready Teddy says all NYC folks are in love with the almighty buck…. this I take it is supposed to mean New Yorkers are greedy hedonistic left leaning media followers who have little to no scruples…

Ok… he’s entitled to his opinion no matter how idiotic and stupid it may be…

But, then old Teddy boy comes with his mouth full of a bunch of much oblige while holding out his hand for and saying give me some of your dirty moolah.NYDN-DropDeadTedCover

Yep… one day he’s telling the world on TV that the nasty value New York City folks are a bunch of nogoodniks and then what seems like just hours later is sending out a mass email  saying… “So, I’m counting on you New York. Can I ask you . . . to make an urgent gift of at least $25?  Or, if you can afford more, will you make an urgent gift of $100 or even $500?”

The New York Daily News had a front page that said it perfectly…  “Drop Dead, Ted” along with a pic of the Statue of Liberty giving the ass hole the old middle finger salute.

But his bullshit big balls did manage to do something I thought I would never see…he got elephants and donkeys singing the same song in defense of good old NYC…  Rudy as in Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, as well as the Donald himself all chiming in and saying in effect…”What the hell is this shithead talking about?”

He even got Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio… who have been at odds lately… coming together in their own moment of NYC solidarity.

Even the elephant Congressman Peter King from NY said that there are a lot of elephants who hate Cruz more than they hate Obama…. Damn and hot shit… now, that’s doing something that’s real damn impressive.

Go figure… the sob did something the Bamster has been trying to do for years… get both sides agreeing on an issue and doing it in peace and harmony.

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  1. That’s what I love about my hometown. New York will always come together to tell some out of towner to shut their ass up.

  2. Also read that when the NYDN told Teddy the Fool that he could go back to Canada that some Canadian folks said… no way… he abandoned us and renounced his Canadian citizenship… we don’t want him back… you’re stuck with him now.

  3. With respect to the 1% vs the 99%, I have always maintained that the twentieth century developed the three worst economic systems in use today: fascism, communism (state socialism), and capitalism. I do not believe any “one size fits all” economic style will work in any large economic environment.

    New York has always been a whipping boy. I recall during the Johnson-Goldwater presidential campaign that conservatives suggested the US would be better off without the east coast. One political cartoon showed a plywood cutout of the continental US with a saw severing New York/New England.

    How many today remember Goldwater? How many today remember New York? Where will the memory of Cruz be in fifty years? Where will the memory of New York be in fifty years.

    (This last is dedicated to my “New York daughter.”)

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