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With the sad passing of Alan Rickman, I decided to move up the posting of the Die Hard series. I wanted to wait until I had the last one, so I didn’t run into a Mad Max situation, where the movie left theaters before I had a chance to watch it, but here we go. Alan Rickman

I’ve never seen DIE HARD
Think about that. As many crappy movies I have watched, as many action movies that I own, I have never dipped my toe into the DIE HARD waters.
Part of it is I was never a big Moonlighting fan, so I didn’t care about the beginning of Bruce Willis’ hairline, and I’m the type I really don’t want to get into a franchise mid-way into it. Plus it never really hit the secondary markets – I see it a dozen times on TBS or Spike or even on FX, but I need the uncut edition, at least for a first viewing.
I do understand the huge shadow this movie put over the landscape after it came out. Just HUGE. Pretty much every movie was “Its Die Hard on a Plane or Die hard on a boat! Die Hard on the moon! and so forth!  That also kinda played a part. Many movies that have been built up, especially ones with a little age on them. Goodness knows I have seen a ton of movies that were better left in Meme form or for the people that speak of its greatness *coughTheWarriorscough*

So lets get into Die Hard, shall we?

Bruce Willis is on a plane, and the guy next to him says the best way to combat jet-lag is to walk around barefoot and ball up his toes. When Bruce leaves, the guy notices his gun- Willis just says, its ok, I’m a cop. Pretty good establishment of Willis, and he gets a limo ride to the Nakatomi Plaza, for a Christmas party with his wife, whom he’s separated from.  Willis makes fast friends with the limo driver, and discovers that walking around barefoot does help. 860932_DSSEA_DieHa1.indd

The Professor Snape shows up, well, he’s not Snape for a few decades, but holy Cripe! Its Snape! Snape shows up with a whole bunch of Euro-Trash to rob the place. All the party-goers are captured, other than a barefoot Bruce Willis, who carries out a one man attack on the group, fighting against not only the gang, but also needing to finish them off before they find out his wife is amoung the group. Added into the fun is Carl Winslow, pre-Family Matters, but still playing funny fat cop, and even the Vice-Principal Vernon from the Breakfast Club shows up to be a hard-ass.

So how is Die Hard?

As good as advertised.

I’m sure in the 15 or so Die Hard Sequels and knock-offs there are out there, and I’ll get to the sequels soon enough, there is going to be a lot of times where the plot doesn’t work, or the players don’t fit, or Bruce Willis just has to be a super hero to pull this off. But Die Hard works. Bruce gets the snot beat out him, and we see the good guy BLEED. Snape even is able to follow WIllis with the bloody footprints. That kind of stuff can get really stupid, but works so well here, and the movie is full of things like that. Some doesn’t come off as well, like Johnson and Johnson, but the batting percentage is way up there. Even Templeton Peck from Ghostbusters shows up, its just amazing how many “that guy” people show up.

I love the little things, the “Now I have a Machine Gun” Sweater, the Slimy CokeHead VP, and yes, I wanted him to die for saying Boobie too much, and when Alan Rickman gives his motivation- just love it. Die Hard Machine Gun

I wish I had seen this movie earlier, it is one of the few movies that are deserving of its praise. This is a solid 10 out of 10 movie.

I’ll be back next week with Die Hard II

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