Movie Review: Fright Night

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Movie Review: Fright Night

This one has a plot that I think we have all heard of , nosy kid next door thinks his neighbor is a villain of some sort. Been there done that, but this one is from the 80s, plus the neighbor might be a vampire, so I do loves me some vampires, so I have to watch this one, right?

We start off with a high school couple, some guy I don’t know, named Charlie, and a girl I think I have to know from somewhere, making out on the floor beside the bed. Right when the kid is about to get lucky, being the 80s, the empty house is being moved into, and a coffin is being carried inside. The girl, finally ready to give it up, grows frustrated and leaves. Fight Night  cast

We move onto Charlie’s sidekick, a punk-ish kid who seems like he’s trying to be the third Corey brother, and the girlfriend watching the news, where a murder has occurred. Charlie ignores his girlfriend who throws lunch in Charlie’s face, dumping him. That night, we get our requisite 80s boobage, as Charlie sees the Vampire- Holy SHIT! Its Prince Humperdinck!

Humperdinck!   Humperdinck!   Humperdinck!

Love that movie, anyway, Humperdinck sees Charlie right as he’s about to do the deed- kill her, not nail her- and slowly draws the shade down. Charlie, of course, freaks out. The next day, Charlie shows up with a cop, a Black Dude doing his best Benson impression- being the 80s, and when Charlie tries to get the cop to go into the basement to look for the coffin, Charlie gets laughed at, and is warned to never bother the cops again.

Charlie goes over to Corey III’s house to find out how to defend himself against Vampires, and is told Vampires have to be invited in, and to use the cross, since they need a Priest for Holy Water. Charlie feels safe, but when he gets home, his mother has already invited Humperdinck into their home, and now Charlie is really screwed as Humperdinck can comeover whenever he wants.

How is Fright Night?

The effects on Fright Night are HORRID. There is one scene where Humperdinck changes (not on camera, but turns and changes) and just looks awful, and there is a secondary Vampire who’s dental work is Dollar Tree Halloween Grab-Bag worthy.

Fight Night HumperdinckThe acting is above par, Humperdinck should have had a better career, and the girl- oh wait thats Marcy from Married with Children! Anyway, Marcy does a solid job, even as Humperdinck tries to put the moves on her, since she’s a female. It comes off as a bit creepy, since Humperdinck looks like he’s mid-30s and Marcy is in High School. Corey III is annoying, and not in that 80s annoying sidekick way. Charlie is a hit or miss actor. Sometimes he’s passable, sometimes he’s trying too hard. Roddy McDowell is, of course, solid as the old man. Charlie is the dude from Herman’s Head- as Herman, if you remember that show. The ages I have a bit of a problem with, there is just too much of an age difference between Humperdinck and Marcy. I do get the feeling that Charlie learned how to act by watching Billy from Gremlins on a loop.

So how is Fright Night? One thing that does get irritating, is the movie does play fast and loose with one of the main tenants of Vampire movies, I won’t ruin that part but lets just say it gets annoying. This is a solid B movie, and deserving of Cult Status. I’ll go a solid 6 here, this is a cable TV movie at this point, but deserving a watch, and to be honest, its a QUICK watch- feels like its well under an hour movie.

Plus its got Humperdinck!

Ok. Stop Reading here if you haven’t seen it.


If Marcy can only be human if Humperdinck is killed before sunrise, then how is she saved at the end? The sun has risen, since Humperdinck is burned by the sunlight. The movie has it both ways, like with the Cross. He’s got the faith for the minor people, but not for Humperdinck

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