Poll Question: The Movies

I would like to get your opinions on the Movie Section, particularly the archive.
1) Should I make the movies a sortable table, by Year, Ranking And / Or series? Movies Roundtable
A- Make a an alphabetical table, non sortable so movies franchises are grouped together
B- Alphabetical by title only, no grouping.
C- Sortable by Year, you do too many old movies
D- Leave as is, I like the pictures.
2. Should I change my rating systems to the standard 10 point star system?
A- Yes
B- No, I like a difference in rating.
3. Would you like to see an Audio or a video podcast on movies?
A- I like the audio one like Monster Brawl
B- Still waiting on Aliens on the video! I did like Bloody Murder 2
4. Do I do too much of:
A) Horror Movies
B) Shit Movies
C) 80s Movies
5. Does the Spoilers belong:
A) ON the next page, like it is now
B) After HUGE graphic, same page
C) Not needed unless the movie is under 3 years old- then a small graphic is best.
Thank you for your  responses to make 7poundbag better.

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