What a week in the world of professional wrestling. Sting will take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame making him the first person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in both TNA and WWE. Will Kurt Angle be next? This week on #ask7pound, our old friend joins us to ask about Owen Hart as the WWE Champion? Was this really supposed to happen? Also what was the deal with Lex Luger and the WWE? We have a question from Facebook as well to get to. We have a lot to get to so let’s get to it.

We will start as always with a little BAD NEWS, with Bad News Brennan


What do Seth Collins, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, and Nikki Bella all have in common? The good news is that they walked out of Wrestlemania 31 with a championship. However, the bad news is that as of right now they are all injured and unlikely out for Wrestlemania 32.


As we stated last week we have the debut of Trevor. Trevor is a talking monkey who has some wise crack comments to make on the world of wrestling. He thinks his knowledge is superior to most. So what does Trevor have to say this week? Send Trevor a question via Twitter @StephanHall #asktrevor and he will answer your question. I may want to advise you that Trevor’s answers are in no way shape or form the opinion of anyone here at 7poundbag.com or myself at #ask7pound.



Did you know?

Did you know that Diamond Dallas Page made his Wrestlemania debut at Wrestlemania VI? He was the driver of the pink Cadillac driving the Honky Tonk Man, Greg Valentine, and Jimmy Hart to the ring to sing their new hit single Honka Honka Honky Love



And here are the questions this week. 


Our good friend Eric from In my Damn Opinion wants to pick my brain this week

Ok I have kinda a multi parts question. FIRST: Was it true that the reason Lex Luger did not win the WWE title at SummerSlam 1993 is because multiple wrestlers threatened to walk out of the company if he won? Also if it is true, why was Luger so hated backstage?


To my knowledge there was never a time where wrestlers threatened to walk if Luger won the championship at Summerslam. First, he was slated to win the championship at Wrestlemania X before he started running his mouth and giving everyone the results of the show. It was supposed to be Lex winning the championship over Yokozuna, the going on to face off against Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X’s main event. Instead, he was disqualified, and after that fell out of the championship picture. So it does not make much sense that he was denied a chance at Summerslam because of wrestlers walking out, when he was going to get that chance just a few months later.

Now, why was he hated backstage? I do know the answer to this. He had a very negative attitude towards many of the wrestlers, and he had a sense of entitlement thinking he was above everyone else. He was a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, who came to the WWE when he had a great thing going in WCW. He felt that he did Vince a favor by coming over the the WWE. In all actuality, his contract was up in WCW, and he since he was not involved in the World title picture, he jumped ship and refused to re-sign with WCW. That was Luger’s demeanor. He thought he was better than everyone else, and thought that essentially his shit don’t stink. Interesting fact to bring up. When he came back to WCW, his contract guaranteed him a run as the WCW World Championship. He had that opportunity when he beat Hulk Hogan on Nitro, only to lose the championship 5 days later at Road Wild. So he got his guarantee, WCW owned up to their end of the bargain, but his run was not really remembered.


Second: I had heard recently that Owen Hart was originally supposed to walk into SummerSlam 1994 as the WWE Champion but WWE changed their minds at the last minute and didn’t let Owen win it before SummerSlam. Is this true and if so why didn’t they give Owen the belt?


Well watch this clip. He actually did win the championship over Bret Hart, and was proclaimed the champion. My apologies for the quality. I tried to find the full length match but here is the ending to a match.

Now what was not shown here is that the decision was ultimately reversed and Bret kept the championship. As far as Owen entering Summerslam as the champion? It was tossed around the back for several weeks, but they decided to keep the championship on Bret, as they felt that if he lost the championship to Owen before the event it would take away some of his credibility. Bret actually was on board with Owen getting a shot at holding the championship, and actually recommended that Owen go over at Summerslam 94 in the cage match. Owen, who has always been a business kind of guy, said that he felt his character was better suited as chasing the championship and living in the shadow of Bret for a little while longer. Owen eventually cost Bret the championship at Survivor Series against Bob Backlund, where he forced his mother, Helen to throw in the towel while Bret was in the cross-faced chicken wing.


Mike from Central Illinois chimes in about WWE Territories?

What if the WWE split the country into several WWE regional territories? Then with the traveling they do overseas…set up a territory in England, Japan, Australia, and one in Europe. Kind of like the old NWA days?


Very interesting idea a world wide territory. I think they could pull this off, and then bring back some additional championships. European Championship? I think you could develop a European Territory to cover England, France, Italy, just to name a few. Imagine how over Santino Marella would be in Italy. Or what about the superstars that you have that came from overseas? Wade Barrett is extremely popular over in England, so he could be the guy over there. Take it over to Austrailia, where there is a ton of wrestling talent down under. You create an Australian championship belt, and have an organization over there. As for Japan? I think it would be really hard to compete with the organizations over there like New Japan Pro Wrestling, or IWGP. Wrestling is huge in Japan, so having a WWE territory there may not be beneficial, unless they were to start some sort of partnership with one or both of those organizations. I think by doing this, it could really set the stage to have more and more special events overseas, and maybe even a Wrestlemania, which they have been wanting to do for many years. I still think London would be a great spot for Mania, but that is not for me to decide. So yeah, it may work in many countries. I like the idea that the WWE should have kept organizations like WCW and ECW around and create territories in the United States. David (editor of 7poundbag.com) stated that WCW could have the south, ECW could be moved to the Midwest, and rebuild WCCW in the West (including Texas). Then you have WWE as the dominant industry. I think it creates more opportunities for many wrestlers who are not known enough to get out there and compete on a main stage for an opportunity to be on the biggest stage.


