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Welcome to another Edition of NBA Roundtable. I have been wondering if Golden State or San Antonio will ever lose at home. they have a combined record of 39-0 on their home floors. This week on the NBA Roundtable we will talk about if these two teams will make history and go undefeated at home, should the Lakers retire both of Kobe’s jerseys and so much more.

Here are the questions:


There are only two teams left undefeated at home this year the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Will either of them teams make history and go 41-0 at home?

Todd: I think Golden State will go undefeated at home they are just too dominate even against San Antonio or OKC. They have not even been fully healthy for the past few weeks with some of their key players being injured. San Antonio on the other hand if they can beat Golden State on their home floor twice they too will go undefeated at home. These two teams are clearly the top two teams in the West and should meet in the western conference finals.

João: I think both teams will lose at least one home game, down the stretch, as they gear themselves for the Playoffs and rest some players. If, on the other hand, with the regular season coming to a close both teams are still vying for the #1 seed, then the scenario can be quite different and resting star players is a plan that goes out the window.
But let us also look at the schedules. The Spurs finish their regular season home stand against the Warriors and the Thunder. Assuming they have not lost a home game by then, these are two clear opportunities for that. Likewise, the second to last home game of the season for the Warriors is against the Spurs; and the very last regular season home game sees the Warriors hosting the Grizzlies, who might need a win in that game.
It is tough to say but I expect both teams to at least lose one game, also because it might be in their best interest.
Steve: It would be silly to think that that any team will go undefeated even at home. However if any of these two teams could do it I could see one of these two doing it. If I am correct, Golden State only lost one or two games at home last season, one being to the Bulls that I remember. The Spurs have always been a dominant team at home. I will say each will lose 1 or 2 games at home before its all said and done at the end of the season.
Chad: If anyone in today’s NBA could go undefeated at home i believe it Golden state because of their talent and their home court crowd.


Should the Los Angeles Lakers retire both of Kobe Bryant’s jersey numbers?

Todd: This is hard to say. He clearly did more in #8 then he did in #24. He wore both jerseys the same amount of time 10 years a piece. I think they should retire #24 only because it is his most recent number and it would just be weird for me to see some one come to the Lakers wearing the #24.

João: While I would be inclined to say that the Lakers should only retire one of the numbers, fact of the matter is that there is a very strong case for retiring both numbers.
Number 8 because he won 3 championships with that jersey, multiple All-NBA nods and All-Star appearances. He also led the league in scoring in 2005-06, his last season wearing #8 – the same season in which he dropped 81 on the Raptors.
If anything, there is even a stronger case for number 24 – MVP in 2008, 2-time champion as the undisputed leader of the Lakers (and 2 finals MVPs) and, again, a host of All-NBA and All-Star accolades. He was also the league’s scoring champion in his first season wearing #24.
If the Lakers are only willing to retire one number that would have to be number 24. But a strong case can be made for retiring both jersey numbers.
Steve: Hells to the NO!!!! I think they should retire one number sure, and it should be the number that he retired with #24. I don’t give two shits on what he did as #8, or #24 for that matter. Fact of the matter is Jordan wore two numbers #23 and #45, while he only wore 45 for a few weeks, they didnt go and retire than number, now did they? LeBron wore #6 in Miami, and #23 in Cleveland, and I don’t think they will retire #6 in Miami. So no player should have 2 jersey numbers retired for one team.
Chad: No player gets 2 retired numbers with one team. The Lakers I think would retire 24 as that is more when it was Kobe’s team and as many accomplishments as with 8.

Dallas Mavericks

What are your thoughts about Deron Williams shot at the end of the game the other night between Dallas-Sacramento, when the game clock gave him a whole extra second to get the shot off?

Todd: I didn’t see the game itself, I just saw the replay. The problem I had with this, is that the game clock changed during the play. It kind of gave Williams extra time to get the shot off.

João: It seems like the initial controversy has subsided as it seems the clock operator was correct and TV broadcast was not. The official explanation is that the broadcast failed to reset the clock after the shot clock violation – the clock operator did not add another second to the game. I can believe in such an explanation.

Steve: Its part of the game, human error, it happens, put your big boy panties on and move on. Sacramento aint going nowhere this season so its not like it matters to them as far as playoffs go.

Chad:  The result of the game doesn’t impact the playoff standing of either team do i say lets move on from it.

Stephen Curry

Do you think Stephen Curry is making a good decision not to sit out the four weeks it will take to heel his leg?

Todd: I think he should rest and heel up like the doc says. I think he is afraid the four weeks he is out, that San Antonio will pass them right by. He can’t afford further injury and to be out even longer because that would be crushing. He is having another MVP season and he needs to be 100% for another deep playoff run.

João: I think he should rest as required, if there is a risk of aggravating the problem/ injury. Making sure your star player is 100% is more important than chasing regular season records. That having been said, the medical experts that have commented on Curry’s situation seem to agree that he does not risk anything by playing, instead of resting; they are saying that he will feel pain and discomfort while playing but that he is not risking anything by doing so. Curry’s numbers might need to be monitored and the team just needs to be careful that the reigning MVP does not take things too far. The man is a competitor, he wants to play; but it is clearly more important that he is fully healthy down the stretch.

Steve: If he was smart, he would take the needed time off that he should to properly recover. Injuries, if not properly healed will just get worse. And the Warriors are going to need him for the playoffs if they want to repeat as champs. Take the time off now while you have a nice little cushion. Don’t worry about the records you are thinking Golden State may break.

Chad: Better to take the time off now while you are aheadby a good margin and its not closing in on the playoffs. Do it now to heal before the playoffs.

Kylie Irving

You guy have expressed your opinion about Kobe Bryant playing on the All-Star game. What what Kyrie Irving? Has he played enough games to be voted in as one of the starters in the backcourt?

Todd: I think it bogus. He hasn’t even played all the games he could since hes been back. I think you should have to play a certain amount of games before you can be put on the All-Star ballot. Just cause he is popular. This is not a popularity contest. What about Jimmy Butler? he deserves it more than Kyrie Irving.

João: The starters are what the fans want, so if the fans want to see Kyrie Irving, one of the NBA’s most exciting players, out there as an All-Star starter I have no problems with that. It is a popularity contest, after all.
On the other hand, if for some reason he doesn’t get voted in as a starter, then I don’t see the Eastern Conference coach being able to select him for the bench, due to the fact that he hasn’t played enough games.
It might seem like a contradiction, but that is the way it is!
Steve: No, how many games has Irving played this season? I don’t think even a quarter of the season so far. So absolutely not, he is talent, don’t get me wrong, but he has no place in the All Star Game this year, the voting is a fucking joke!
Chad: No right now he hasn’t played in enough games to really deserve. Hes a good a talent but being hurt part of the year he should get voted in the all star game.

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