NFL Round 2 Picks

Everyone got KC and Seattle
David was the only one to pick Cincy
Jim, Joe, EJ and David all took the Redskins, so Steve and DJ was the only people to go 4-0 for the weekend.

Patriots vs Cheifs
Joe: KC
Jim: KC
Steve: New England
David: The Chiefs were the only team that looked good last weekend. The Pats looked like poo the past month. But what am I saying? This is the Hoodie vs Andy Reid! Take the Pats.
EJ: Patriots over the Chiefs. The Chiefs looked good beating the Texans and the Pats got some injury concerns, but the Pats have been there and done that. They’ll get past the Chiefs in a game that might be closer than most people think.

Steelers vs broncos

DJ: Denver
Joe: Pittsburgh
Jim: Denver
Steve: Denver
David: If they played last week, I would have taken the Steelers, but Big Be is hurt, and the Steelers are beaten up. I think there is an upset potential here, but I just can’t see it.
EJ: Denver. Steelers are without Antonio Brown and Big Ben is no guarantee to play well with his shoulder injury. The Broncos should win big.

Arizona vs Green Bay

Joe: Arizona
Jim: Arizona
Steve: Arizona
David: Vegas actually dropped the Cardinals’ Super Bowl odds after last week. They must have seen a different Packers team than I did. I can’t see Arizona losing to that Packers team I saw in Washington.
EJ: Arizona. They manhandled the Pack a few weeks ago and they should do so again.

Seattle vs Carolina

DJ: Seattle
Joe: Seattle
Jim: Seattle
Steve: Carolina
David: First off, the hell with you first three. Second, this all comes down to Johnathan Stewart. If he plays, then this game could be over by halftime, if not, then its going to be one clinching game for me. These have all been tight games, but Seattle has been great recently, but have stubbed their toe a few times.
EJ: Panthers. They are my Super Bowl pick so I got to let it ride here.
1. Is there a Head Coach you were Surprised survived the ax?Marvin Lewis

Joe: Not sure why Sean Payton is still in New Orleans but it appears unless the team goes totally into the toilet bowl for a season or two he’s effectively got the job for as long as he wants. But, it seems like the Saints could use a change… as good as they have been under Payton they have been just as bad at times… with more losing seasons than they have had winning seasons.

Jim: Its a toss up between Jim Caldwell in Detroit and Jeff Fisher in St Louis. But since Fisher continues to stay employed regardless of the fact he has never had a great season…he is my most surprising.

Steve: Kind of surprised that Marvin Lewis still has a job after the fiasco that occurred at the end of the Bengals vs Steelers game. I don’t think he handled it well, and kept his team under control when they had a win all but locked up. He is still winless in playoff games, and to me, should have been fired.

David: Steve just explained Marvin Lewis, but I’m stunned Jeff Fisher is still around after Chip Kelly got fired. I’ve always thought Jeff Fisher was a good coach, but here lately he’s making me look bad.

EJ: Mike McCoy.Surprised the Chargers are sticking with him. Doesn’t make sense to me but I guess they like mediocrity.

2. Thoughts on Chip Kelly to San Fran?chip kelly

Joe: I’m on the fence regarding Kelly… he did well in his first two seasons with the Eagles and then I think the power went to his head and he had all of these fantastical plans that, simply put, went to hell in a hand basket. I think he can be a good coach as long as he has learned to check his ego and realize he can’t be the guy who does it all… it’s why teams have GMs and other front office personnel. It’s a rare person who can be the GM, coach and chief cook and bottle washer, especially in these days of so much specialization and information gathering.

Jim: Perfect hire, perfect team, perfect quarterback. Kelly will win in San Francisco.

Steve: I don’t think he fits in well with San Fran, but then again I don’t think San Fran fits in with anyone these days. Im glad he gets another chance, but this will likely be his last if he fails with the Niners.

David: Rent don’t buy. Chip took a good team. Gutted it and tried to rebuild it, and failed. The Niners have already been gutted, so . . . 3 years.

EJ: I love the hire. They need to firm up the O-line but that offense should be good. The defense? Needs work but I think Chip can get it done.

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