Garrett from Boulder Colorado has a question

What is the story behind Ric Flair leaving WCW in 1991, going to WWF, apparently leaving WCW on really bad terms, only to come back in 1993. Did Flair and WCW make a mends, if so, how did they do that so quickly?


One name says it all, and no not Jay Janssen. That would be Jim Herd. Herd took over running WCW in late 1990, and immediately wanted to make some changes and go out with the old, and in with the new. This included basically throwing Ric Flair to the curb and having some new blood run the company. Herd, according to many sources had no wrestling knowledge what so ever and had no idea what he was doing when he was in charge with the WCW. So Flair was scheduled to face off against Lex Luger (man we are mentioning Luger alot today) at the Great American Bash 1991 in July, and he was slated to drop the title to Luger. This is not what pissed off Flair. He had no problem giving Luger his chance. The problem was that Herd basically told Flair he was finished in the business, so Flair essentially held the title hostage and quit. He made a phone call to Vince McMahon and told him he is walking, and if he wanted to make a deal. Of course Vince saw dollar signs with a potential Hogan vs Flair match up in which fans were dreaming about for years. Plus, Flair had his ace in the hole, the WCW World Championship belt. He brought that belt to WWE with them, but due to legal remedies they had to black it out on TV. The belt was shown a few times but WCW tried suing the WWE for copyright infringement, so WWE agreed to not show the belt on TV again.

When he joined the WWE there was a lot of excitement and he and Hogan immediately started a feud. Problem was, their matches were incredibly bad at house shows, and even some televised shows at Madison Square Garden. The plan was to have Flair vs Hogan at Wrestlemania VIII, but due to their matches being so bad, they scrapped that. They had Flair win the Rumble, which was expected and planned. Then Savage went on to win the title at that event. Flair continued a program with Savage throughout the summer, and also with the Ultimate Warrior. It was around August at Summerslam 92, where WCW fired Jim Herd, and Flair reached out to them again to see if he could return, because that was his home according to him. He was never comfortable at WWE and did not like the way he was being used. So he made the decision to leave after his contract was up. Vince understood and respected his decision. Actually he was probably like sure go ahead, you have not done what I wanted you to do in this company. So he agreed to win the belt back from Savage as a transitional champion, only to lose it a few weeks later to Bret Hart, who was being groomed to be the next big star in the WWE.

He returned to the WCW in February 1993 at SuperBrawl 93 during the NWA title match between Barry Windham, a former teammate of Flair in the Four Horsemen, and the Great Muta. Windham won the title, Flair entered the ring to put the belt around the waste of Windham as a show a respect. Windham basically shunned Flair, and started a feud with Flair where Flair won back his NWA Championship from Windham later that summer.

So there were no hard feelings towards WCW as a whole with Flair, it was all because of Jim Herd.


Benny from Jacksonville FL wants to know about loyalty?

How many wrestlers back in the WCW days stayed loyal to their company and never jumped ship to the other organization? I know Undertaker was one, and maybe Sting, but was there anyone else?


Well Benny this is kind of a difficult question to answer, because there were quite a few who never jumped ship, but at the same time they never had much of a career to begin with. So I will go with some major names to sort of sum this up. You would be wrong on the Undertaker. The Undertaker competed in WCW in 1990, as a member of the Skyscrapers, where he was known as Mean Mark Callous. He even competed against Lex Luger for the United States Championship at The Great American Bash 1990. He appeared in WWE at the Survivor Series as the Undertaker later that same year, then went on to have a very long career with the WWE. So he has been very loyal to the WWE and never jumped ship in the mid 90’s when people were doing such a thing, but he was once in WCW, so he would not count. Sting, you are correct. Sting never left the WCW during that era, and stayed loyal to that company. He stayed so true to WCW that he refused to go to WWE when they bought WCW. Instead, Sting went to TNA with Jeff Jarrett to begin a lengthy career with TNA, and had much success. The other mainstay was Shawn Michaels. Shawn, did wrestle in the AWA as a member of the Midnight Rockers, but he stayed true to form with the WWE and never jumped ship to WCW, however he was very close to going when Hall and Nash left in 1996. He actually went and asked to be released from his contract to be with his friends. Vince convinced him otherwise letting him know that he would not be happy down there. Another one I think you could throw into the mix would be JBL. JBL was known as Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw when he debuted with the WWE in 1995, then formed the APA with Ron Simmons where they had a lot of success. JBL went on to have a great career as a wrestler and commentator for the past 21 years. Mark Henry is another one who never left WWE. He debuted in WWE, and despite having some early career spats with the McMahons, he stayed loyal and will end up retiring with the WWE later this year. Kane is another one who started off with some horrible gimmicks in 1995, first as Dr Issac Yankem DDS, and then the fake Diesel. He then found his niche with Kane and has been with that gimmick since 1997. He never jumped ship to the enemy. Those are just a few to name. I am sure there is more, and if I missed any majors, please comment below.


That is all for this week, thanks for tuning in. If you have any questions, send me a tweet @StephanHall #ask7pound, or send an email swhall03@gmail.com. I will be glad to answer all your questions you have.

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