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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to the most controversial panel in wrestling today. We are the Wrestling Roundtable. Sting is in the Hall of Fame! Congratulations go out to him, and Kalisto is the New US Champion!!! What a week so far in the WWE, so let’s discuss. This week: Is Mick Foley seriously thinking of returning the ring? Is John Cena’s career over? This and much more!!

Let’s start as always with the Frosh Five. Frosh has been missing in action for several week as he has tended to his daddy duties. Is Frosh back this week?

5. Big E – We have yet to see the best from big E. The New Day is holding him back from his full potential. We should see some big things from him in the Royal Rumble this year.

4.  Neville – WWE seems like they might be giving Neville another chance and this is the kind of match built for the smaller wrestlers, look at what Kofi Kingston has done in the past years. We should see some great things from Neville in this match.

3. Kalisto – Kalisto has had a big year so far. With winning the slammy for omg move of the year and now on Raw he won the U.S. title, why should it stop now. I think he has a good showing in the Royal Rumble.

2. Kevin Owens – as much as don’t like this guy and I still think his win against John Cena was a fluke WWE seems to keep him in the Intercontinental Title hunt. I hate to say this but i believe we will see big thing s from Kevin Owens in this years Royal Rumble.

1Bray Wyatt – This guy is way beyond a push. We been hearing he was going to get a push at the world title for well over a year now. They are just wasting Bray Wyatt. I’m not saying he should win but he will probably be the last 3 or 4 in there.


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Roman Reigns– Roman Reigns is still the WWE Champion, however the Authority and Vince McMahon have stacked the deck against him. Can he overcome 29 men, including Brock Lesnar?

2.Dean Ambrose- After a vicious attack by Kevin Owens, can Ambrose recovery and take down Owens?

3.Brock Lesnar- After missing some LIVE action for a few months, Lesnar returns and attacks half the WWE roster, including an F5 to the WWE Champion. The Beast is back and he is on a terror.

4.Kalisto- The new United States Champion is on a roll, can he continue his run tonight on Smackdown?

5.Bray Wyatt- Bray seems to be the most unintimidated wrestler I have seen since the Undertaker. What will this guy do next?


This week in professional wrestling

1993– The first episode of Monday Night Raw airs on the USA Network. Main eventing that show was the Undertaker vs Damien Dimento.

2014– Randy Savage is finally enshrined into the WWE Hall of Fame after many years. His brother Lanny Poffo aka the Genius inducted him at the ceremony later in the year.


Here are the questions this week.


The Bleacher Report has reported that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is considering a return to the WWE as a manager. He wants to manage Becky Lynch during her feud with Charlotte and Ric Flair. What are your thoughts on a Foley return?

Steve: It seems to have been set with Becky speaking on Raw that “She is all by herself” So it seems fitting that Foley will come in and save the day. I think as much as I am not too much of a fan of Flair being with Charlotte and her mole, Foley would bring some interesting segments with his humor, and I think it would lighten things up a bit. So as much as I don’t like the old timers getting back in the business, this may be an exception, just so long as they don’t do any kind of mixed gender match. I don’t think I could watch a Flair vs Foley matchup.

Eric: I think it would be great to see Mic Foley come back to tv as a manager. I don’t know though how him and Becky Lynch would fair together though. Is Mic Foley going to change her and turn her into the hardcore legend just like him? I’m interested in seeing what he could do with her. It’s possible it could either turn out really well or really bad. Either way, yes I’d hope to see Foley come back to tv and manage Becky Lynch.

Chad: With the history between I think it adds a dynamic moving forward with a Becky Lynch/Charlotte match and I would be in favor of the return.

Todd: Well you all know how I feel about Ric Flair being out there with Charlotte. I feel the same way about Mick Foley. I know it is not set in stone yet. WWE would do it to get ratings but cameras would be more focused on the two old men instead of the Divas.

Jim: Honestly, I would prefer if all retired wrestlers just stay retired.  I just don’t need them.  I don’t need this comic book character most of all.  Why not get rid of Ric Flair, instead of trying to make this incredible women’s match all about two has-been’s?  Let them fight!  Stop tripping Becky grandpa.  Let your daughter wrestle.  It doesn’t surprise me though that the WWE wants to turn a women’s match into a men’s match.  God forbid we just have great women wrestlers.



After it has been reported that John Cena will miss several months due to rotator cuff surgery. Is Cena’s career over?

Steve: I think it is on the decline, but I don’t think it is over by any sense of the meaning. Cena is a fifteen time WWE Champion, and I think he will hold it at least one more time, maybe even break Flair’s record before it is all said and done. He is 36 years old, I think, and he could still go for another 5 years. I just hope that he does not stay in too long where his body is so beaten up, he can’t do anything else, sort of like Flair did.

Eric: No, Cena still has unfinished business to attend to. Cena will eventually tie Ric Flair record and get his 16th title regin, then he will eventually get his 17th title run and take his place as the greatest World Heavyweight champion of all time. He just needs to get better and he will eventually be back and once he comes back hell be better and stronger than ever. John Cena carrer isn’t over until John Cena says it’s over and he doesn’t feel like it’s over yet. He still has stuff to finish.

Chad: I don’t think that his career his over I definitely think he bison the decline but I think he sticks around to break Ric Flair’s record for title reigns.

