Pounding 7s: Quentin Tarantino

With the release of The Hateful Eight, I thought I would rank the Quentin Tarantino films. To be fair, I have not seen the Hateful Eight yet, or Jackie Brown, but its on my list. I’m not counting Four Rooms or Best Friends Birthday either. I normally would count the Kill Bills as a single movie, but since I need to get to 7, without counting segments, I’ll split it here.

7. Death Proof (Grindhouse)Death Proof

I’ll be honest, I loved the Grindhouse concept, but the execution really didn’t come through. The best parts were the trailers. Of the two main films, Tarantino is – in my eyes, the weaker of the two, and its not even close. Seeing this in the theater, and this is the only Tarantino movie I have seen in the theater- I honestly got a bit bored.

6. Django Unchained

I’m not sure why I wasn’t that impressed with this one, the first time I saw it, I enjoyed it, but every time I have seen it, I’ve liked it less and less.

5. Inglourious BasterdsInglorious Bastaerds

OK, draw a line here. Now we start the movies I like. I really really really wanted to love this movie. Its got a ton of elements I like, I love the theater segment, but the Brad Pitt part, the actual Basterds, just doesn’t hold up after a time. The bar segment is still one of my favorite Tarantino parts.

4. Kill Bill: Volume 2

Is it me, or was this part rushed? Seems like Taranito needed to take a little more time to work on this one. Its almost like a reverse action movie. You talk just enough to setup the fights, now we have a movie where we fight to set up the talking. Uma Thurman is still excellent in this one, but Michael Madsen and Daryl Hannah steal this one, but my favorite part of the entire series? Pai Mei.

3. Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction

This is by far the most uneven movie I have ever seen. Certain parts I love, Certain parts I skip, certain parts I only have seen in commentary tracks since my first viewing. I’ve got parts of the DVD I have never seen, and other parts I have watched so often I have almost worn the DVD through. Of course, the Samuel L Jackson parts I love, just like everyone else.

2. Kill Bill: Volume 1

Even though my favorite parts are in Part 2, Part 1 is the better movie. I do enjoy the whole runup to the final battle with O-Ren and the Bride. Part of the reason I enjoy this one more is it builds to a huge fight, like a good action movie should. Part 2 tends to go from Mini-Boss to Mini-Boss. This movie gives the impression that each of the DIVAS are equally awesome, but in truth, only O-Ren is even close to being the Bride’s equal, and only Bill Matters. O-Ren’s minions are easy to identify as minions, but they are equally as backstoried and developed as the main DIVAs, and Gogo is just waaaay to much fun.

Reservoir Dogs

1. Reservoir Dogs

Was there any doubt? With any of the previous 6 movies I can tell you a segment or a person or a sequence I can’t stand or I can go get a refill and not pause the movie. Reservoir Dogs is the one movie I can’t do that too. Michael Madsen just chews scenery and I love him for it. Nice Guy Eddie is a joy to watch and I’ve always been a Steve Bushemi fan. I can pick almost any of the top movies on this list, and be perfectly fine watching it to the end, but Reservoir Dogs- I almost always have to watch it from the beginning, for a heist film the rewatchability factor is amazing.

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