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Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. As we get closer to the All-Star break Kobe Bryant still leads all vote players in votes. This week on the Roundtable we will talk about Derrick Rose’s injury plagued season,why a 9-32 team is on national television so much lately, and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Here are this weeks questions:


Since Derrick Rose MVP year in 2011 he has been injury plagued, this year has been no different. Do you think his career will be cut short because of all his injuries?

Steve: As I gaze into my crystal ball at the future of Derrick Rose, I do see his career being cut short eventually with all of his injuries. While I think he will be in the NBA for several more years, Ultimately his greatness is a thing of the past. There is no way that one player can sustain that many injuries and come back to his old self without injuring himself again. I give Rose 5 to 7 more years before he is out of the game.

Todd: Yes, I believe all these injuries will cut his career short. He has had some major injuries in the past couple of years. All the injuries this year so far have been minor but he wont be able to take much more. I give him maybe 3 or 4 more years.

Chad: The MVP Derrick Rose is no more with all of the injuries that he has sustained in his career post MVP I do see him being a key piece to a team’s success but in the end I believe that his injuries will contribute to the end of his career.


The Lakers have been on national television a lot lately. What is your opinion on that?

Steve: I only have one logic reason behind this. Kobe Bean Bryant. (mic drop)

Todd: I guess this is kind of a dumb question on my part. The television schedule is scheduled the same time the games are. Its just ridiculous because everyone knew the Lakers were not going to be very good this year, so why put them on T.V. so much. No one wants to see a team get blown out night after night.

Chad: To be fair there is the Kobe Bryant farewell tour happening this season so why not give fans a chance to see Kobe.


Were the Golden State Warriors taking the Denver Nuggets too lightly when they decided to rest Draymond Green?

Steve: Here is the thing with the Warriors. They have the luxary to rest who ever they want, and they still have a pretty damn good chance to win the game. Give some of these guys a day off, you still are right on pace with the Bulls of 95. You are headed for the playoffs without a doubt. So why not give some of these guys a break. The only thing they need to worry about is getting home court. You don’t want to have to go to San Antonio 4 times in a 7 game series.

Todd: Me personally I think they thought they could have put the crowd out there and they could have beat the Nuggets. Of course they took them to lightly. I mean he deserves to rest though, they lost but its not like they couldn’t afford too. It is basically a two team race in the West now with San Antonio, so they better not take too many days off.

Chad: The thing with the Warriors is that because of their amazing start they can afford to give Curry a week off here or Klay a couple games there, or Draymond here or there because they will still be in the playoffs and be the favorite. Now they do have to be aware of San Antonio and do want to make sure the WCF matchup has the home court at Oracle Arena.


In your opinion, with all the injuries Kobe is bothered with now. He has been advised to sit 1-2 weeks to rest his achilles.  Do you think he will finish the season?

Steve: Yes he will finish the season, It would be insane for him not to. Even if he only plays ten minutes a game, people are lining up to get a final glimpse at Kobe Bryant. He has such a big ego, he knows that he is the center of attention and he will not let them down. He has the whole rest of his life to recover.

Todd: No, not at the rate he is going. his ego is going to get in the way. He is trying to play every game and he is pushing himself too hard. Kobe will probably end up with a fourth straight season ending injury if he don’t rest like he is suppose to.

Chad: He will get onto the courts of the different cities to get the roar of the fans because Kobe knows the fans will give him the respect. Even he is limited to a bench role. Kobe will finish the season.


Adam Silver would like to start playing more NBA games in Europe but one of his concerns his the major time zone difference. What are your thoughts on the subject? 

Steve: I don’t have any problems with the NBA taking their product overseas. But this is how they have to do it. They have to schedule two teams to play two games in Europe, maybe play one, off one, play the last one. This will make it worth it for these players to travel over there instead of having just one and done over in Europe. You could do this a couple times a year, and if it is financially beneficial for them to continue it, then why not. I could give two shits about what the players think. They get paid enough to suck it up for a week.

Todd: I don’t have a problem with them playing overseas but if they want to play more games over there you would probably have to send like 4-6 teams over at a time and have them stay for like a week or two. That way they have time to play more games without having to extend the season, cause this last game they played over there they allotted 7 days and that is just too long for just one game.

Chad: I think the game can expand into different markets overseas but as was the case with the NFL you are going to have Time zone issues that have to be addressed because I like the NBA as much as the next person but if it is not the right matchup (Have marquee teams and stars)I would find it hard to wake up early or stay up late to watch the game

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