Todd: Absolutely not. John Cena has a lot more in the tank. He is just gonna have to learn how to pace himself a little more because he is getting older. his body can’t take a pounding like it could a few years ago. This injury really came at a bad time with all the other injuries right now. Late last year I predicted that John Cena would turn heel and possibly join the authority to build roman Reigns up even more, now I don’t think that will happen with his injury.

Jim: No, his career is nowhere near over.  He just has a shoulder injury that needs repair.  How does that end his career?  These guys are constantly getting surgery.  Neck injuries?  They don’t even end careers!  How can a shoulder injury do so?  I’ve had rotator cuff surgery.  Thousands of athletes do every year.  He’ll be back.


bullet club

WWE has applied to trademark the name “Balor Club” which as you know was known as the Bullet Club. Are we going to see the Bullet(Balor) Club in the WWE soon?

Steve: If all the rumors are true, and AJ, Gallows, and possibly even the Young Bucks find their way to the WWE, then yeah it would be a no brainer to have the Bullet Club in the WWE. They are a popular faction all over the world and it would make sense for the WWE to run with it, just so long as they use it correctly.

Eric: I really hope so! I think they would be an awesome addition to the roster. The Bullet club was full of lots of great talent when they were over in Japan and adding them to the WWE, you have the potential for so many great matches and feud. I am really hoping to see them debut at the Royal Rumble, I like most wrestling fans would Mark out big time if AJ Styles came out as a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble. The WWE has been teasing that they are coming, so I think it’s only a matter of time before we see them on TV.

Chad: I really want the Bullet Club to come into WWE as long as they are used correctly because the a brand known worldwide from Japan and Ring of Honor.

Todd: I think we might. Finn Balor should be moving to the main roster soon despite his comments a few weeks ago.

Jim: Of course we are.  And it’s about time.  Finn is coming.  That can’t be stopped.  Why not bring a whole new dynamic to the show while they’re at it.  If we can have New Day, we can have Balor Club.  Hopefully we’ll be more entertained, because the fans are about sick of the trombone and ignorant unicorn head.


ring of honor

Recently, Ring of Honor has lost rights to James Storm, Bobby Roode, lost AJ Styles, the Kingdom, including Maria Kanellis to either TNA and WWE. Is the fate of Ring of Honor on the decline?

Steve: Sadly, yes it is. I really like ROH, and respect the hell out of Jim Cornette, but I have seen first hand how he is handling things. Too many wrestlers are not happy with the direction that ROH is heading, and fear that they are on the decline. They cannot afford to lose any other major players, otherwise they will be done. I mean when you start losing people to TNA, and successful people at that, this should give you some cause to worry.

Eric: No, Ring of Honor can create new stars. Remember how many guys started their climb to the WWE by first being in ROH. I do feel that if any superstar leaves ROH and goes to TNA, I think it’s carrer suicide. TNA is a dying brand and it’s only a matter of time before they fold. I don’t feel that ROH is declining, I think they know they have to create new stars and they will do that. Ring of Honor is the 2nd best company in the world and they will continue to prove it. 

Chad: I don’t want to admit to it but I think it is the end for ROH because there is not much left as far as talent. I think that younger talent will still be able to go but right now I see it as a feeder system for larger promotions.

Todd: I believe it is. That is a whole lot of talent to lose at one time. I mean ROH is still better than TNA but i guess that is not saying a whole lot.

Jim:  “on the decline”?  You mean…finally dead?  it’s been on the decline for years.  Ring of Honor is TERRIBLE.  These guys bailing just tells you what you already knew.  ROH is over.  Please dear god let it be over.



Ethan Carter III won the long series to become TNA World Champion for a second time. He then lost the championship once again to Matt Hardy cleanly and suffered his first defeat. With the result being the same and Matt Hardy is now the TNA Champion, does this make the World Series just a complete waste of time?

Steve: I still don’t get it, and I know professional wrestling. I can completely understand that you want to run with Ethan Carter III as your top guy. He should be the top guy in the business. Have him lose in a three way match to protect his unbeaten streak, to give Matt Hardy a run at the brass ring. Then have Hardy drop the title to create a World Series tournament. Okay, I am with you so far, could be interesting as the Bound for Glory series was always entertaining. But then you have Carter win back the title, no surprise there, I get it. Then have Hardy win back the championship defeating Carter cleanly? Okay now this is a complete what the fuck moment. Does not make any sense at all to me, and it was a complete waste of time. I guess that is why they are TNA.

Eric: Let me say this first EVERYTHING TNA DOES IS A WASTE OF TIME. TNA is just plain crap. They had great potential at one point but that is now gone. TNA is barely keeping their head above water, I don’t like their products or most of their wrestlers. I thought they wo u ld have folded by now, but they havnt yet. I say still soon TNA WILL go under, just tune in and one day soon we won’t have to see or hear from there every again. Please someone assit them and help kill TNA LIKE we all know they should have been done a long time agaim, buy for some reason they are still around

Chad: The Cleveland Browns are better run organization and make more sense then TNA.

Todd: That’s what TNA does is waste time. Yes it was a complete waste of time for that long series. That made no sense for him to lose it that quickly but I guess that is TNA for you. They did that series just so they could get a new T.V. deal, that was the soul purpose of it. To a no name T.V. station. TNA is pathetic.

Jim:  It demonstrates how hard it is to write for wrestling.  They did all that work for absolutely nothing.  They basically took a long urination on the 7 fans that invested their time following the series.  They realized, when it was all over, that the fans simply don’t care about Carter.  They LOVE Hardy.  More Hardy, less Carter.  That’s been my motto for ages.  Let it continue to be.

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